Event Menu Miracle on Spooner Street

Hey OH, HO yeH!!

So bouncing back in again with some more details and clarifications on items around the game. This time, the Event Menu for Miracle on Spooner Street. Miracle on Spooner Street

So you are trying to find out some info for the Event, but still not quite sure where to look? I am here to help guide you around the Main Event Pop Up for Miracle on Spooner Street.

First off, to get here you have two options. You can tap on your Holiday Cheer Icon in the lower right corner…Holiday Cheer Level 9


It will take you to the Main Event Information Pop Up. Or you can tap on Santa’s Village Workshop in the Event Area in your game and it will take you there. Santa's Village

Either way, it will get you to the area where you will find most of the information and details you are seeking for the game. So let’s pick it apart even further.

Home Icon Miracle on Spooner StreetHOME ICON: If you tap on this tab, it will take you to the main information for the Event. The Character shown will change and vary with each new release, but the overall info is the same. Up top it will show you your current Holiday Cheer Level, how much more you need until the Next Holiday Cheer Level, and the current TOTAL OVERALL amount of Christmas Cookies you have earned (spent or not). The Green “More Info” button will take you to the basic details of just how you can get more Christmas Cookies and Holiday Cheer. Under the Character Image, it will also show the Event timer and how much time is left for Miracle on Spooner Street. Home Miracle on Spooner Street Total Holiday Cheer


Gift Icon Miracle on Spooner StreetPRESENT ICON: This tab when tapped will show you Santa’s Workshop. Up top your Holiday Cheer Again, just underneath the totals of ALL the Stockings you currently have able to spend, the Gift Boxes/Items available to wrap/get, and the info at the bottom is what they cost or when they may release into the game. All you have to do is tap on the individual ones. Keep in mind, pretty much all the items here will stay until the end of the Event, so you have time to get them at your own pace. Including Jesus. Snowflake Gift Box


Ornament Icon Miracle on Spooner StreetORNAMENT ICON: If you tap on this tab, it will take you to the rundown of the “Visitors” coming out the Event Area. As you can see, they will increase as your Holiday Cheer Level does. You will get MORE the higher your Holiday Cheer is. (Info on Procrastinators is coming.)Holiday Cheer Miracle on Spooner Street


Star Icon Miracle on Spooner StreetSTAR ICON: This tab will take you to the Featured Items area. This is usually the info for the newest Character introduced into the game and what items will help them out. Like in this instance, Hanukkah Mort was the recent released Character and Hanakkuk Mort’s Pharmacy & Frosty-butt’s Flavored Ice help dropped items to unlock him. Tapping on the “Go” buttons will take you to the items. Featured Items Miracle on Spooner Street


Trophy Icon Miracle on Spooner StreetTROPHY ICON: This tab will take you to the Holiday Challenges. What the current item is for the current week’s Challenge, check marks on the ones you completed, and it will update each week with the newest one. Holiday Challenge Miracle on Spooner Street


Question Mark Icon Miracle on Spooner StreetQUESTION MARK ICON: This tab will take you to the Information hub. It let’s you know where to find more help (if you need it beyond here). For instance the built in FAQ section in your game. Tapping on the “Help and Support” button will take you to the in game FAQ. Information Miracle on Spooner Street Help


There yah go. A more detailed breakdown of the Event Center for Miracle on Spooner Street. Were you aware of all these in your game? Did this help you at all? Have you used the in game FAQ much? Let us know.


43 responses to “Event Menu Miracle on Spooner Street

  1. IT’S HERE! 🙂


  2. They just launched a Windows phone version today, might have something to do with the delay. It would be nice if it had some account sync options but no way am I starting from scratch!


    • Well, since accounts are Facebook-linked, you should be able to just sign in with your FB account and have your Quahog.


      • That is what they are saying in the “sync” portion. That you are currently not available to link up to your existing account. The link options are not there. Unless they fixed it.


