District 11- Graveyard District LIVE!! UPDATED

Hey there Tribblemakers!

TinyCo has released ANOTHER New District. WOOHOO!! That means more Characters, Buildings, Decorations, and the long anticipated… LAND!!! YES!!

Now what all is going into this New District? Well… it looks like we will be in for quite the Spooky Ride! So grab your Ghoul-Friends and sit tight as we venture into a land of Spirits n Zombies! Whoooooooooo. BRAIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!


District 11 is Open

As usual, we will be back with a LOT more info as it plays out. But… no need to rush. No time limits with Districts. So sit back and enjoy the ride. You got all the time in the world to do this one.

First, you will need to have finished the District 10 Main Questline in order to open District 11. That means A State of Pure Inebriation Part 6. So if you have not finished it yet, you will NOT see the new content.

Also, make sure you go to your App Market and have the latest Update for the game. Mine is currently on 1.10.1 for Google & iOS.

So far… I only see this LIVE for iOS. Google still hasn’t shown the Update in my game yet.  Should be Live for both now. 


District 11 New Land

Once you are up to date, you will notice NEW LAND in the Lower Left Corner of the game. You first will need to tap on it to pop up the District information, tap on the “Let’s Go” and it will take you to the new greyed out Land.

The Graveyard District 11

Once you tap on the Land, it will pop up a 2nd piece of info letting you know you Unlocked the New District.

District Unlocked Graveyard

The first two pieces of land showing around the Lazarus Portal will now be available to start to clear. The one Left of it will cost $45,000 and take 36hrs to clear. The one Below it will cost $30,000 and take 24hrs to clear. Clearing the $30,000 one will gain you access to the Lazarus Portal.

The last area of Land will cost you $60,000 and take 48hrs to clear.


Madame Claude Psychic ParlorMadame Claude w/Psychic Parlor: $8000, 4hrs Build Time, $45 & 30XP every 8hrs

Once you place and complete Build on the Psychic Parlor, you will begin to earn items for Madame Claude


Family Guy Coin$12,000 Coins

Tarot Cards22 Tarot Cards (Common): Olivia Throw a Tantrum OR Chumba Wumba Stewie Learn New Choreography OR Mayor West Regurgitate Raft OR Pawtucket Pat Drink Beer From Hat

Bent Spoon8 Bent Spoons (Uncommon): Founding Father OR Taste of Sicily OR Meatloafaria

Crystal Ball4 Crystal Balls (Common): Connie Steal Meg’s Diary OR Tricia Interview Shoppers OR Falconer Peter Feed Master

Headband3 Hairbands (Rare): Lois Shoplift OR Psychic Parlor



You will not see these until you Open the District and see the Pop Up it is Open. 

Sick Burn CrematoriumSick Burn Crematorium: 400 ClamsClam, Instant Build, $60 & 40XP every 12hrs. Helps with Ghosts (Loretta, Paddy, New Brian).

Gothic CathedralGothic Cathedral: 200 ClamsClam, Instant Build, $55 & 35XP every 10hrs

Rich Guy MausoleumRich Guy Mausoleum: 75 ClamsClam, Instant Build, $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

Spirit Board ShopSpirit Board Shop: 125 ClamsClam, Instant Build, $40 & 25 every 6hrs (The Oiuja Board on the front does move. Spells out… V-I-L-E W-O-M-A-N)


Doggy Neckerchief EmporiumDog Neckerchief Emporium: $5000, 6hr Build Time, $40 & 25Xp every 6hrs

Quahog Funeral HomeQuahog Funeral Home: $5000, 8hr Build Time, $35 & 25XP every 5hrs

Modern MausoleumModern Mausoleum: $40000, 24hr Build Time, $90 & 60XP every 24hrs

Head First Mausoleum MakersHead First Mausoleum Makers: $10000, 10hr Build Time, $40 & 25Xp every 6hrs

Marble MausoleumMarble Mausoleum: $250000, 24hr Build Time, $90 & 60XP every 24hrs

Better Off Dead FlowersBetter Off Dead Flowers: $50000, 12hrs Build Time, $90 & 60XP every 24hrs

The Cozy Coffin ShopThe Cozy Coffin Shop: $20000, 16hrs Build Time, $70 & 45XP every 16hrs



Macbre CoffinMacabre Coffin: 30 Zombie PiecesZombie Part

Creepy TombCreepy Tomb: 50 Zombie PiecesZombie Part

GraveGrave: 12 Zombie PiecesZombie Part


Sculpted Angel StatueSculpted Angel Statue: 40 ClamsClam

Antique HearseAntique Hearse: 150 ClamsClam (animated in place)

