Tuesday Night Update….District 9 Phase 2

Hello There Clammers!

Never a dull moment…as we just got hit with new content for District 9.  If you have Tom Tucker you’ll start up a new questline for him.  Also, Stewie will start What the Deuce Pt. 3…requiring you to Build City Hall…to get Mayor West!  (initially, and for as long as I can remember, they’ve said that Mayor West will be in City Hall…turns out he’s not.  Looks like he won’t be released in this phase)

In this phase you’ll unlock…Vinny!

Currently working out the rest of the details now…more to come 🙂

District 9

Stewie will get things going for you and pick the the What the Deuce Questline..and his search for the missing Plutonium.  This will pick up AFTER you’ve rebuilt the News Station, however you do not have to have Tom unlocked to progress further.  Just have to have the News Station Built.

From here Stewie and Brian will continue What the Deuce and it’s through this questline that you’ll find Vinny.  More walkthrough details to come later….

Once you unlock Tom he’ll start his own questline, but it’s independent of the main (What the Deuce) questline.

Here’s a look at what’s new with Phase 2 of District 9,,,

Quahog City HallCity Hall– $7,500.  20hr Build.  Earns $80,55xp/20hrs (Mayor West is NOT inlcuded!)

Yuppy PuppyYuppy Puppy– $1,500.  6hr Build.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs

Pet StorePet Store– $2,000.  10hr Build.  Earns $55,35xp/10hrs

MeatloafariaMeatloafaria– $1,500.  6hr Build.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs

Abandoned WarehouseThe Abandoned Warehouse– $1,000.  6hr Build.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs

Quahog Dog ParkQuahog Dog Park– $2,500. Instant Build.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs

Taste of SicilyTaste of Sicily– $2,500.  24hr Build.  Earns $45, 30xp/8hrs

Jim's Tattoo ParlorJim’s Tattoo Parlor– 125 Clams.  Earns $45, 30xp/8hrs

DogpoundDog Pound– $4,000. 20hr Build.  Earns $80,55xp/20hrs….here’s where you’ll find Vinny.  More details on how to unlock him in just a minute.

Casa Di VinnyCasa di Vinny– $5,000.  16hr Build.  Earns $70, 45xp/16hrs

Underdog PokerUnderdog’s Poker Room– 100 Clams.  Always Drops Cigars.  Earns $60, 40xp/2hrs

Disobedience SchoolDisobedience School– 175 Clams.  Always Drops Cleavers.  Earns $90, 60xp/6hrs

So that covers all the new buildings/items released with this phase of District 9.  Now let’s take a look at the character released, Vinny.



To unlock Vinny here’s what you’ll need:

Cleaver12 Cleavers (Common) Earned By: Make Dr. Hartman Prepare for an Exam OR Get From Disobedience School (Who Let The Dogs Out Part 3 & Build Meatloafaria will unlock Brian and Stewie to drop them)

Cigars18 Cigars (Common) Earned By: Make Carter Smoke Money Cigars OR Get from Underdog’s Poker Room (Who Let The Dogs Out Part 4 & Build Abandoned Warehouse will unlock Brian to drop them.)

Guard's Keys4 Guard’s Keys (Extra Rare) Earned By: Make Mort Jetpack to Safety OR Make Joe (and Quagmire) Play Mace Tag OR Make Stewie (and Brian) Do a Jaunty Dance

Casa Di VinnyCasa di Vinny – Build Casa di Vinny for $5,000

prisonVisit Old Friends– Make Meg Visit Old Friends (Requires Jailhouse Meg), 1hr.

Or you can Instant Unlock for 710 Clams

When you find Vinny you’ll get a new quest timed challenge, Vinny’s Special Offer!

Here’s the deal….Unlock Vinny within 3 days of finding him and win a FREE Exclusive Boopity Pastaria Building!  Here’s what it looks like…

Boopity Pastaria


You do NOT have to do this timed special offer side quest if you don’t want to. Vinny will still keep collecting his items after the timer runs down. 