  3. I bet they all left and the intern forgot to turn on the update….

    Starting to be an angry 😡 😡 😡 consumer


  4. familyguyforever

    I say Merry Christmas too 🙂 well 11pm and still no update, oh well patience needed, as you say Tiny are still a growing company, and I do believe thay are realy trying, I think reading your comjents they are trying there best but the timer does give people false hope and agree in future just say a day and not a time, and try to make it work. I understand they still need to make money, that will allow them to employ more staff and help to make this game even better, so have no objection to spending small ammounts of money for stuff, recently got Jon thought hard before buying the clams, but well worth it as helping loads on beating the Yeti and building up the snowflake stockings, have 75 now, so anyone sitting on the fence, I would recommend getting him. A little tip on beating the Yeti, if at the end you only need a few dont tick them all, for example I only need two to defeat him on level three, and got them with Lois, so left Mort and Jon unticked, sent Lois on a 4 hour task, after the 4 hours when he awoke, I was able then to untick Mort and Jon which gave me 4 hits start leaving me only 14 to get in the 24 hours, and put them all back on the new task of defeating him, and not needed to use anymore clams to rush them using this tip hope this helps.


    • Or if you need them all, tick one. Then put them back on the task, then tick a second and put back on task, etc. Whoever does the last point of damage has to do something else for 4 hours, but the others can keep going. I love doing damage to a yeti that had just spawned.


  5. What are the rules and tips for making a good maze? I have one made but the characters dont follow it. They just go through the walls.


  6. Has The Jolly Tree Been Active For Everyone? Because It Says Wait Until Friday Even Though It Is Friday


  7. I just want to give a shout out to TinyCo Support. I had a glitch where my yeti timer got shorted out by two hours. I just wanted to bring the glitch to their awareness, and not only was the response prompt, they apologized for the inconvenience, and they even credited my game with a few clams. Most impressive, guys!


    • Omg I’m glad you said this I thought I was going crazy and couldn’t do math! It didn’t effect my game, but glad to know I’m not going crazy


  8. We say Merry Christmas in Texas too!


  9. Personally I have a completely different view. I have completed most quests, got all the characters so far including Jesus, & have managed to keep yeti at maximum (& defeat him twice a day as I’m sad and get up every 4hrs when asleep to defeat him) so I have been bored. The tasks were too short compared to the tasks and stuff I have to do in TSTO and the gifts from friends should have been updated to have blue stockings instead of red ones & new prizes. I did spend a lot of clams in the first week though, which I understand not everyone can do. I just think this event has been too easy for impatient people like me who spend far too much on the game, but too hard for those who can’t afford to spend a fortune. I got Jesus in 2 days as a result of speeding up the yeti tasks and speeding up the 2 snow cone stalls I bought. However, my friend who cannot waste clams like that are still 50 blue stockings away from getting Jesus. We should have been given another way to earn them so people have a chance to defeat the yeti when the next update hits. I’ve heard we will be offered Gene Simmons as a new character (not sure how reliable that information is) & he will probably help to defeat yeti, but I’m sure he will cost over 200 clams (more like 500 lol) so if that’s true it will only help people who spend money. This event should have been more evenly balanced like TSTO, less glitchy and updates should happen when they are supposed to. I timed defeating the yeti on maximum to ensure update happened 2hrs before my yeti was due to return so I could work on the new hat straight away. Thanks to the 3rd delayed update that has not happened and I don’t understand how these glitches, issues and delays keep happening. They set the timer so why set it to end when you probably know the update won’t be ready. Sorry for rant but the issues, problems and delays that happen with every update are becoming unacceptable. If EA can manage to have glitch free on time updates on a similar game, why can’t TinyCo? I spend over £250 a month on this game, but I’ve now switched my spending back to my TSTO game since this event. Rant over. Sorry.


