Greek Life Week 2 Hub (Week 2 is Live)

Hello There Clammers!

Week 2 of Greek Life has launched!  To see it you will need to complete Greek Week Pt. 9 and upgrade the fountain…

And I’m going to try something a little different.  This post is going to be your Hub for all things week 2 of the Greek Life Event.  I’m going to leave this post sticky’d to the top of the page.  So if you have a question/comment/concern/tip to share about Week 2 of Greek Life, this is the place to do it.

We’re still going to post all of the usual info, but whenever we add something I’ll add a link in the post below.  So this post will continue to be your Hub for all things Week 2.  Make sense?  I hope so!

Let’s dive in with the FAQs….


These FAQs come straight to us from TinyCo….

How do I begin the second phase of Greek Life?

You will need to upgrade the Fountain and complete Greek Week Pt. 9 before you can begin the second phase of Greek Life.

When do Minotaurs begin appearing?

Minotaurs will begin appearing once you reach Give It Up to the Gods Pt. 1 (the main quest line for phase 2).


How do I clear Minotaurs?

You will need 1 Soul Spell to create a Soul Offering at the Campus Altar. Soul Offerings will take 1 hour and 15 minutes to craft. After you have crafted a Soul Offering, place it in the path of a Minotaur to clear it.

The area that the Soul Offering covers will be shown with a green circle. If a Minotaur enters this circle, it will turn purple. Tap the checkmark to shoot the Minotaur while it is purple to clear it.

Screenshot_20160519-181246 Screenshot_20160519-181308

How do I unlock Hades?

Hades is available at the University Store. You will have 7 days to purchase him after viewing the University Store in phase 2, or he will disappear from the game at that time.

To unlock him, you will need:

  • 8,000 Ambrosia

  • 25 Golden Apples

  • 10 Golden Fleece

How do I make offerings to Hades?

Craft Soul Offerings at the Campus Altar to appease Hades. Once you have collected enough Soul Offerings, tap the “offer” button to make an offering to Hades. Each time an offering is made, your streak counter will increase and you will earn greater rewards. You will have 36 hours to appease him by making 4 offerings. If his 36 hour timer reaches 0 before he is appeased, your streak will be reset.

How do I unlock Tri-Bri?

Tri-Bri is available at Al Harrington’s after reaching phase 2. To unlock Tri-Bri, you must collect the following materials:

  • 3,000 Ambrosia

  • 10 Dead Man’s Bones (always)

  • 15 Giant Dog Collars (uncommon)

  • 8 Awful Scripts (extra rare)

Tri-Bri is available until Thursday, June 9 at 10 AM, PDT. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time. If he is unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue his quests after the event has ended.

How do I get Chronos?

Chronos is available in the shop for 260 clams. He will be available for purchase until Thursday, June 9 at 10 AM, PDT.

Leaderboads have returned for Week 2…..*collective groan* 


Here’s the FAQs on the Leaderboard:

When does the Leaderboard end?

The Leaderboard will last through Thursday, June 9 at 10 AM, PDT.

When do I get my Leaderboard prize?

Prizes will be awarded 4 to 7 days after the end of Greek Life.

Why am I not able to see my Leaderboard rank yet?

Leaderboards will be live soon, but in the meantime players can begin earning Styx Coins and contributing to their rank.

How do I climb the Leaderboard?

To climb the Leaderboard, earn as many Styx Coins as you can! You can earn Styx Coins by making offerings to the gods and from the Hades character.

What are the Leaderboard prizes?

The tier 1 prize will be the Hercules character. We will be revealing the prizes for the remaining tiers as the event progresses.

I’m qualified for a high prize tier. Do I get the lower tier prizes too?

Yes! Players will receive prizes awarded to tiers lower than their own in addition to the prize tier that they qualify for.

Why do I have a silly name on the Leaderboard?

Everyone has a silly name! Use it to keep track of your Leaderboard rank.

Can I change my silly name on the Leaderboard?

Silly names are permanent for the duration of the Leaderboard.

