Love Me or Hate Me? Affection Meter

A quick FYI… I am already in discussions with TinyCo on my thoughts to this portion. To me, 2 mins may not be enough time. Will update with any changes. 😉

UPDATE 3pm EST: Changes to the PDA Couples below!! 

Update 6:40om EST: TinyCo has once again listened to your feedback!  They’ve now made it easier to tell which couple is which, with some new animation! Here’s a look at what you’ll see:

Fighting couples = a cloud of broken purple hearts will be animating above their heads
Enamored couples = a cloud of red full hearts will be animation above their heads

Another great job by TinyCo at listening to YOUR feedback!

Images of what each look like are below

Hey there Minions!

Love is in the air now, or is it? Many of you are confused on the Love/Hate relationship of the couples going on in the game, so figured we better offer a lil extra breakdown of how it all works.

Angry Couple Enamored Couples

Once you get the storyline going for the Romancing the Clam Event, you will be told to check out a few different areas of the game. One of those is the Affection Meter, but how does this work?


Throughout the Event, you will have optional prizes you can earn just by clearing the Couples that appear in your game. Just be careful which Couple you tap. You will collect a specific type of heart from these PDA Couples to help you earn Prizes. The Prize YOU win will depend on whether you gain all LOVE Hearts or HATE Hearts.

Affection Meter



The Affection Meter Icon is on the lower right side of your screen. Tapping on the Icon will bring you to the Event Main Menu.

Affection Meter Icon

In the Main Menu, the Affection Meter will be listed under the Heart Tab.Heart Icon Main Menu Affection Meter

There is also ANOTHER shortcut to it, in your Event Area… Cupid’s Note Writing section with the Big Heart behind him.

Cupid Note Writing Event Area

This is where you can see WHO currently has a prize option (Quagmire and Peter will start it off.) And you will also see WHAT prizes are available for that Character.Affection Meter Main Menu

Now comes the catch, YOU will need to decide… do you want to go for Hate or do you want to go for Love? You will need to stick with this choice until you collect all the Hearts needed for that Prize for the Character. Once complete, you can start again.



Hate Heart Love Heart

This will all be YOUR choice. Look at the Prizes offered for each side of Love or Hate and decide what one you want to go for first. Just remember, the couples only spawn every 4hrs and you only have 2 minutes to clear the right one.

You will now have 3 Minutes to locate and tap and 3 hrs between spawns. 



Don’t worry, if you change your mind you can just switch to collecting for the opposite side. Basically collecting a Love Heart will cancel out a Hate heart and vice versa, so you can switch that way. Also, once you complete the first Prize collection the Affection Meter will reset and you can start a new collection for another Prize.



If you watch your game closely, within a few moments of entering the game you will see that **POOF** of smoke as the PDA Couples spawn on any roads in your town. You will also see a quick pop up from Peter warning you they are there.

PDA Couples Arrived

This is where having a VERY small amount of road will come in handy for you. Due to they spawn on any roads, they can be scattered and may take you time to find them. So if possible, keep your roads to a minimum and not hidden behind any tall buildings. Try to make it as easy on yourself as possible to find the couples.

 This has been updated so that 8 of each couple will now spawn every 3hrs.


Once they have spawned, you will notice a timer icon at the bottom right corner of your game counting down.PDA Couple Timer

Once that timer hits zero, ALL Couples will disappear and Peter will let you know they are gone. So pay close attention, focus on finding YOUR couple and clearing them before the timer runs down. (My game there are usually 6 of each couple.)

PDA Couples gone

You will now have to wait 4 hrs for them to return.



This one will take a quick glance at each couple to find out WHO you need to tap on. There is a very easy tell tell sign on each Couple.

Love Heart Enamored CouplesLOVE: As you watch the couples wander around with the girl latched on to the guy, they will come to a point and stop. A LOVE couple will then start to make out even more as the guy kicks up one leg and they rock back and forth a few times. THIS IS A LOVE COUPLE. Tapping on this Couple will give you a Love Heart.

Update: Love couple now with the new hearts…

love couple

Hate Heart Angry CoupleHATE: As you watch the Couples wander around with the girl latched on to the guy, they will come to a point and stop. A HATE couple, the girl will start arguing with the guy, reach her arm way back, then slap him so hard it literally puts a red hand print on his face. THIS IS A HATE COUPLE. Tapping on this couple will give you a Hate Heart.

Update: Hate couple now with the broken hearts

fight couple

Now be REALLY careful, tapping on the WRONG Couple will give you the wrong heart and cancel out one you already earned. (Again, I usually get 6 of each this has been changed to 8 of each couple now… so once I found all the specific ones I am gathering I just let the timer run down.)



You will need 15 Hearts total for the first Prize. The game will help you keep track of where you are. The Affection Meter Icon at the bottom of the screen will show you which way your Meter is filling up. Towards LOVE or towards HATE.

You can use the same methods above to also go back to the Main Menu Affection Meter to see your EXACT total across the top of how many you have so far. Affection Meter Heart Count



This has just been adjusted by TinyCo. You will now get 8 of each couple (16 total) spawning in your town every 3 hrs. You will have 3 minutes to locate the ones you want and tap them to get the Hearts. 


Short story long… Watch the couples closely. Leg kicking up with rocking back and forth = LOVE. Lady yelling and smacking her lover hard= HATE. Once you got that figured out, you can tap them at any time to get that Heart.

What do you think of this set up so far? Does this help to make a lot more sense of it all? Are you going for Love or Hate? Won any of the Prizes yet? Let us know if you have any other questions/concerns on this one.


307 responses to “Love Me or Hate Me? Affection Meter

  1. Well it was fun while it was a challenge but now the love couples are wearing darker clothes so it’s too easy :/


  2. how many hearts I need to get CUPID STATUE & THEN HOT MEG????


  3. Frustratedcouple

    No matter how many hate couples I click on my love/hate meter hasn’t risen past 132. I got the 1st 3 prizes, the last 2 are unlocked but my count isn’t going up. Help!


  4. I have 100 hate hearts on the love/hate meter and the meter hasn’t filled up in either direction, it actually hasn’t moved from the center starting point. What is going on?


  5. As a tip, I got rid of all my roads and just put a small area where there is road because the couples only walk on the streets. That save a lot of time searching your town for couples.


  6. Anyone else having trouble with the game taking back some of the hearts you have collected? I was at 200+ and I logged in the next day down to around 100 and even now when I get more they get lost. I was up to 132 and left the game. came back later and was down to 124.


  7. THANKS! I just noticed this am that the love couples now have different clothes! Soooo much quicker to clear now.


  8. I love this “Where’s Waldo” mechanic they’ve come up with (though I have to say, the way the couples are “joined at the hip” with the girls leglocking their lovers looks awkward as heck…)

    I do have one question though–do you have to have the character the prizes are associated with unlocked to be eligible for them? I can see the new prizes in the Love/Hate page, but no matter how much hate I pick up (200 now) I haven’t triggered any unlocks past Joe’s.


  9. Can you please help me out i have 3 of the love hate affection meter prizes when is the next 3 prizes going to be coming out and can tell me when valentine’s day phase two is coming out to and thank you for your help and time


  10. I’m really hating this one. How do I know how many I need for a prize? The level never changes on my tablet or my phone. Trying to figure out which is love or hate is a real pain too. The all seem to freeze for several seconds while I’m trying to see which one they are. Very frustrating.


  11. HELP!!! Does anyone know if you get a bonus prize for picking all hate prizes or all love prizes? Was gonna do all hate but koolaids mans girlfriend is on the love side and I can’t pass her up, unless you get something special for sticking to just one side


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