Ollie’s Mystery Box & Pinhead!!

Hey there Slashers!

I am a bit behind on this as New Job is pulling me back a bit. Sorry.

When you first hit your games later this evening (or this morning for some), you will notice Peter with a ! over him. This triggers 2 separate offers, so you will actually see the ! twice.

What are the New Offers? Well one is tasks to collect Materials in the game, the other is for Ollie’s Little Box of Horrors. On top of this, PINHEAD!!! That’s right, Pinhead has also joined the game.

PinheadLet’s take a look at each of these new items!


TinyCo wanted to throw a Dog a Bone… errrr… Steak. Lol. Pinhead has been released into the game to help collect Rubber Steaks for Death’s Dog.

PinheadPinhead: 240 Clams, he is fully tasked, comes with a Questline, and IS Voiced. I already have Death’s Dog now, so bare with me while I verify the task that drops the Rubber SteaksRubber Steaks(4hrs, Solve Puzzle Box, unlocked immediately).



Peter has a ! over his head that triggers a Pop Up for Ollie’s Little Box of Horrors. For a cost of ONE 3D Glasses each, you get 3 tries in the Mystery Box to win one of the many prizes below. You can find the Mystery Box by tapping on go, or just heading into your Event Menu.

Popcorn Lg70 Popcorn

Pumpkin4 Pumpkins

6 Silver Cannon Balls12 Silver Cannonballs

Holy Water Balloons10 Holy Water Balloons

6 Silver Cannon Balls6 Silver Cannonballs

Chocolate Bar15 Chocolate Bars

Holy Water Balloons5 Holy Water Balloons

Movie Reel 225 Movie Reels

Soda45 Soda

Pumpkin8 Pumpkins


Here are the results of the 3 I opened…
25 Movie Reels
25 Movie Reels
6 Silver Cannonballs

Once you completed opening the 3rd, Ollie completes the offer with 3 Scream Points and 2 3D Glasses and the Mystery Box goes away.



UPDATE: Trigger for this Questline is Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 8.

Peter’s other ! over his head is to trigger a Questline to get Materials in the game. The Parade of Horribles. (Still verifying trigger point)

The Parade of Horribles Pt 1
Peter Starts

Collect 30 PumpkinsPumpkin

Collect 20 Garlic Bulbs (Bombs)Garlic Bomb

Collect 15 Silver CannonballsSilver Cannon Ball

Collect 10 Water BalloonsHoly Water Balloons


Basically this helps you to just get more as you earn items. I will have additional details for this one a bit later as I finish collecting the items myself.



I also noted this on an earlier post. Both iOS & Google received an Update today in the App Markets for the Family Guy Game. This update includes some support for Apple Watch 2.0, iOS 9 Replay Kit, and Patches for both devices.

So make sure you go over to your App Market and download Version 1.13.5 to your Device to keep up to date with the App and changes to it.


There you have it. Some cool new options in the game for you to Collect, Take a Chance, or Splurge on another Horror Film Character.

What do you think of these? Did you take a try in the Mystery Box yet? If so, what were your results? Did you start the New Questline collecting yet? Let us know.


95 responses to “Ollie’s Mystery Box & Pinhead!!

  1. Is there any way of getting the mystery box after after the event? Are we able to buy them randomly? Got loads of glasses and would rather try for gifts then buy useless stuff…


  2. Quick question please,I bought Pinhead but he doesn’t have any tasks to help with the event? Am I missing something? Thanks so much !!


  3. Please help, I cant continue because I dont see the ollie mystery box, which is part of my quest


  4. Next part
    The Parade of horribles pt. 2
    Killing Spree

    Have Death have a few Too many

    2x have slasher bait Lois be brutally murdered

    2x have slasher bait Peter be brutally murdered

    Have Death’s Dog bury a bone


  5. I got lucky and got movie reels 3 times. Caught me up a little. Got lois and 3 or 4 items into the next page


  6. I got water balloons and popcorn from that mystery box, what a waste, neither are needed at this point.


  7. I’m at the Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 8 and have no The Parade of Horribles so it’s not correct (or not the only one) trigger point for this quest.


  8. I haven’t bought any of the premium characters this event– Pinhead, Chucky and Michael Myers– like I normally would to support the game because of my frustration with this event, but enjoying rewatching the films on Netflix these iconic villains are on.


  9. DemonicElectronic

    Wooo my nightmares have finally come true! I bought pinhead the second I saw him and I’m glad I did cause he came to town and was able to pull 5 pieces of human steak from the lament configuration out of 5 tries, so I now have a cute lil cloak full of bones playing with skulls in my back yard and pinhead can now take a break from torturing people to sip a lil brandy! oh yeah and I got 25 reels x2 and 4 pumpkins from my mystery box.


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