How do I report someone I suspect of cheating?

We are employing several anti-cheat tools to keep the Leaderboard fun and fair for all players. To do this, we use a combination of automatic detection and human oversight. If you are concerned about another player, please contact us via the in-game support feature with a screenshot of your Leaderboard, and we’ll take a look.

Week 2 Posts…

Give It Up to the Gods Questline (Week 2 Main Questline)
Side quests (Week 2, Tri-Bri and Hades)
Freemium Perspective Week 2
Tips for Week 2
Characters that Drop Stuff
Character Profile: Tri-Bri
Character Profile: Hades
Character Profile: Chronos
Premium Walkthrough: Chronos
Where the Hell: Chronos

Building/item Costs…for those asking (Thanks Amy for sending this over)

Hades Kitchen
Cost: 450 ambrosia, 2 fleece
Earns: 10 ambrosia/2 world 6 hr (Drops 1x Soul Spell – always)

Hephaestus’ Workshop
Cost: 4 fleece
Earns: 12 ambrosia/3 world 8 hr (Drops 2x Giant Dog Collar – chance)

Cyclops soldier statue (deco)
Cost: 600 ambrosia, 6 apples

River Styx Boat Rental
Cost: 175 ambrosia, 3 fleece
Earns: 10 ambrosia/2 world 6 hr (Drops 1x Soul Spell – always)

Gift basket by Chronos
Cost: 1200 ambrosia, 6 apples, 4 fleece
Earns: 24 ambrosia/5 world 16 hr

Theatre of Dionysus
Cost: 800 ambrosia, 9 apples, 10 fleece
Earns: 4 ambrosia/2 world 2 hr (Drops 2x Awful Script – chance)

Cost: 8000 ambrosia, 25 apples, 10 fleece (Drops Golden Fleece with task)

And there you have it guys, the quick basics for Week 2.  More info to follow…

Thoughts on week 2?  Liking the additions?  Thoughts on the Leaderboards returning?  Sound of below..

256 responses to “Greek Life Week 2 Hub (Week 2 is Live)

  1. does anybody happen to have the week2 challenge “It’s All Greek To Them Challenge” ??i wanted to see what all needed to be completed because it looks like to me it hasn’t popped up in my tasks list at all


    • I noticed there are so many SIDE Questlines for the Event that you really need to have your Task Menu cleared to get them all to pop up. Reboot of Comic Con Characters, Death Family back, etc. My Task list was really bogged down. I just went through… no joke… 13 new Questlines to get back to the Event ones. Lol. As for Week 2 Challenge, I will see if I pulled an image for it.


  2. I have 2.5 hours left on hades and 7363. I am so close! But i don’t think I have enough clams to speed me up to the finish line. Any advice? I have ~157 left since I already bought Chronos, Zeus’ Frat, and Palace of Olympus.

    Should i just let Hades go? Get tribri, the rest of the items, and start on Neptune. Or is there a combo of clams/characters that can get me Hades? Thanks for any advice!


  3. The thing is, I would spend clams on Ambrosia if I could, or even (potentially) spend real money on it – but the only way to do that is to speed up tasks or offerings, which would be just ridiculously way too much. They need to offer another one of those 1500 Ambrosia quests…


  4. Hooray Ricky Gervais dolphin is here. Xena needs to be lvl 3 for task to earn golden crowns! Can do fleeces which is 6 hours at least. Desperately want to know prices of stuff but scared of timer, anyone?


  5. Seamus has am 8hr task for scripts


  6. 8000 ambrosia for Hades – seriously, I’ve barely got 4000 and it’s last day to get him.. Did I miss something about what was best way for freemium players to have ANY chance at all in gathering that many?!


