I’ll Be Back… For Christmas!! Raid To The North Pole Is LIVE!!!

UPDATE 12/5: The Consuela Error popping up “Unable to load playspace road textures” was supposed to be resolved last night. It is still plaguing some Players though. I did report it to TinyCo and still awaiting another update on it. Will note here when I do. Hang in there.

Unable to Load Playspace road Texture


Hey there Skynet!


Maybe that’ll hold it off a bit? Lol. It’s that time of year again… TO LOOSE OUR FRAKKIN MINDS!! Christmas has hit Quahog and it is gonna be an all out war… with the Machines. WOO HOO!!

But for reals, there looks to be LOTS of goodies coming with this New Event that I know I am excited to see how it plays out. I am sure you are all anxious to jump in too… so here we go with the Christmas 2015 Event Breakdown… Phase 1!


Terminator Christmas Splash Screen

Usual points I try to drive home EVERY EVENT…

  • Make sure your device is up to date in the App Market. It helps things work a bit more smoothly that way. Newest App Version is 1.15.0
  • You must be to at least District 3 and have Al’s Unlocked in your game to see the Event Content.
  • PLAY THE GAME! Many items have specific “unlock” points throughout the dialog, questlines, and game play. So you actually have to “get into it” before seeing it all and being able to access it all.
  • Don’t get too “Tap Happy”. Just because something is there to be unlocked, be careful. We know fully well by now that there are built in “Surprise” timed items during the Events, so approach new items with caution. If you are not sure if you should tap it, then don’t and wait a bit til I run through all the new stuff. Otherwise, tap at YOUR OWN RISK! It may take me an hour or a bit more… but that time it takes me to play it out could save you a LOT of headache in the long run.
  • PATIENCE! I can’t turbo speed an entire week’s content in 5 minutes, so wait… keep checking the post occasionally… as I will update all the details as I hit them in MY game myself. If there are spawns, I got to wait for them to spawn too. So hang in there and I will get you all the info I can as soon as I can. 😉

Here are a few things to tie you over and to start you out…


You will need to first reach Raid to the North Pole Part 5, then you can tap on the Event Area to go to the North Pole. Yes, this will be similar to Star Trek in that it will be a separate Play Space. Also much like Star Trek, you will be unlocking portions of it in Phases. Once you go there and back, then the North Pole Icon will appear in your game in the Lower Right Corner.

There will be additional places IN the North Pole to get items. Place like Santa’s Supply Depot and Headquarters. More on that a bit later.



YES. So far, one that I can see for sure… I will update if more appear as I go through it.

Lyle is at Santa’s Headquarters and similar to past Events, you have to unlock the items in front of him to reach him. Once there, you will only have 24hrs to get him. Will have more details later on this.



Robot Snowman 2

Snowmen will start appearing in your game AFTER Raid to the North Pole Part 4. They will be located at the North Pole Play area, so you will need to be able to travel there before being able to clear them. I saw at least 6 as soon as I entered the North Pole Play Area.

Snowmen: Drop 1 Silver Bells Silver Bell OR Toy Army ManToy Army Men



SantaSanta Claus: (If you already unlocked him last year, you can bypass this information.) To unlock Santa Claus, you must place the Gold Gift Box for $250 (as I have it, let me know what cost you see for the Gift Box) to see his required Materials you will need to collect for him.


Chocolate Chip Cookie3 Chocolate Chip Cookies (Common): Peter Cook Disgusting Vegetables OR Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose
Glass of Milk4 Glasses of Milk (Uncommon): Jerome Host Happy Hour OR Chris Hang Out at Home OR Joe Go Undercover
Candy Cane3 Candy Canes (Common): Bruce Sing Christmas Carols OR Mort Restock Ipecac Syrup


Christmas Camo PeterChristmas Camo Peter: This Peter Costume unlocks once you reach Raid to the North Pole Part 5, at that time you will then find him in your Characters or Event area of the Shopping Cart Menu. Tapping on “CREATE” will take you to Al’s. Here you will see his direct Clam Buy Out cost as well as the way to earn each Material instead to pull him into your game.