    • Rant away. 🙂

      I just have to LOL @ “glitch free TSTO”. I know all too well that is just not true. SOOOOOOOoooo many issues right now in that game. The list is a mile long I am dealing with on that site. I just have a better “view” on both games then most as…well…what I do for both games. 😉

      As for balance, I see the EXACT same cries there that we see here when it comes to donut items. “Too much”. So it is not isolated. EA just has bigger pockets and more games to feed their company.

      As for Jesus…much like Takei and Mr Weed, he is not meant to be won RIGHT NOW. He is the “last prize” to strive for. Yes the Yeti is difficult, not impossible at Cowboy stage…Childish is another story. So I know he may seem daunting, but much like every single event that has happened…I see TinyCo releasing more methods of obtaining him as the new content comes each week.

      Delays? Well I won’t fault them for last weeks. Me personally…I want them to take the clock away. They only put it up as people kept begging for one. I much preferred it without. As they watch their game close, they will pull items that do not function right. So if a delay is needed vs players all locked out of the game…I prefer the delay. 😉

      BOTH games can still use some work. Lol. My opinion anyway. 🙂

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      • Hi Bunny, as you know I love this game and I’m reasonably good at it for a guy who doesn’t purchase clams. I’m personally very grateful for your website here! I also play TSTO simultaneously. However, I just checked TinyCo’s website for the first time, and as an MBA, I gotta say it looks to me like they are WAAAAAAY short on staff. Their last “Blog” was announcing SD Comic Con (months ago); the one before that was last YEAR; and the most recent item listed in the “News” page is from 2013. Plus, they’re hiring many, many people. So, it would appear that patience here is indeed a plus, as you have told us many times. PS any of you players out there who live in San Francisco might want to check out their Jobs page…

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        • That is VERY true. It is something I keep trying to convey to our readers. I know people do not like the analogy, but it is really true…

          TinyCo is like the Mom & Pop shop. They…well…got put on the News or Oprah and got popular REALLY fast. So fast that they are spinning and trying to keep up. So you got Mom, Pop, the kids, and some cousins trying to answer phones, field calls, fullfill orders, and just keep up. All while still staying close to the community they love and trying to stay in business.

          EA is like a GIANT Corporation who has employees and stores (call centers) worldwide to handle their product. They have tons of money to toss around, so if they need something…they can get it at the drop of a hat. They have lost touch with their customers and rarely talk to them anymore. Their PR dept is trying to get them back in touch slowly as they have seen the Mom n Pop shop at work with their community, but its still just not the same.

          It may seem silly…but that is how I really look at it. I have dealt with EA now for a LONG time. TinyCo since BEFORE the launch of this game. I appreciate the passion at TinyCo to succeed in this game, but patience…it really is a must. In a world where we have all been catered to and now expect INSTANT gratification…we have to retrain ourselves to wait. Lol. Not an easy task. 😉

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      • i 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th that!! we don’t need no stickin timers LOL imo!


      • I respect what you are saying and I agree both games need improvements. There are areas we could list but this post is not for that. I do feel I have to mentioned a significant and fundamental difference though. When I send a ticket to TinyCo I do not receive a response, until 2-3 weeks later, when the automated sorry we could not respond in time is sent. It has an option for you to reply if you are still having an issue. I always do and the same thing happens again. This has happened to me with 5 issues spanning 9 months. Now I understand TinyCo deleted a lot of tickets, as a decision to start fresh and at least respond to the new tickets. At the time I agreed with this decision but now it seems to be a constant thing with my account, my girlfriend’s account and the 2 friends at work I introduced to the game. Now when I sent a message to say well done about a release, I received a response within one day. Coincidence maybe but it’s not good enough. I have also tried raising tickets from the websites. I have all of this screen printed, dated and timed etc. As you correctly mentioned, EA have a lot more money to throw at their games. That said, I remember when their support was terrible. Now I have to say I am extremely happy with the changes they have made. The largest being the fact when you raise a ticket, you actually get a reference number which allows you to track your issue. They respond extremely fast which TinyCo are hopefully working towards. Everything should have a time limit though, especially when money is involved. It is not acceptable to take people’s money and not reply to them. There is also no escalation route so us users are just stuck. I am an Operations Manager of a Customer Service department, within a very large IT company so I do have experience here. I apologise for the wall of text but I use this site a lot and appreciate the time you guys put into it. I do think at times you favour TinyCo and turn a blind eye to some of their practices but that is my opinion and we are all entitled to one. I sincerely hope they hire the extra staff they obviously need and take this great game forward. Thank you.