    • No. I’m afraid TC slipped up again by A) not labeling Hades as ‘Frickin’ Hard’ B) not allowing/having enough ways to earn Ambrosia C) not decreasing clam costs as materials are earned toward certain characters/items in the University Store like they do in Al’s shop or during other events when earning stuff to unlock a character. I just got to 5,000 Ambrosia playing constantly and setting alarms through the night to re-task characters. I haven’t unlocked Tri-Bri either (did you notice HIS clam cost incrementally decreased as you earned his stuff!?), but didn’t know if I should wait bc I still have two days left on Hades’ timer. Prob just gonna skip getting him bc it seems impossible really as a freemium player. Really wish they had simply labeled him. :/ I’m ready to start phase three, but may stall a few hours since I likely won’t be able to earn Neptune either….we shall see!

      IMO, skip Hades cuz his task for dropping leaderboard coins prob takes 8-10 hours to drop two anyway, lol. Anyone know for sure?


  7. Unlike many, I got my last awful script last night, but I need over 1,000 ambrosia. Now I have serious buyers remorse over buying Zeus, especially when TC “helped” last week with the offering re-spawn, as I might not have bothered (did it for scrolls). So, maybe sometime this weekend.


  8. So got two awfull scripts in my first 8 tries…so I was feeling pretty good. I’m currently zero for my last 68 tries! So not feeling so good. I sent a note to Tiny Co with this info and they replied ” we checked your game, drop rates are correct.”

    I call BS on that! Now I’m stuck because I need Tri Bro to advance the story. Same thing happened to me last event when I was stuck on Phase 2 cause after 4 weeks of trying, I still couldn’t get Peters Acpocoypse outfit which was required to advance the story.

    I don’t understand Tiny Co. They put a lot of hard work into the game yet most of us never get to enjoy the full version of these events because of one or two insane required Challenges that just kills us

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daniel Rodriguez

      Same here, still need 4 more. I am also nowhere near to get hades. Seems that the events are becoming more unrealistic in being able to accomplish. I also dont see how some peopl have an absurd amount of coins in the leaderboards. Why is TinyCo not looking into this.


  9. FYI not sure if this had been mentioned or been discovered but Neptune (Temple of Neptune) is Roman mythology where Zeus, Athena, and Hades are Greek mythology. Should be Poseidon instead of Neptune.


    • wildthornberry88

      Lots of peeps commenting on this and the main response I’ve been fed is that do you really Peter to know that XD and that family guy humour is meant to rile people up so it’s probably intended, as indicated by the Questline titled “it’s all Greek to them”… ^^;


    • I have a feeling that this is going to be brought up at some point during Phase 3’s main questline, with some sort of joke.


  10. Well tiny co finally lifted my leader board ban after I screen shot my amazon account got quite excited only to find I’ve not even qualified lol 1st place nearly 7000 coins and I got banned with 24 ha ha and they called ME a cheat


    • Yeah it’s bad. There coding must be catchin people on accident swings that many people are discussing the same issue you were facing


  11. This week seems so much harder.mine only started yesterday cuz got stuck needing 800 for toga peter after spending all on other items now have to save 8000 for hades!! Will try unlock buildings that drop scrolls first so easier to save for trades ☺ going to take awhile tho.. Think more slots should be available at the alter tho cuz more to try make now and trade


  12. Just wanted to say kudos to the moderators for being able to keep calm while answering the EXAXT same questions over and over and over again. I don’t see how you have the patience to deal with these people who not only don’t ready the post they are commenting on but don’t bother to read any of the comment responses that clearly state time and time again what they need to do, they just complain and blame TC for their own ignorance…. so as someone who uses this site for info, thank you from all of us that can read.


  13. Thanks to the person who said I needed to buy Hades kitchen. I finally have an offer timer showing over Hades. I had been trying to save up for something else.


  14. Anyone having trouble with getting scripts for TriBri? I have Jerome going constantly since week 2 started and still have not received 1. I even added Chris in a few times and still nothing. I hear I need TriBri to finish the quest line and if that is the case I’m worried I will be stuck on week 2 for the rest of the event (based off the non existent drop rate I am receiving now).


  15. Can anyone explain to me how anyone can have over 1500 Styx coins already? One person has nearly 3000 on my leader board.?? I play pretty constantly and yes I do pay to play about £30 a month which I treat as fairly cheap entertainment considering the hours I play. But I can’t get even close ( just over 100 so far ) I maybe lucky and sneak onto the back end of the leader board if I try extremely hard, but somehow I don’t feel we are on a even playing field.