Oh and one more thing…

After you’ve unlocked Vinny you’ll see bulldogs now roaming the streets of Quahog!  (like Pirates, Bulls & Geeks of Districts past)  In order to eliminate them you’ll need Mayor West, who’s currently not released yet…

At least the Bulldogs provide for some amusement (and there’s no minions and nerds roaming around too!):

Peeing dogs

So there you have it my friends…the details on Phase 2 of District 9…

What do YOU think of the new releases?  Are you happy the added Vinny?  What about the early release (since all the popups said Thursday)?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

288 responses to “Tuesday Night Update….District 9 Phase 2

  1. I lost the Taste of Sicily build option, somehow. The building is no longer in the purchase menu and now Brian now has a task that requires it…


  2. Which buildings are necessary for the quest lines in district 9? I know there are usually extra buildings that seem more optional. Don’t want to waste time there.


  3. So, I’ve just got to build Mayor West’s mansion, including the Mayor, does this mean phase 3 has started?


  4. What do you need to have done for Vinny to have any quests? right now he’s kinda useless for me…


  5. So who are Max and Sadie, the disobedient dogs? O_o


  6. can i work for you??? I am as far as the Game can go 🙂
    and i’m very smart with tech


  7. If you miss out on unlocking à character, are they gone forever? Will never make it through to get vinny. Hartman failed 3 times collecting the correct item, and i have no clams to get Rupert? Will they appear again?
    For example, for new players; can they ever get Cleveland since the adventure theme is over since long time ago..?


    • I think you may have misread the post. Vinny is not limited time. He’s part of District 9 and here to stay.

      It is his side quest for the pastaria that is limited. Just wanted to clarify that for you. 😉

      As far as returns…we do not have a clue. Cleveland is the ONLY one they are talking about returning. No date set. The rest are just wait n see. 🙂


  8. Seriously?!? Only three days to unlock Vinny with no logic whatsoever regarding the cost of associated buildings that drop items and tasks for extra rare that take 8/10 hours. Not to mention the perfect drop rate required by Hartman plus the reminder that District 9 is meant to take time. Unless you want to spend clams, not a well thought out event for a free building that isn’t even all that grandiose.


    • Vinny’s actually pretty easy to unlock. Especially since two of the unlock requirements are build his house and send meg to visit friends at jail. You really should have no issues with the time-limit (WITHOUT spending clams), as long as you send the characters on the tasks.


      • It’s near impossible to get the cleavers without spending clams. You need 12 cleavers, Dr Hartman prepares for exam takes 6 hours to complete, if you get a cleaver every time that’s 72 hours. As Vinny is a three day (that’s 72 hours) timed event, you can’t miss even one minute and still complete it.


        • Brian and Stewie get Cleavers too.


          • According to what it says (iOS) the only tasks that drop cleavers is Dr Hartman Prepares for Exam and the Disobediant School (which is 175 clams). It says Stewie and Brian drops Guard Keys.


            • For Brian, after the Meatloafaria is built…he drops cleavers.


              • Thanks, Bunny!! I’m building the Meatloafaria now. By midnight I should have a chance to get Vinny.


              • Does Brian himself drop the cleavers (need him to do the Jaunty Dance with Stewie for the extra rare Guard Keys), or does the Meatloafaria drop them (does not appear under the building’s timer bar as something that could be dropped)? Thanks for your help!


                • Brian when doing the task at the Meatloafaria. However…be advised it won’t start until you reach that part of the questline…even if you build the Meatloafaria before then.


                  • That must be the problem, got hung up on those extra rare Mustache Creams and Satellites for Tom Tucker, I was not not advancing Brian & Stewie’s quest.

                    You’d think I would have learned after it took months to get all of those eyeballs for Peter! I only have half of Tom Tucker’s items, will probably be Christmas before I see the Guard’s Keys for Vinny. I’ll just give up on the Boopity Pastaria building (since the “visiting friends” glitch is also keeping me from getting clams). Thanks for the info!!


  9. I love the fact that I have 8 quests going right now!!!!


  10. The cigar drop rate from “make Carter smoke money cigars” is listed as common. I have only had one drop in 6 attempts today. Anyone else having this problem, or am I just unlucky?


  11. Unrelated question here: any word on characters that spawn from the Q hotel that potentially drop clams? This was promised during the ComicCon event. Just curious as to when this feature may be integrated.



  12. As it is not possible to unlock Vinny within the time limit without somehow spending clams (e.g. you need 12 cleavers – the only way to get these without buying a clam drop-building is Dr Hartman’s 6 hour task – even assuming they’d drop every time, 6hrs x 12 tasks is 72hrs) can I ask anyone who has unlocked it in their game whether the Boopity Pastaria building is actually worth having – does it drop any items of use later or does it just sit there? Thanks.