Camo Paint20 Camo Paint (Uncommon): Mort Scrounge for Coins OR Bruce Frolic With Jeffrey OR Quagmire Enjoy Carrots OR Reindeer Training Facility (Santa’s HQ)
Army Rations10 Army Rations (Rare): Bonnie Twerk It OR Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop OR Season’s Greenhouse (Santa’s HQ)
Toy Army Man70 Toy Army Men (Common): Clear Snowmen
Holiday Grenade3 Holiday Grenades (Common): Naughty or Nice Surveillance Center (Santa’s HQ)


LOTS MORE COMING!!! Back with more in a bit.



Prototype SnowmanSnowman Prototype: 200 Clam IconClams, Earns $40 & 90xp every 4hrs, ALWAYS drops 9 Magic HatMagic Hats (Yes, this is REALLY small right now. They are aware and already working on it.)

Santa's ArsenalSanta’s Arsenal: 100 Clam IconClams, Earns $80 & 150xp every 6hrs, ALWAYS drops Unleaded Egg NogUnleaded Egg Nog


Snow FortSnow Fort: 150 Silver BellsSilver Bells, 1hr Build Time, Earns $40 & 120xp every 4hrs, ALWAYS drops 5 Silver BellsSilver Bell


Gold Clam Gift BoxGold Gift Box: $250, Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs

SnowJack-in-the-BoxSnowJack-in-the-Box: $1400, 2hr Build Time, Earns $30 & 70xp every 3hrs, ALWAYS drops 5 Silver BellsSilver Bell



Core of Holiday CheerCore of Christmas Cheer: 140Clam Icon Clams, $60 & 120xp every 6hrs, ALWAYS drops 1 Each Camo PaintCamo Paint & Army RationsArmy Ration &Holiday Grenade Holiday Grenades


Stocking Repair ShopStocking Repair Shop: $1500, 8hr Build Time, Earns $80 & 80xp every 8hrs, ALWAYS drops 10 Silver BellsSilver Bells

Humma HangarHumma Hangar (Raid to the North Pole Part 6): $1000, Build Time 10s (more info in North Pole Below)



Meet Santa Sign“Meet Santa” Sign: $500



Hidden Missile SiloHidden Missle Silo: 50 Silver BellsSilver Bells

Holiday Tank TrapHolly Tank Trap: 10 Silver BellsSilver Bells

Snowball CatapultSnowball Catapult: 70 Silver BellsSilver Bells

Blast Trail #1Blast Trail (#1): 5 Silver BellsSilver Bells

Blast Trail #2Blast Trail (#2): 5 Silver BellsSilver Bells



Silver Bells

These are a form of currency you can use to exchange to get items (like Buildings/Decorations) for the Event. Yes there is a counter for them in the Lower Right corner of your game.

Silver Bell Counter



Leaderboard Icon

Yes, they are back. Not live just yet. More details coming on them soon. 🙂



Travel To North Pole Splash Screen

Like noted up top… you will need to first reach Raid to the North Pole Part 5 in order to be able to go to the North Pole. At this time you will notice the Event Area changed from a simple Snowman to now Santa’s Rocket Sleigh. Tapping on the Sleigh will give you a Pop Up… “Leaving Quahog”.

When you first arrive, just one section will be Interactive. Another section not yet accessible will show (Santa’s Village), but be darkened out. It will all be surrounded by what looks like the typical “grey clouds” on land. You will access this area and Unlock it in Raid to the North Pole Part 6.

Only a few Characters first traveled over to the North Pole with me too. I noticed Santa, Bruce, Mort, Peter, Stewie, Quagmire, and Chris.

Here are the areas I saw in the Open Section of the North Pole


This is how you can get back home. Tap on it to go back to Quahog. There is also a Home Icon in the North Pole Screen in the Lower Right you can also tap to go back.



Same as in Quahog, you can see all the Costumes here. I would suggest to go back to Quahog first before Creating any Costumes.



Christmas PresentCHRISTMAS PRESENTSThese are the Currency that will be used mainly in the North Pole. Yes there is a counter for them in the Upper Center of your game.

Christmas Present Counter

You will have to go to the North Pole and to Santa’s Supply Shop to trade Materials to get Presents. I will list the “Trade” options in the order I saw them in my game.