Gothic GazeboGothic Gazebo: 75 ClamsClam


Lost Souls CemeteryLost Souls Cemetary: $1500

Little Patriots FlagLittle Patriots Flag: $100

Consolation Wreaths White Flower PotConsolation Wreaths (White Flower Pot): $750

Consolation Wreaths Standing Purple BowConsolation Wreaths (Standing Purple Bow): $750

Consolation Wreaths Standing YellowConsolation Wreaths (Yellow Bow Wreath on Stand): $750

Consolation Wreaths Standing PinkConsolation Wreath (Pink Bow Wreath on Stand): $750

Consolation Wreaths Purple Flower PotConsolation Wreaths (Purple/Blue Flower Pot): $750

Cemetery FenceCemetery Fence: $450

Brian's Old CoffinBrian’s Old Coffin: $2000

Streamlined GraveStreamlined Grave: $5000

Whispering Willow TreeWhispering Willow Tree: $2250




Lazarus Portal

Once you have unlocked the Land by the Portal (I went for the $30,000 one) you will see the icon over the Portal has now changed to a Hammer. Tapping on that Hammer will instantly give you access to the Portal Info.

The Living Dead

The Hammer will change to a Check mark. Tapping on it will bring the Portal to life. (Once you get to this point, you can actually move the Portal to where ever you want. You can also rotate it left or right.)

For those playing during Halloween, or anyone that’s seen Ghostbusters… you should know what a Portal is. A Gateway to the “Spirit” World or Another World. In the case of our Quahogs, it is the Portal to the Underworld.Lazarus Portal i Pop Up

You will essentially feed the Zombies PartsZombie Partto the Lazarus Portal to help “raise the dead” and free some Ghosts. So tap tap tap on those Zombies once you unlock Madame Claude. (If you MUST have a go at it right now… you can choose to spend Clams too… but I would suggest to wait. Don’t blow through it all at once or you’re gonna be bored. ) For my game, it showed you need FIVE Zombie PartsZombie Part for a Chance at Resurrection OR 59 ClamsClam.

When you have enough Zombie PartsZombie Part to take a try at the Portal, you will see the wording Changed to “Resurrect”. Tap on it.

Lazarus Portal Resurrect

You will then be taken to a Scene showing the Portal, and then be awarded with the Item(s) you Resurrected.

You Resurrected 10 Zombies

Each Resurrection try from the Portal will be a Chance at freeing the following Ghosts:

Ghost Loretta BrownLoretta Brown: Fully tasked, Questline that will award Building Skin and Her Grave.

Ghost Paddy TannigerPaddy Tanniger: Fully tasked, Questline

Ghost New BrianNew Brian: Fully tasked, Questline

ZombieOr… ZOMBIES!!! So far I have seen One, Two, Ten, Twenty Five, and Thirty in my Resurrections. So they can add up fast. (These will be a lot more common to get, so anticipate an invasion.)

If you are successful at freeing any of the 3 Ghosts from the Underworld, they will have some tasks to unlock them you will HAVE to complete before you can make anymore attempts on the Lazarus Portal. You will find them waiting by the Lazarus Portal ready to be Unlocked. You Resurrected Loretta

In short, the Lazarus Portal will not be accessible until that Ghost is completely unlocked. Once unlocked, you can go back to trying a Resurrection. As I stated, it will take time. 😉

Don't Disturb the Spirits

A LOT more details on all this in a separate post for the Lazarus Portal.




Zombies will start to show up in Quahog after you have completely unlocked Madame Claude.


On their own, you will get up to 12 in your game.

If the Lazarus Portal fails (you didn’t get a Ghost Resurrection), you can have up to 100 in your game. So it all depends on how many you Resurrect from the Portal (1,2,10,25,30) before you hit your MAX of 100.

You Resurrected 10 Zombies


Zombie PartTapping on a Zombie will give you ONE Zombie Part. You can then use these for Decorations or the Lazarus Portal.

Zombies will remain in your Quahog and the game until ALL the Ghosts/Characters trapped in the Lazarus Portal are freed.



Stewie will start the New District off…

A Brush with Death

Part 1: Enter the Graveyard District & Clear the Land Around the Lazarus Portal

Part 2: Investigate Lazarus Portal

Part 3: (Brian Starts) Place Madame Claude’s Psychic Parlor & Help Madame Claude (unlock her)

Part 4: (Madame Claude starts) Have Madame Claude Consult an 8-ball & Have Lois Teach Piano


After Unlocking Madame Claude, Quagmire will start another Questline…

Psyched Out

Part 1: Have Madame Claude Perform Astral Projection (4hrs) & Have Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose (4hrs)


More complete details on these to come in a separate post. But this should at least get you started for now. 


There you have it. A LOT of cool New Spooky Stuff added to our game. Again, take your time. Enjoy it. Focus on the Limited Time items in Hybrid Babies if you want them as they will go on the 30th. Otherwise, The Graveyard District is here to stay. You got all the time in the world… errrr… Underworld to finish it.