    • I quit worrying about those people and only focus on keeping my rank in the top tier. Those that want to spend money just to be #1 can have at it. As long as I’m in the top 5000 we’re all getting the same prize. High placement means nothing.


  16. “Craft Soul Offerings at the Campus Altar to appease Hades. Once you have collected enough Soul Offerings, tap the “offer” button to make an offering to Hades.”

    the same soul offerings as i am using to clear the minotaurs, right?
    ok, so once i have those, where do i take them to offer them to hades? tapping the hades alter next to zeus’ alter doesnt bring a menu up, no offer button appears, just a name tag as one would expect for a decoration WHY IS NO ONE ADDRESSING THIS ISSUE? others have asked how to make offerings to hades but no one has given a response. please help!


  17. Is Hades supposed to reset when the timer runs out like zeus, just come back on and he is still at level 2


    • It seems Tiny Co have decreased the respawn timer for the cool down period on the Gods, for both Hades and Zeus I’ve seen them both reappear between 2-3 hours after the timer ran out / when I’ve beat them.


  18. Guess I’m stuck… I will not be able to complete Hades with the 8000 ambrosia and therefore I guess I will not be able to offer to him to do the second part of the grand prize quest.
    I feel a “What the duece!” moment coming on…


    • You don’t have to unlock Hades to do the offer to him task, it is just like zeus in the first part where you create the item and then offer it to him at the temple


    • Russian Tigger

      Hades character you unlock is different from Hades you make offerings to so you can complete the challenge.


    • No they are separate, just like Zeus was in week 1. You should be able to offer 3 times unless you are far behind in week 2


    • wildthornberry88

      Hades in the the store and the Hades you offer to are different. To offer to Hades you must be at give it up to the gods pt. 4.


  19. I was lucky to get Bertram (if I had more patience I would have cashed in all my GPL for more dilithium ore, maybe would have gotten borg rupert as well?), and I’m also really fortunate I got Zeus. That was awesome.

    8000 ambrosia for Hades? wow that’s a lot, I probably won’t be able to get him. Took forever to amass < 2000 just to get Zeus and Peter's skin.


    • I don’t think its even possible with having spent some cash on ambrosia fountains. I’ve spent the entirety of week 2 trying to get him and I’m less than halfway there.


  20. OK sorry if this is a stupid question but how exactly do I make an offer to hades, i click on the task and it takes me to him but I can’t do anything, what the F am I missing here lol


  21. Bones now increase exponentially like apples when you defeated Hades! Payout is 1-2-3-4.


  22. I’m planning to use precious ambrosia to get theater before tri bri, even tho main quest needs tri bri first, its 800 but at least drops 4 every 2 hours, PLUS its freed Chris from getting those drops instead of soul spells. Wish I’d bought an ambrosia fountain now, no chance I get week 3 on time


    • The theatre doesn’t drop scripts any faster than Jerome and Chris (not an always drop, listed as extra rare), although it does give two at a time. Chris is still stuck on bad script duty in my game as a result…

      Unless the store actually says “always”, the drop rate for a building will be the same as indicated for character tasks. So it’s like adding another character task (or two, when it’s a double drop).


  23. Anyone open the weekly challenge quest for the chimera yet? Wondering what the tasks are.


  24. I kinda agree with wax monster x on the 2’hour drops for tri bri, 5 days consistent with jerome and chris. Im getting at least 7 x 2= 14 attempts a day( have to sleep at some point) 14x at least 4 straight days= 56 attempts, i have 3……meh. the top leader on the board was 750 this morning now is 1499…….how in the heck did that happen?????? I’ve only managed 54 playing non stop(except sleep, i have no job thats why and how). Are these people(alot of them)spending thousands of dollars on clams???? hence back to wax monsters money hungry cash grabbing comment for tiny co.??? When the game first started it was fun and an equal playing field, now it seems like 2 freemium items for 10 clam items. I’m beginning to think that all the money tiny co is making has gone to thier heads. It’s pretty much a premium game now, and just a demo for freemium players.