Christmas Present8 Presents: 4 Magic HatMagic Hats

Christmas Present18 Presents: 9 Magic HatMagic Hats

Christmas Present26 Presents: 13 Magic HatMagic Hats

Christmas Present42 Presents: 21 Magic HatMagic Hats

Christmas Present64 Presents: 32 Magic HatMagic Hats

Christmas Present52 Presents: 26 Magic HatMagic Hats

Christmas Present68 Presents: 34 Magic HatMagic Hats


***in progress***



Here is where you can exchange Presents you got from Santa’s Supply Shop to get additional Items for the Event.

Reindeer Training FacilityReindeer Training Facility (Building): 20 Christmas PresentPresents, Earns $80 & 150 xp every 8hrs, Drops 2 Camo PaintCamo Paint

Elf Punting MachineElf Punting Machine (Decoration): 45 Christmas PresentPresents, Animated (it really punts them off the screen. Lol)

Season's GreenhouseSeason’s Greenhouse (Building): 76 Christmas PresentPresents, Earns $40 & 80xp every 4hrs, Drops 2 Army RationsRations

Naughty or Nice Surveillance CenterNaughty or Nice Surveillance Center (Building): 112 Christmas PresentPresents, Earns $60 & 120 every 6hrs, Drops 2 Holiday GrenadeHoliday Grenades

Impenetrable Igloo FortImpenetrable Igloo Fort (Building): 127 Christmas PresentPresents, Earns $120 & 200 every 12hrs


At this point, ANY further tap on Santa’s Headquarters will start the 24 HOUR TIMER on Lyle, so make sure you are prepared to get all the Presents needed to get him. Or decide to keep them for the Next round and just let him time out and Pass on him. Remember, these are labeled HARD for a reason. Many of them are like a Premium Item and will require Clams spent to get them all. Decide if he is really worth it to you before proceeding.

LyleLyle (Character): 250 Christmas PresentPresents, Fully tasked, comes with a Questline, will help you out in the “Santa’s Village” Battles, He is not currently voiced- checking on if he will be in future.



Humma Hangar

The Holiday Humma can be built once you reach Raid to the North Pole Part 6.  This will be used to destroy things in Battle. The Holiday Humma can be upgraded using Lights.

HummaHoliday Humma:
Level 1 – Begins
Level 2- Cost 1 LightsLights
Level 3- Cost 6 LightsLights
Level 4- Cost 6 LightsLights

***in progress***

BE WARNED: Keep your Humma low level as long as possible. The more you upgrade it, the harder it is to take an upgraded building down and get any prizes. 



This will not unlock until Raid to the North Pole Part 6. Here is where you will do “Battle” with the Holiday Humma. Kind of like Events Past (PeterPalooza Side Shows), you can select Characters to use the Humma and Battle. Up to 3 at a time. Just tap on the ! in the area to start a Battle.

  • The Level of the Humma will vary the “Strength” of the Humma and more likely to do Damage and Destroy things. (You can see the amount of Buildings the current level and Characters will destroy in the Pop Up screen)
  • The More you Destroy, the more items you will likely get in return.
  • You can earn items like Magic Hats, Medals, Lights


To Start, Santa can do Battle. (As you progress, Christmas Camo Peter & Lyle can join.) Adding another Character will increase the Strength too (mine did by 10)

  • The first “Battle” cost 2 Unleaded Egg NogUnleaded Egg Nogs
  • Takes 4hrs (Characters will not be able to be used elsewhere until 4hrs are up)


Once the Battle Completes, you will see a Heart Icon over a now broken down Building in Santa’s Village and an X on the Humma that shot at it.

  • Tapping on the Heart Icon over Damaged Building will give you your Reward.
  • Tapping on the X over the Humma will reset the area so you can start again.



