Death At The Drive-In Poll RESULTS: Where are You? (Phase 3)

Hey there I Scream -ers!!

Yesterday I wanted to do a Poll to get a better feel for where everyone was at in the game before Phase 4 hits our games later this Evening (AFTER 3PM Pacific, usually between 6-9PM). This will help us all get an idea of where we may be in our own Game Play compared to others as well as some thoughts on the Event aspects.

Killer Stewie

Take a peek below to see all the results. 

Here are the Results from the Poll. Some of them interesting. Others not so surprising. Not to me anyway.

What Phase are you currently in?

Movie Screen Slasher Cat

Phase 1 – Death at the Drive-In 3.20%
Phase 2- Death at the Drive-In The Sequel 37%
Phase 3- Death at the Drive-In III 59.80%


What Characters/Costumes have you unlocked?

Slasher Bait Peter 2 Death's Dog

Slasher Bait Peter 97.50%
Death 84.60%
Patty 36.90%
Esther 5.70%
Death’s Dog 5.50%

What Movie Projection Booth Items have you unlocked?

Movie Projection Booth

Murder Point 98.80%
Hot & Muggy Coffee Shop 96.80%
Jack O Lantern Moon Bounce 97.30%
Death’s Mom’s House 96.80%
Slasher Cat Cave 96%
Quagmire’s Haunted House 96.20%
Pumpkin Tower 97.80%
Slasher Cat 60.70%
Skeletal Catacombs 93.70%
Warded Bunker 93.10%
Decorated Ghost Tree 93%
Dark Society Library 89.30%
Pumpkin Pyramid 88.60%
Plastered Witch 78.90%
Slasher Bait Lois 66.90%
Prom Night @ Buddy Cianci 3.80%
Haunted TV Set 58.50%
Ghost Pirate 51.50%
Black Sand Dollar 42%
Death’s Dog’s House 32.20%
Pet Costume Shop 20.90%
Shinebright Twins 8.60%
The Black Clam 2.80%
Petergeist Household 0.80%

What, if any, Premium Characters have you Purchased?

Michael Myers 2 Chucky

Michael Myers 87.20%
Chucky 69.20%
Pinhead 46.60%

How many Werewolves do you see daily?


1 0.20%
2 0.10%
3 1.60%
4 4.20%
5 8.60%
6 16.10%
7 7.70%
8 12.90%
9 3%
10+ 45.60%

How many Vampires do you see daily?


1 0.10%
2 0.10%
3 1.10%
4 3.30%
5 6.90%
6 14.20%
7 5.50%
8 14.80%
9 3.50%
10+ 50.50%

How many Unholy Nuns do you see daily?

Unholy Nun

1 0.30%
2 0.10%
3 0.70%
4 2.50%
5 6.40%
6 12.80%
7 4.90%
8 14.40%
9 3.10%
10+ 55%

How many Spiraling Ghosts do you see daily?

Swirling Ghost

1 9.70%
2 1%
3 2.20%
4 11.50%
5 3.70%
6 6.80%
7 2.10%
8 20.60%
9 0.90%
10+ 41.60%

How many Headless Horsemen do you see daily?

Headless Horseman 2

1 9.70%
2 3.10%
3 8.30%
4 21.10%
5 12%
6 24%
7 3.10%
8 9.70%
9 1.20%
10+ 7.90%

How many Movie Reels do you earn daily?

Movie Reel 2

1-5 3.90%
6-10 6.80%
11-15 10.80%
16-20 15.90%
21-25 12%
26-30 12.40%
31-35 6%
36-40 8%
41-45 3.60%
46-50 8.10%
51-55 3.40%
56-60 2.70%
61-65 0.80%
66-70 1.60%
71-75 1.30%
76-80 0.90%
81-85 0.20%
86-90 0.30%
91-95 0.10%
96-100 0.30%
101+ 0.70%

What do you think of the Movie Projection Booth?

Movie Projection Booth Phase 2

Love It 10.30%
Hate It 21.70%
Want to pick what I earn 58.70%
Too Hard 50.60%
Want access to all pages at once 12.50%

What Scream Level are you at?

Scream Level 8

1-4 1%
5-7 7.70%
8-9 48.50%
10-11 34%
12-13 6.70%
14-15 1.40%
16+ 0.70%

Do you feel like you are far behind in the Event?

Yes 84.20%
No 15.80%

What do you think of the Exchange in the Concession Stand?

Popcorn LgSoda Chocolate Bar

Love It 4.50%
Hate It 37.80%
Wish they would stick with set numbers 55.60%
Like the Variety 16.30%
Cant use the Items I have 39.10%
Need more options 37.70%


There you have it. Some thoughts on the Event thus far from your fellow Readers/Players. Hopefully this will help many of you see that you are all around the same Levels, with same items, slowly progressing through the Event. Don’t panic if you do not start Phase 4 the moment it is launched. I know Phase 3 went a lot quicker. So for those of you just starting into it… keep going. For those of you almost there, just do what you can. We will know later this evening what Phase 4 will have in store for us.

You are welcome to add additional feedback about the Poll below, HOWEVER… keep it to constructive criticisms or HELP for other Players. Any comments resembling a What The Deuce rant, vent, etc. will be moderated. They are not needed on helpful posts.  🙂



110 responses to “Death At The Drive-In Poll RESULTS: Where are You? (Phase 3)

  1. I’m still in phase 3 which I don’t really mind because this has been the easiest one yet. I was on track until the end of phase 2 where it took me almost a week to get slasher bait Lois (even without the bonus building skin) but now with the chocolate exchange I’ve gotten up to deaths dog in a day, SO DON’T GIVE UP GUYS!!!
    Also I was just playing a few minutes ago and I had like an infinite amount of 3D glasses for some reason (even though I had just bought Joes hellhouse) so I bought abandoned hospital the pirates for the bonus ghost pirate quest a trick or treating dog and a huge row of corn (I call it the great wall of corn lol) all of which shot me up from scream lvl9 to the middle of lvl10. Anyways I was wondering why it happened (its gone now)?
    Thanks and sorry for the very long comment.
    Best of luck to everyone! 🙂


  2. Apparently, we are not allowed to express our opinions on this site. I’ll be moving along to another FG site, if I need one. Bunny takes offense to things that ppl say even if she has said them herself. Btw, I still haven’t received any answers to questions I’ve posted regarding gameplay. I guess Bunny picks & chooses which questions she answers…and even then she’s not always right. Good luck on the rest of the event, everyone! Best wishes to you, Bunny. Sounds like you need a spa day.


    • Not sure as to what you’re going on about. I have a log of all your comments and several answered time and time again.

      I do NOT have the ability to “block” emails as your email has nothing to do with our site. Only your comments and all those are moderated unless SPAM. Email is all on WordPress, as they’re the host of the site. Not us. If THEY blocked you, ask them why instead of taking it out on us. WordPress has millions of sites worldwide. If you fail to abide by WordPress Guidelines on any of those sites, they may take action.

      But with an attitude as you’re directing towards me, which is totally uncalled for, you’re welcome to move on as that kind of attitude is not welcome here at all.


    • Thanks for the well wishes JB!
      I need all the luck I can get…

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Do they stop accepting popcorn after a while for reels? I have 200 and no options.


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