What do you think of the New District? How far have you gotten? Liking the New Buildings and Decorations? Let us know.


145 responses to “District 11- Graveyard District LIVE!! UPDATED

  1. Ok. I’m just waiting to clear the land for the portal. I haven’t even placed madam yet, cause I stupidly started both land plots to clear at the same time. Didn’t realize that I only had to do one to open the portal and could have placed madam at the same time, but I already have zombies. I thought they wouldn’t come till madam was unlocked. She’s not even placed yet. I mean I know I can’t do anything with them yet, but isn’t it too soon for them?


  2. I am doing the mr weed quest line called former coworkers. Is there any link to show the steps of the quest line?


  3. Man I had 100 zombie parts and actually more because you always get one or two zombies each turn. No ghosts. This drop rate is pretty bad. Not only do I get one zombie more often than I get two, but I have also never got the 10 zombie drop. All those zombie parts could have gone to buildings or decorations. They really need to fix the spawn rate


  4. I finished my 3rd ghost yesterday, New Brian, and since then, there hasn’t been anymore zombies. I see Mr. Weeds in the portal but are the zombies supposed to stop spawning? I didn’t get many of the decos because I got pretty lucky unlocking ghosts.


  5. I just clicked on my Lazarus Portal for the hell of it. I have all 3 ghosts and finished their quest lines. There is a 4th ghost unchecked . ( I don’t know his name) big chin, baldish. Did I forget he was there or did they add him?


  6. I wasn’t finished with District 10 when district 11 opened.
    I am now fully involved in district 11 even unlocked Paddy, my question is am I just having really really bad luck with Zombies or is this the norm?

    15 times summoning 1 Zombie
    5 times summoning 2 Zombies
    1 Time Summoning 10 Zombies

    Is that normal,, bad luck or good luck?

    Very frustrating when you turn in 5 zombie parts and get 1 in return
    I have turned in 105 zombie and gotten 1 Ghost


  7. I’ve unlocked all 3 ghosts from district 11 so is that it for the district or is there more to come? Because if that’s it I can now design my new area


  8. Those perishing earrings will just not drop!

    Up to speed on everything else going on at the moment



  9. My francis amd diane graves are missing. I looked in all my inventory tabs multiple times. They did come with graves right? Or am i just crazy? I messaged tinyco but wanted to know if you all are having the same problem.


  10. When I first seen that the new district was going to be the graveyard district, I was excited assuming that death would finally be released. I have not seen anything to confirm that though. Is death not going to be unlocked in this district? If so, it’s a shame. It’s seems like an ideal point to release him.j


  11. My luck
    15 attempts to get Paddy, my mom got him on first try lol. On the plus I got enough zombie parts to get the decos I wanted 🙂


  12. I’m currently trying to unlock Paddy. Can we confirm if the zombies stop spawning until you unlock the ghost in question? Since Paddy showed up, I haven’t seen a single zombie. Been about 6 hours now.


  13. I got Paddy on my first resurrection attempt! My question is do zombies stop spawining until the character gets unlocked? The reason I ask this is because I haven’t seen one since getting Paddy from the portal.


  14. Questline info:

    Psyched out pt 2: madame Claude and Bruce check out tarot cards (12 h).

    A brush with death pt 5: Brian drinks a beer (2 h) and activate the Lazarus portal once. Note that this is not retrospective, as I used it several times and am unlocking one of the ghosts, and cannot complete this step of the questline until I’ve unlocked him.


  15. Hi Ladies – quick question – are the zombies supposed to spawn regularly like the mutant puppies (I didn’t see a timeframe listed – apologies if it is in the post)? When I unlocked the portal I had 12 roaming around. After I unlocked Madame Claude I was able to tap on them and use the portal as you posted. I managed to resurrect New Brian (after getting 2 more zombies) and I am currently working on him. I know I can’t access the portal again until he is completed but does that stop the zombies as well? Thanks!!


  16. I have unlocked Madame and am now tapping zombies.

    First portal attempt released TWENTY zombies 😀

    This is gonna be fun!


  17. This looks like it’s going to be my favorite district so far. Question about the zombies, can you clear them instantly?


  18. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but It appears that the Quahog Funeral Home is the same building from the 2014 Halloween event. It has just changed to a 5 hour payout from an 8 hour payout. (That’s what my current building did.) Just in case people who have it don’t want to have a duplicate building with land at a premium and also don’t want to spend the time creating a repeat building with so much to build and/or land to clear.


  19. I’m so glad it’s not timed! I want to finish the dog-babies.


  20. will this woman and ghosts be voiced or be like Mister weed that will never talk? … i just unlocked the woman and after 16 tries on the resurrection thing i got the worst character paddy 😦 i wanted Loretta
    I visited friends that have obviously hacked as they have all the ghosts but when i clicked on them none talked …… You think we will ever get a Normal skin for the ghosts, i mean they was not always ghosts!