Level 1 Battle,  1 Character (Santa), Strength 10/150, Take out 1 Building, Reward 3 Magic HatMagic Hats, 1 Snowflake MedalMedal, 1 LightsLights

Level 2 Battle,  1 Character (Santa), Strength 20/150, Take out 2 Buildings, Reward 6 Magic HatMagic Hats, 2 Snowflake MedalMedals, 2 LightsLights

Level 2 Battle,  2 Characters (Santa/Lyle), Strength 30/150, Take out 3 Buildings, Reward 9 Magic HatMagic Hats, 3 Snowflake MedalMedals, 3 LightsLights

Level 3 Battle,  1 Character (Santa), Strength 30/150, Take out 1 Buildings, Reward 6 Magic HatMagic Hats, 2 Snowflake MedalMedals, 1 LightsLights

Level 3 Battle, 2 Characters (Santa/Lyle), Take out 2 Buildings, Reward 9 Magic HatMagic Hats, 3 Snowflake MedalMedals, 2 LightsLights



Quick Reminder, just like any other Material Collection, these items will NOT show up until you have reached the points they are needed or unlocked the Character, Decoration, Building, Etc that drops them.

Magic HatMagic Hats: Santa’s Village OR Snowman Protoype

LightsLights: Santa’s Village

Unleaded Egg NogUnleaded Egg Nog: Peter Ask for Toys OR Bruce Fret About Something OR Chris Enjoy Private Time OR Santa’s Arsenal OR Questline



Raid to the North Pole Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Place the “Meet Santa” Sign: Cost $500
Have Peter Down Egg Nog: 20secs


Raid to the North Pole Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Place Santa’s Gold Gift Box: Cost $250
Have Quagmire Watch Christmas Movies: 4hrs


Raid to the North Pole Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Have Bonnie Return Christmas Presents: 2hrs
Build the SnowJack-in-the-Box: Cost $1400


Raid to the North Pole Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Unlock Santa to be Able to Travel to the North Pole
Have Bruce Sing Christmas Carols1hr


Raid to the North Pole Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Travel to the North Pole: Tap on “GO” or the Sleigh in the Event Area to go to the North Pole
Clear 3 Snowmen in the North Pole: Tap on Snowmen in the North Pole to clear them.


Lots more info to update and more posts with detailed “How To’s” coming. For now, this will at least get you started.

What do you think of it so far? Are you progressing fast like me? Are you finding it going well so far? Good pace for just a few hours in? What are you looking forward to the most? Tips you want to share of what you are doing so far? Let us know.


249 responses to “I’ll Be Back… For Christmas!! Raid To The North Pole Is LIVE!!!

  1. Is anyone else having problems with santa’s little helper part 2? I have defeated santa’s village over 23 times now. But it doesn’t do anything to the task. Was only suppose to do it twice to complete it.


  2. Hi, I’ve checked a few articles (and the event page) but not came across it, could you tell me when the end date is for the North Pole event please? Many Thanks, Karl.


  3. I’m lost. I have unlocked Santa, and I’ve almost completed my Christmas Camo Peter outfit. Why does it still say my characters are all locked? I cannot choose one as a driver for an attack. Help!!!


  4. Concerning leaderboards….
    I currently have 2 games going, one I just started (level 12), one I have maxed out on.. The one I just started, is fine. The one where I am maxed out I haven’t played for over a day, I went on the leaderboard and it told me it is no longer available, I have been banned for inappropriate game use…. Okay, so, I downloaded my game through Google Play. So it can’t be a “bad” game, and I haven’t done anything wrong. I only have 25 medals. The only thing I haven’t done this event is buy clams… Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it just because I am so low on the leaderboard that I don’t count?


  5. Bunny, I read the part of the post about the Humma and it was a little unclear. In my game I could upgrade the Humma without the battles getting harder and it was only when I destroyed 3/3 houses that the battles got harder. I do not know if every game is different or not. P.S I have found that if there is someone in the Humma and they can start a quest I can tap the start quest picture and it brings them out of the humma and starts the quest even if the drive isn’t done and I can make them do actions. Is this a bug or not? Thanks


    • Yes, they are aware of Characters “jumping” out of the battles.

      And like I notated, the Questline …ie “destroy 3 buildings” seems to be the Level Up trigger for the Buildings.


  6. My Humma is maxed out to 150/150. I can use all 3 characters to attack the 3 building and from what I can tell the payout is 27 hats, 9 metals and 3 Xmas lights. Now I’m not sure if it per building or all together. I haven’t done any attacks because I’m waiting on stage 2 to hit. I want all characters free upped when it does. I’ll pay closer attention next time.