        • Thanks for your words.

          Just a side note as to something you said, as I have been in Customer Service my entire life…I know there is a right way to approach something and a wrong way. ALL the issue I have had in the past and have now, I take up directly with them. There is no rhyme or reason to put it here on the site. I feel the society today tends to “feed on flame wars” and take small situations or things they may not comprehend or understand and blow them up just for the sake of a “riot”. As we always strive to keep our site away from all that…we also keep the negativity away as much as possible.

          I know at times it may seem we favor them…but in reality…if you SAW the THOUSANDS of emails between myself and them…you would soon realize you could not be more wrong. I am a player first and foremost. MY money and Alissa’s money out of our very own pockets ($100+ every two weeks PER GAME) is going into TinyCo’s game. No one pays for that but us. No one compensates us. It is OUR money. OUR time. OUR effort. Not to mention the time and effort we spend to keep this site what it is. So to me, if there is an issue…I am RIGHT on top of them. If the players are impacted…I am emailing them. Regardless if it is middle of the day or middle of the night.

          It all goes back to our Addicts Guidelines… seeing the Bigger Picture. There is so much more going on behind this site than anyone can see. Nor do I think people realize. We have ALWAYS been about the players first. Pushed for changes. Pushed for fixes. Presented stats and facts to them to show how things may not be playing out as intended and offer our advice on changes that help ALL of the players worldwide. Many of what you see in the game now…we helped and were on the fore front to put into their hands.

          Overall…yes they are still small. Yes…they need MORE help. Yes…the tech department needs to step it up. That coincides with the first two though. I still see them moving in the right direction and still listening closely to players. For THAT…I am appreciative. Nothing is perfect, but they are at least trying.


          • Thank you very much for your informative and diplomatic response. You are correct, I do not know what goes on behind the scenes and I should know better than to vent on a forum, that is not actually linked to the company. I apologise if I offended you in anyway, that was not my intension. It’s just so frustrating to be ignored but that is not your fault.

            Again, thank you for the response and please keep up the good work. I really do understand what it is like to only be seen for the negatives and rarely noted for the positives. We know what a great job you both do and all appreciate it!

            Have a lovely Christmas 🙂


            • No offense taken at all. 🙂

              I appreciate an open dialog and prefer it here. Please feel free to vent. Use our What The Hell posts at anytime. Get it off your chest. It helps. So go for it. (Just try to keep the swears out. Lol.)

              We really do want people to know we are not them. Regardless our inside ways of contacting them, we still “yell” at them too when something is “broke” and tell them to “fix it”. If the Addicts are locked out…then we can’t play either or give our readers the info they want too. Lol. Trickle down effect. So if something isn’t right, we are usually first to point it out to them. Lol.


    • £250 a month? Wow man. That’s huge! I’d expect a massive return, too, at that price! I spend zippo mostly, with the occasional treat of a few clams, which is why I can’t really complain. I loved TSTO but the update got so big I couldn’t carry on, as it wouldn’t download onto my device without me deleting some of my photos! So we reluctantly parted company. Although I would love to play again, there was much more scope in that game and the Springfield I built was epic (she said modestly). Before that it was snoopy street fair. Am thinking of moving on again, but not sure where to….