  21. I just wanna say how much I love that Madame Claude requires so many characters to complete tasks! Its great! And all the land. And don’t get me started on all the cool buildings and decorations! Gonna look great for Halloween.


    • Yeah, me too.

      I love it when lots of characters are given tasks; it makes it far less frustrating when there are only a few that can earn the required items, particularly when they are 8hour + tasks and nothing drops!

      Would be nice if more characters were used more often, even if that meant reducing the liklihood of a drop.

      That might just be my next ‘What the Deuce’ / ‘please can we have’ post!


  22. Is Madame Claude voiced because I’m not hearing anything from her


  23. My game won’t let me place Madame Claude’s , when I try to buy her shop it says I have to wait for the second plot of new land to unlock, last night it said I had to wait for the first or to finish. What’s the deal???


    • Not sure… will ask.


      • Not sure if this could be the case, but it will depend on how many workers you have. I have 3. Two were clearing land, the third one was building Madame Claude’s store at the same time. So I think that if the game doesn’t allow you to build something is because you ran out of workers and can only continue when he is done with his task.


        • That is true. I went off of what they were saying. If it is the typical “not enough workers” pop up… then they do have to wait. If it is something that they are legit seeing they can’t build and no workers currently busy… its something else.


  24. I can’t build Madame Claude’s building until I clear all of the land according to my game. Is this how it’s supposed to work? It doesn’t appear that’s how you have it written out Bunny


    • I unlocked both pieces by the Portal. The cheaper one first… though it seems I could place her building… but now I wonder if I did it before or after. The 3rd lower part is still not unlocked in my game.


      • Thanks Bunny, sorry for double post. I sent TC a message too but it is the weekend….


      • I was able to place the building immediately in my game without having to unlock any land. I did all the steps to get me to the point where I could start unlocking the land allowing, so I sent a construction guy to work on the section with the portal. Maybe TinyCo changed it from first day of release.

        I remember having a similar problem with another district. It would only allow me to unlock 1 specific section of the district before I could do the others. It wouldn’t allow me to dig up 2 at a time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I placed her building after unlocking the first plot and I started the second plot after so I don’t think that’s the problem there.


      • I placed her building before I cleared any land.. I just put the focus on the portal, then went to the store and bought it. It automatically placed it right next to the portal, then I started clearing land.


    • I waited until after the first (24hr) and second (36hr) plot were cleared before building Madame Claude’s building, because initially I wanted to wait to make sure that her item tasks wouldn’t interfere with Chip or Finn, and then had to wait until the second plot finished and freed up a builder. But she was available as soon as the land showed up. I started a bit late though, so maybe it was something they fixed before I got to that point.


  25. I have a lil question to know if its just in my game…..the cemetery fences are suppose to be that small or is just a bug? because I tryed fencing the cemetery area and they are shorter than the characters.
    I wanted to fence the area but with that small lil fences doesn’t look good (plus it looks silly when the gate is twice as big)
    thanks, and keep up the great work with the site 🙂


  26. Okay, so to clarify here, if I want all of District 11’s decorations, I have to ignore at least 1 character in the Portal or the Zombies and the parts from them to make the decos will disappear and I wouldn’t be able to get the decos. Correct?

    This is kind of a bummer if so. It’s weeks off from happening since I’m not rushing a District, but if this is true, we all better be careful. 🙂

    I’m happy the Marble Mausoleum is 250k coins though. They need more big money items. 😛


    • Yup. Watch your tapping. No more Zombies once the last Ghost is released. PLENTY of time to spend on and focus on collecting stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Believe me you’re going to have a TON of time to tap zombies. I just got Paddy and he needs 4 types of drops and the shortest time for any task is 8hr and most are in the 12-14hr range and you need a bunch. Each person is probably going to take in the 4-7+ day range to unlock so you’re going to have probably hundreds of zombies to tap between characters.

      Liked by 1 person

  27. So just curious, are Lorreta, Paddy, and new Brian actual characters we get to keep? Or are they just associated with a quest line and disappear when done?


  28. Anyone else hybrid babies stop spawning since this started? I’m completely sure I haven’t gotten one within the past day.


  29. Oh I thought the dog neckerchief emporium was part of the event because it was dog related i almost wasted a builder on it XD


    • It fits in… but no… it is for the District. You will eventually need it… but wait until you hit that point. Focus on the limited time Event items instead. 😉


  30. I had over 300 clams and didnt buy anything (yet) and suddenly half of my clams dissappear. I let them know but i wonder what the problem was. Tinyco is very good at fixing my clam problems so im not worrying about it.


  31. Question. Anybody far enough along to know what buildings the quest requests you to build other than the Psychic Parlor? With such long build times, I want to build the ones needed to advance the storyline first.


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