Star Trek Confirmed & iOS Update

Hey there Minions!

Now that TinyCo has officially confirmed the Star Trek Event my lil icon I posted teased to you, we can now go ahead and let you know that March 19th, 2015 the Family Guy Star Trek Event will be launching into our silly lil games.

Star Trek Peter

Are you excited NOW??!! What are your thoughts for the Event? Excited to see how they play into the Series? Ideas of what we will expect? Let us know.


On the flip side, many iOS players should now be seeing a newer Version in the Market for the App (1.7.1). I am still checking to see if my game is back to normal on that device. 

Just finished updating the newer iOS Version to my devices. All seem to be functioning just fine. One I did have to go through the Beginning of the game til the Menu popped to let me sign back in, but it looks like all is working as intended again. WOOHOO!!! Downside, my cute lil Star Trek Icon is gone. At least we now know it is coming soon. 😉  

You may also see this lil fun thing pop up in your game. Feel free to tap on “ENGAGE” as it will essentially take you to their FB Page and the info for the Upcoming Event.

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Star Trek

120 responses to “Star Trek Confirmed & iOS Update

  1. Keep getting an error screen


  2. I updated the app so I could start the Star Trek even except none of the content is showing up in the game?? Except a icon to like their Facebook page


    • Lol did you read that whole big thing of words above…you know the post? 😉

      Silly it says it’s not live yet. Come on you should know by now that if it was live we’d have a post up saying…it’s live! Patience 🙂


  3. Bunnnyyy.. Do we know or have a guesstimation on how much premium content there’s going to be for this event? I’m trying to figure out my clam situation.


  4. Just thought of a question, I was wondering if we need Cleveland for this event like during the Halloween event where he had a ghostbusters costume? I am thinking if buying him now just in case, if I had the money I would buy consuela as well.


  5. It would be nice if they would respond to the ticket I put in at the beginning of Feb regarding no Patrick Stewart. I have the clamterprise. He’s not in my inventory. Perfect. I bet this update will have quests for him to do & I can’t get them to answer my ticket. Grrr…


  6. I am sooo excited for this event! I have hoped for a Star Trek event since they brought Patrick Stewart into the game. Of course I want to see a Spock character as a tribute to Leonard Nimoy but TNG is my favorite so getting any of them would be cool. Especially Data lol.

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  7. I’ll be on my belated honeymoon when this hits. I’m sure my wife will understand as she’s a Trekkie too!


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