  10. Agreed; blue stockings are impossible, Mall Santas are running everywhere because Lois is busy killing the Yeti, and only Jasper has time to kill Santas…I’m not paying for clams….so there is indeed a great imbalance. Looks like they have done what they wanted and slanted this round to try to get us to cough up some real $$ (or or £ or € or ¥ as the case may be). And since you’re at it, Happy Christmas to all of you too!


  11. I finally broke down and bought John and what a difference he makes in defeating childish yeti. With all three on the task I beat him in less than 13 hrs . Definitely worth it. Especially if you want to sleep through the night.

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  12. The menu is showing me that I have more Christmas cookies than actually do. About 8000 more cookies. Which would be nice if it were true


  13. Amen to all that lifebegins mentioned above, plus I can add that I have been playing this game pretty much since it came out, so I knew not to spend the clams on the high cost buildings (namely Goody Gumdrops plus the Gingerbread Shack/Trailer/House because I knew from events before that I would probably not need the items that they dropped) and lo and behold, I now have over 20,000 gingerbread cookies (although I haven’t spent them on Jesus–wow that sounds so bizarre to say) and 240 candy cane stockings. I would be extremely upset if I was a new player and didn’t know not to spend all of those clams on those worthless (although they are very nice looking) buildings.
    I think TinyCo really needs to evaluate how they are pricing these buildings, they might end up alienating a sizable portion of new players.
    I might also add that I have all available land cleared and still have over half a million worthless coins with nothing to spend them on.

    I will add one positive that this event is pretty much unprecedented in the amount of free clams they made available, I do give them kudos for that…

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  14. I’ve been pretty frustrated with this event as a fremium user who started playing only a month or so ago – I still haven’t unlocked hannukka mort because I only have Jerome to obtain dradles and he’s been dropping none for the past week. So with only Lois to fight the yeti I hardly recieve any snowflakes, and have little chance to obtain enough for jesus.

    As absurd as that whole paragraph sounds (I’m actually laughing as I write this) it’s been pretty tough to get through these challenges (missed beating the yeti in four days since I didn’t have mort) and my comments to tinyco have gone unanswered.


    • A lil FYI…suggestions on the game usually will not get any response as their focus it on technical issues first and foremost and helping players with glitches in their game. They may occasionally respond to a suggestion, but it is unlikely. However, they do read each and every one.


      • If they read every suggestion, then why don’t they just reply with an acknowledgement that they’ve read it? A simple “Thanks for your suggestion!” would be better than silence.


        • Time. I have worked in high paced industry jobs before. That “few minutes” adds up REALLY fast with a million emails. So it may seem small and insignificant to the “naked eye” but is so much more in the Bigger Picture of things.

          To me…them doing what they do in the game is showing they are listening, reading, and paying attention. Myself…personally…I would PREFER they focus on tech issues. My ten cents anyway. 😉


  15. Hi guys,
    It has taken me a little while to get to grips with what is required in this update. It took some studying when it first arrived.
    I just want to make a few comments about it.
    It’s nice there’s a lot to do. Keeps it interesting.
    But it does seem to be a little uneven. There are hundreds of dolls generated and now nothing to spend them on. Conversely, there are only a few blue stockings dropped via the yeti et al and I cannot battle him often enough to make them drop faster. I do not have hundreds of clams to spend! His timer runs out before I defeat him, mainly because….get this….I have to go to work for eight hours a day and at some point I go to sleep at night.
    The updates are promised and then delayed.
    I don’t get the challenges and don’t seem to be able to get info on them.
    I have no problem generating cheer or gingerbread men, yet little in the shop to spend them on. I am cheering way ahead of my tree right now for no reward.
    In my humble opinion, TinyCo may have bitten off more than they could chew or the event is just too unwieldy. We don’t blame or criticise, but just maybe in future keep the size down and make it workable. That way I imagine it would be less work for them and a more coherent game for us.
    Merry Christmas to all. (And I’m british so I can say Christmas. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. So there) xxx

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