  7. The battles are a confusing issue for this event huh? I am at Humma Level 4 because I didn’t think to read ALL of your post(s) beforehand. My bad. But here I am trying to complete the Come Here, Hover Boy Pt.2 and now need to upgrade the Humma to Level 5 to complete AND Defeat ALL 3 Houses which apparently I can’t do with what I have. I’ve been sending Santa on battles for 2 days now and no progress on that task.

    I see that your “cheat sheet” only goes to Level 3. I don’t have Peter or Lyle unlocked yet. Will I be able to do the 3 houses if/when I get one of them BEFORE I upgrade to Level 5 Humma? Some of the Peter tasks require buildings that I need the rewards from the battles but at only 9/3/2 every 4 hours it could take me a month.

    Current plan is to NOT update my Humma but obviously can’t move on past Pt. 2 without upgrading and defeating the houses. Any wisdom is appreciated.


    • Still working on mine. Health issue stopped my in my tracks so hang in there. I have all 3 Characters. Just need to test it.


      • I followed the guide and was wondering why the maximum buildings, without leveling up the Humma, was stuck at two. When I upgraded to next Humma level, I was then given the ability to attack three buildings. If I recall correctly, I think you can only attack three buildings when you have taken the Humma to the next level, and this can only happen once per level.


  8. Having an issue with the supply depot when trading in the hats. When I try the game crashes and I recieve an error message.


    • Child Error?

      If so, any “Child” glitch seems to be resolved by an uninstall/reinstall of the game. Just make sure you game is saved to an email or Facebook FIRST so you can log in and LOAD the saved game.


  9. Hi Bunny! Thanks for all your help! Hope the addicts treat you well for the holidays!

    I know there’s a lot of confusion and anger over the Humma levels already. I see you posted your result up to level 3 and two characters. I am on level 3 with just Santa and getting 6 hats. I have been reading through the comments and I think I saw some one mentioned that at level 4 with just Santa you earn 9 hats. Is this true? Do you have the next levels of payouts? I’m so scared to upgrade! As a mostly freemium player and the slow rolling with earning of presents, I can’t afford to lower my hat earning rate.

    Thanks again for all you do!


  10. Ok I’m a little confuse, like you say the higher the humma level gets the harder it is to destroy the building and it was true when I got to lvl 3 cuz I could only destroy 1 building instead of 3 buildings like I did when I was on level 2 humma. Well I end up leveling up my humma to lvl 4 and I was able to destroy 2 buildings again instead of 1 building. I was wondering if I level up to level 5 will it let me destroy 3 buildings or will it be harder and I revert back to destroying 1 building (or any at all)? I wanted to ask first before I do something i regret, thanks.


    • Watch the Buildings… when they change color (which for me was around 4) you will have a harder time destroying them.


    • Has level 4 remained destroying 2 buildings for you? Or did it change after the first time you sent the humma like it did for level 3..? I’m on level 3 now, and I have enough to upgrade to level 4, but I’ve been holding off.. But level 3, 1 character is just a 6 hat payout every 4 hours, so I am really far behind on getting the buildings. I still have 3 to go and that’s not even including Lyle, which I’m not even going to attempt at getting him.


  11. Upgraded humma with questline and now cannot progress as gives zero rewards so cannot get presents to get next building that drops grenades for Peter!

    End of event for me then.

    Should have read the blog in detail.


  12. So I upgraded the Humma to a point where I am unable to destroy any of Santa’s village and thus am unable to get hats to unlock the building that helps get Peter’s Camo outfit. Does anyone know if I just have to send the Humma twice to destroy one building or does that section reset every time you do the 4 hour attack? This would be the second event in which it allowed me to progress to a point where I would be forced to spend clams to even progress with the story.


  13. Really annoying by TinyCo to essentially punish you for playing the game and leveling up. Wish I would have read sooner

    Liked by 2 people

  14. I think I’m basically sitting this one out. I’ll check in so that I can visit Ollieland in hopes of getting a clam and maybe the videos in my town. I don’t see any prizes I want and I have Santa from last year. Plus I’ve been having an issue where I have to change user every time I log in to get to my level 60 town. It’s been going on for two weeks now. I’ve sent it to TinyCo but their tech team can’t seem to figure out why it’s happening. It’s so frustrating.