  13. I’d like to retract part of my last comment lmaoo forgot that Chris and Peter in fact do help collect things for Tom tucker.. My bad lol still tho I feel like Lois n Trisha should be a part of collecting for him!


  14. The fact that mayor west didn’t come with city hall is just stupid.. Js. And why aren’t their more people to help get tom tucker?? Only people are Brian , stewie and dr.hartman??? Of all people? Not even Peter or Trisha!.. Gonna take a longggg time to get him with only 3 charectors dropping the items he needs! Lovin all the new dog associated buildings!!! And so cool that we get vinny! I liked him (: but nobody can replace Brian ❤ anyway, hoping more charectors will be helping get what mayor west needs! Whenever he shows up… :/ and loveeee that there is something running around !!


  15. When does Vinny become available to start?


  16. The error I am getting is driving me crazy. Of course, Tinyco must be working on that at the moment, but this is torture to a fellow adict. I cannot access whatsoever. 🙀


  17. Its now 11:02 PM no sign of any new questlines


  18. FamilyGuyAddicts Help! Is the update still coming at 11PM tonight or 3PM PDT


  19. I’ve just got an update now for my ipad am in the uk but
    can’t see anything different got nothing for my android game tho I know this is of topic and wrong site but how do I contact ea for simpsons tapped out Gil still there how do I sent screenshots to I took some of him wandering around


    • As for the update, they are sending patch fixes through. It may be that one as iOS 8 Update experienced a lot of issues last night and they corrected it.

      Outside of that, we have contact info on our other site for all things TSTO. Feel free to use that site for all things TSTO as this one is for only Family Guy. 😉


      The search feature there, just like here, works great. Just put in a few key words to find what you are looking for. There is also a Q&A section if you can’t find the info you are seeking.


  20. Unlocked Vinny, but no special building or task. Quest of the glitch is upon us.

    Personally, I think the problem is laying in all these new buildings. 🙈


    • Keep in mind, as we keep mentioning this, that this District 9 has stages. That means that you get to a point, then it stops…until the next stage releases in another week. Patience my friend. This is a District NOT meant to be rushed through. 😉


      • My dearest Bunny. When have you not known I knock these all out. Vinny is smoking some cigars right now. Wonder if theyRe gonna have New Brian too… I know I know patience. 🙈🙉🙊👼


  21. Oh great. More wandering mobs that just get in the way until you can unlock a specific character or costume to take care of them. And since I think the Mayor West will be released just before the Halloween event, I predict interference with that event.


  22. Do I need tom tucker before I can unlock vin nice or can I be unlocking them together at the same time


  23. So I am an avid reader of FGA with this being my first post on FGA, I have to say that the FGA team is really tops!! Bunny/Alissa, you never cease to amaze me with all the updates, info and help you provide to all of us. Not too mention your dedication with some of your posts coming during the very wee AM hours…..Gotta love TC for keeping you ladies on your toes, no matter the time of day. 😉

    So, with that I do have a question….”What Happened to the Blimp Hanger?” When I started out the blimp quest, the item was locked, so I had to work my characters hard to get all the needed propellers. Which I did. Rumor had it that we might need the blimp later on to build other blimps, which is why it was locked. (not sure if that is still the case) However, now that I have completed the blimp quest, the hanger is gone and no longer available for purchase.

    Are we not going to need this building any later on in the game? Have I missed my chance to buy this building given the on-going changes TC made regarding the blimp quest and the hanger building “lock status”?


    • Well thanks for all the kind words. We appreciate it. 🙂

      And yes, sleep is not an option anymore. Lol.

      I am still looking into the whole “Blimp Hangar Building for 125 Clams” disappearing. It was definitely changed as originally they had it unlock AFTER you actually needed it. (It dropped propellers but didn’t open til District 9 did and no longer needed.) Now, it is available to buy BEFORE District 9 unlocks as it should have been. But even so, I wonder why it now disappears for purchase once the Blimp Build is complete. I did send TinyCo a report on this and am awaiting response. 🙂


  24. Best part with them doing this in parts is the long clearing times. I don’t have to even check my game until tomorrow afternoon. No quests, nothing to build and nothing to gather. Freedom!


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