Premium Results and a New Poll About Kingdom of the Full Moon

Hello There Clammers!

As the Kingdom of the Full Moon comes to a close,  we want to know YOUR thoughts about the event as a whole as well as share the results of the Premium Buildings Poll.

First the new stuff….this week we want to know what YOU think about all the event as a whole.  Consider this the ULTIMATE Kingdom of the Full Moon Poll:


Now let’s get to the results of the Buildings Poll…

Wow, another week where this one wasn’t even close!  You guys like to have your voices heard and you certainly spoke loudly!  An overwhelming number of you loved the idea of the buildings, but HATE that the cost clams.   While very few of you actually loved them as they are.

Here are the final numbers:

What Do You Think About the Premium Buildings?

77%- I love the idea of the guaranteed drop rate, but hate that they ALL cost clams

20%- Can’t stand them!

2%- LOVE THEM! Love the added benefit of the guaranteed drop rate for items.

All in all it looks like you guys like the idea of the buildings with the drop rates, but just wished they didn’t ALL cost clams.  It’d be nice if one or 2 (maybe that randomly dropped an item required..instead of all the same item) cost coins (or booty) over clams.

decoration_hanginggardens@4x Adventurer's Bazaar Exotic Snack Stall

What are your thoughts on the event as a whole?  Did you win all the prizes? How about on the Premium Buildings?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

170 responses to “Premium Results and a New Poll About Kingdom of the Full Moon

  1. True they did it again with clam buildings but they gave plenty of time this time and shorter tasks to get items so really no reason to complain about it


  2. Much to my dismay, it looks like Tinyco still didn’t learn from their mistakes.

    A poll showed specifically that people do not like or want premium buildings costing clams that are guaranteed drops. So what do they do in this new update? A whole swack of buildings costing clams for guaranteed drops. Tinyco just doesn’t learn. The pay2win business model does not work and people don’t support it.

    Secondly. people are also complaining about having too much money with nothing to spend it on, so what does Tinyco do? Make a quest that requires people to spend money on random drops, aka, you may not complete it. Again, not smart. You don’t put quests in based on random generations.

    Thirdly, there was a poll on whether people liked the idea of quests based around clams. Again, people nearly unanimously said they don’t support it, again, Tinyco, throwing in a quest that requires clam items to complete.

    You have to wonder, why does Tinyco even bother conducting polls if they refuse to listen to people?

    There was the perfect opportunity to grab guaranteed drop buildings with in game cash which people have to burn and they don’t do it. I gave them one more chance after the idol update to make things right.. Right out of the starting blocks, they messed up.

    You lost yet another player; so some advice on the way out. Clams, or anything requiring real cash should be for cosmetic purposes only. Anything more than that, expect people to leave your game.


  3. Clams


  4. Woot 2 try opening 4th box got the 20 class 😀


  5. I would like to thank Bunny and cybersilly for encouragingly me to try the jelly glitch. I had 58k of arses when I wrote my fedupness and I had been playing constantly until my 12 hour sleep crash.

    I ended up with 380 odd k. Thank you for helping me get King Butt (and an android friendly glitch).

    Thing is, I started playing TSTO when I found this blog. I hit level 20 during Stonecutters and got 8/10 and 4/6 of the prizes up for grabs and I didn’t have to kill myself to do it. That was the problem with the two events I’ve witnessed on FG. One, it’s constant play… two, level makes no diff (I’ve maxed out on FG)…three if you don’t get a good glitch you’re screwed.

    Anyway, I’m not going all out on this new one after the last two.

    Now I’m off to bed cos Germany v France is on at 4am and I only get to watch the World Cup every four years 🙂


  6. I thought it was great, it added spice to a game that was going no where. Now that it is gone it is totally boring. I can’t get any higher, I have everyone and I have no more missions.


  7. The event was too clam heavy in my opinion. Despite what other people may say (or lie about), the event was not doable unless you:

    A) Bought clams
    B) Exploited the Glitch (which I knew nothing about until now)
    C) Got extremely lucky through booty boxes.

    Myself, like many other players played repeatedly throughout the day; personally, I checked back every 2hrs or so, amassing probably 8 plays a day and I could only finish roughly half the event (just over 50,000 idols). I know other people are in the same boat as me with that amount.

    This style of achievements isn’t conducive to keeping players around. I know I won’t be sticking around, once major strike like that is enough for me.


  8. The event was sheer garbage. It had a lot of potential to make it much more interesting than the Simpsons stone cutter event, but sadly, Tinyco messed it up by essentially forcing players to buy clams if they hoped to achieve everything.

    Very poor decisions on their part. Played nearly every hour, minus sleeping, and managed to scrape up just 50,000, all the while having all the premium characters (purchased before the event started), that dropped idols as well. Did not spend a dime on anything, and as thought, only half of the event was doable.


  9. thelittleprince

    I hope they get rid of “Easter boxes” type in the next event. I did not buy a single Sarcophagus because I don’t want to risk getting a crappy prize from it and waste my clams. It was their loss because of it. I would have gladly paid clams for the DJ Booth and the Fart of the Covenant. That’s 240 clams, at least, that could have gone their way which I did not spend. They would have gotten more revenue from the event. As it is, Tapped Out got most of my game allowance money with their Stonecutters event and July 4th update. I hope FG improves with their next event or I won’t buy clams anymore to support the game.


  10. I only bought the cheapest stall for the items towards unlocking Cleveland.

    The simple reason that I didn’t buy anything else is because it required clams. I felt that as it related to the event, it should have been paid for using the gold butts we collected.

    It would have been far more incentive to have to use those to buy stuff during the event, instead of having a spending frenzy on the last night.

    I now wish for Tiny Co to make it possible for us to sell items that are unwanted or stored in the Inventory. I have several multiple items that I’d like to remove, & to sell them would enable me to buy new stuff 🙂


  11. Yesterday was the first day of garbage time I have had since playing the game – no tasks, no stuff to unlock, no land remainaing


  12. Bring back King Butt! And maybe all my moons that I had left…please?


  13. Anyone else unable to store the fancy throne away? It’s not letting me to put it in my inventory.


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