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  15. Now I just realize it’s harder to attack the building as u lvl up even though they say to upgrade the humma to take out the building easier but I have a question, now when I upgrade to lvl 2 I was able to destroy 3 buildings instead of 2 buildings when I was lvl 1. Should I upgrade my humma to lvl 4 to hopefully take out 2 buildings? Does the house go up on lvl too at lvl 4? Cuz it was easier to take them out at lvl 2 humma but then the houses was harder when I got to lvl 3. Would it be harder to take them out at lvl 4 or lvl5? I hope that makes sense,


  16. Well crap. I’m not a hard core premium player like some, but I just bought a small box of clams to get me through because I figured TinyCo would have a Christmas sale again. I didn’t receive any notice or pop-up, but when I purchased the 130 clams, I got a bonus of an additional 130. imwould have made a much bigger purchase if I knew. I sent them a message to see if there was anything they could do. I promised to spend more money if they would reset it. Let’s see what happens, fingers crossed!


  17. Just an FYI. The Snow Fort is dropping 5-6 silver bells for me every 4 hours. Not just 1. Maybe it’s random? Or they changed it?


  18. Does the amount of presents reset after a certain time, or after you run out of hats? Im confused =\


  19. So far I’m enjoying this event, and I feel it’s slightly easier than the Haloween event, as it took me the whole week of Phase 1 of that event to unlock all the page 1 prizes (including Slasher Cat), and with this event I just finished unlocking all week 1 prizes (including Lyle), and I’m now just trying to get as many presents banked for Phase 2. As for the leaderboards making a return, I don’t feel too bothered about it and I’ll just try to get whatever I can, as there’s LOTS of cool content to come, including the awesome premium characters, as well as Kevin Swanson and God, both who I was hoping were going to come in this event. I can’t wait to see what else this event brings.


  20. I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on the Snow Fort which costs 150 silver bells. Do they feel it’s worth the purchase? With it only dropping 1 bell every 4 hours, it would take 25 days to recoup your investment (assuming you can get a perfect 6 collections per day). With a rate like that, I’m inclined to hold off on a purchase unless it becomes required as part of a questline. Any others feels the same?


    • It’s small. May wanna wait a lil.


    • Is it for sure only 1 every 4? Everything else drops between 3-5 each time.


    • Mine drops 5-6 silver bells every 4 hours


    • It is the only deco/building I have gotten for bells.. at least it pays out something. The rest are just lame decos for me ( blasts, catapult.. mheee) However it is quite small, compared to last year’s snow fort.


    • I bought it. Nothing else to use your presents for, so why not. And yes it only drops a single present but I think you’ll have more presents than you ever need.


    • I think the snow fort is pretty. I msg’d tinyco and told them so and that I wish I could have more than 1.

      I know your question was about the payouts being worth it to spend 150 bells, but for my quohog, who cares, it’s pretty enough to go in my town year-round when the event is over, and so far its really the only pretty thing that costs bells. If only I could, I’d have more of them. We don’t have enough pretty things.


  21. Woah! Just seen the 30%+ price hike since the last time I bought some clams.
    Looks like I’m staying Freemium for this one. Unfortunately, I can see this being the event that stops me playing this game. It’s already got me confused with what I’m actually working towards and it’s week 1! Sad times.


  22. i have 2 eggnoggs but my 3 drivers are still locked .. what do i do ?


  23. I hope HUMMA LEVELS/PAYOUTS are wrong. Level 3 battle does less than level 2 battle.


    • You have to realize the Buildings change. It’s like battling a higher level Boss. You’re not continually blowing up the same place. So just like any game as you progress, it gets harder and you need more people as the difficulty level increases.


  24. I promise I tried to read everything before posting 🙂

    My level 3 Humma with 1 driver is currently attacking 3 buildings with a payout of 9 hats, 3 medals, and 3 lights. Is this not right?

    Also it seems the silver bells counter doesn’t subtract when you purchase an item. Or at least mine is still showing total I’ve received. It is correct in the store though if I click another bell item… i.e 14/50 to get a missle silo.


    • It is a running total, yes. You can tap on the decorations that cost Bells to verify your actual count. Already asking them why it does not subtract and overall total instead.

      The Payouts will vary. So just go by what rewards YOU see. Remember the info were MY results. Yours may vary. 🙂


    • I’m at the same level/driver but only attacking ONE building. You’re lucky if that’s what you’re getting as going to level 3 with only one driver cut my rewards in half (one building). As a result, its put me significantly behind with only a few presents towards the third prize with only 3.5 days until phase 2.


    • Make the most of your current payout. As soon as I finished mission 10, attack Santa’s village with a level 3 Humma, the game popped up a message saying the buildings were upgraded. I can only attack 1 building again and the payout is 6 hats, 2 medals and 1 light.

      Maybe try to get enough lights to pay for the next upgrade if you can as it now takes 3x longer to gather them.


  25. OK question i know the leaderboards haven’t started yet but should I still be recicving medals?


  26. Sorry if I missed this info somewhere, but since the leaderboard isn’t live yet, my medal count is “0”… So are they going to be accurately counted when it does go live since we’ve all earned several by now? Thanks!


  27. Something strange happened in my game just now: humma battle had 20 mins left on the timer when I finished one part of the main questline (exchange hats for presents). As usual, Santa appeared with a ! In the top left corner. I tapped on it, and he got out of the humma and started the next part. The humma is still attacking, but is now driverless for the last 20 mins, and Santa is wandering around free. Main question for me, does this hurt the payout from the battle? Not sure if I can even tell, one of the little huts was already done and has paid out, the humma is currently attacking the second one.


  28. My 24 hour timer started for Lyle, but it starts from the questline, not from tapping on Santa’s HQ. So it’s not like the Halloween event, where you could buy the item before it and not start the timer until you go back into the hq. It is now based on the questline, so don’t buy the fort until you are ready.


    • How do you know it started though unless you went inside to see it running? Like it notes…ANYTHING that takes you to that screen will start it. ANYTHING. Just like last Event. So if you tapped on something in the Questline that brought you to it…that’s the same as tapping in it directly. You still went to it regardless


      • I didn’t go to the screen at all. I know the timer started because it is showing on the questline.

        I placed the fort, questline cleared, then Peter prompted the next quest (get Lyle), and I did not follow it, i just clicked off of it to make it disappear.

        After it was closed and in my queue, i noticed there was a timer on it. Again, i did jot follow the link or open HQ until after I saw the active timer on the quest box.

        For Halloween as long as you did not tap the Projection Booth, the timer would not start even when the questline popped up, unless you followed the link. At least that is how it worked for me.

        Does that make more sense? It’s like they fixed out work a round lol


      • I sent 2 snap shots to your site email showing you what i see.

        Notice that the quest timer and the Santa’s HQ timer have an hour difference. So I am just telling people to not buy the fort at all until you are ready to work on Lyle.


  29. Does Once in North Pole drop three items each time or just one of the three? TIA.


  30. Who’s the girl with the gun in the load page?


  31. I know this is just the start of the event but so far I’m not feeling it. This might seem a lot to people who start to play this game but for someone who play this game for a long time it isn’t. I believe tinyco make it difficult on purpose but I find it rather annoying to do all kinds of dumb things to have the same effect. This is getting rather old for me and doesn’t seem exciting. I waited a long time for this event and so far it’s a disappointment. Last year was awesome, all the deco and prizes was just great. I’m looking at these and I don’t want “robots” Christmas theme for everything. Sorry to sound like a grump ladies and as usual u girls been making the game more fun for all us then it really is and we are grateful. Hope u ladies enjoying ur holidays cuz u deserve it. Crossing my fingers and hoping that the game gets better. Thanks ladies for everything.

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    • I’m not feeling it either. Plus, it’s taking so long to get Camo Peter. I have not had a drop from Chris, Bonnie, Quagmire, or Mort in the last 24 hours, despite being on many times. These events are just getting too difficult, especially for freemium players.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Those are uncommon and rare items, so the drops will take a lil longer. There are still several days in week 1 content to go, no need to rush. Focus on Santa and Humma Battles more to stock up your Presents while earning for Camo Peter through the week. Remember these are planned out so you go at a specific pace. Camo Peter is really set up to unlock just before Phase 2. So see where you are on him Wednesday night, Thursday morning. 😉


  32. Does the present counter actually work, mine seems to show 0 all the time even though I know I have 8


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