  25. I don’t see a way for me to get 8000 Ambrosia for Hades is possible. The drop numbers from Zeus and Hades are so low. At 4x the Ambrosia isn’t over 100. We use to get 5x that from past payouts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not sure if it’s possible for freemiums unless you started saving at the beginning of the event😕


      • I’ve been saving since the beginning and I’m not even at 3000. I just bought the stuff needed to get Zeus while this week I’ve only bought Hades House. All the rest of the time I’ve been working on getting the Apples for Hades through Zeus. I’m almost done with that currently at 23/25 and 6/10 Fleece. I’m sure I’ll get the Fleece, but getting 5000 Ambrosia in 3 days isn’t possible unless TinyCo re-configures the pay outs for Zeus and Hades.


        • I’m in the same boat.. Have a little more than 2 days left on Hades timer, at 25/25 apples 9/10 fleece but stuck at only 2200/8000 ambrosia. It’s not gonna happen… I feel cheated by TinyCo on this one… They’ve made it an impossible task unless you spend $$$. And on that point the clam cost for Hades is absurd, 1800 clams cost ($50+) that never decreases the closers you are to unlocking it. Insanity!


  26. 8000 ambrosia for hades 😦


  27. Wax Monster X

    Minotaurs- very rarely drop fleece, even worse. Awful Scripts for Tri-Bri. I have had Jerome & Chris hit this every 2 hours for 5 days without 1 Script drop. Do the math! If that ain’t enough for your to finally abandon this money grubbing game I don’t what is. Don’t all the events seem alike with just different skins. Leaderboards, Ech. And lastly 5,000,000 coins and nothing to do with them. Meh.


    • I’ve noticed in my game that the Fleece icon doesn’t visually appear when I remove a Minotaur, but I see it register when the game calculates it through the meter. I thought I wasn’t getting any for a long time, but when I checked to see the amount of Apples I had I was surprised to see I had 5 Fleece when I thought I had none. So check to see where you’re really at through the University by looking at the cost of something.


  28. is there a post showing what characters drop Ambrosia?


  29. I wish the leaderboard would update, it hasn’t changed once since it went live so there’s no way to tell where you actually rank.


  30. Shawn Heidingsfelder

    Anyone else noticing that a) the leader boards haven’t updated all weekend. The leader has had 750 since the first time it showed a list. (Still wondering how that’s possible when there doesn’t seem to be a way to earn coins that fast in such a small time when they didn’t drop from offerings right away.)

    And b) my name isn’t on the leader board at all even though I am now above 40 coins, which is at the tier one cutoff. Previous boards had the fake names, but your spot was still either highlighted or your real name and FB pic were still visible.

    I’d rather they do away with them all together, but at least the tier size seems more reasonable. Doesn’t look like the cheating filter is working, though, unless I’m missing a way to earn coins fast besides speeding up with clams. I could see a couple of hundred by now, but 750, or 500? Once you hit x4 once, they despawn, so there’s no way to keep hitting big multipliers until their timer runs out this time.


  31. Jennifer Stahl

    How do I know which silly name is mine on the leaderboard?


    • The game should go right to it and be highlighted. If it doesn’t do that then you’re not in the top 5000. The leader board currently doesn’t show information to the lower tiers.


  32. Leaderboards very disappointing. For some reason (I do not cheat, and don’t see the need as its only a game, also I work full time, so cannot get on to the game all of the time), I have been accused of cheating… So am banned from the leader board. What I don’t understand is that as a fremium player, I am way behind. I started week 2 yesterday, so a few days late. I haven’t been able to unlock all of the buildings etc., that I would like to move forward in the game faster, but TinyCo’s response was that “there is clear evidence of illegitimately gained clams in your account” …

    I have never purchased clams. As a fremium player, I miss out on buying things all of the time, and make slower progress in the games, but that is my personal choice…

    I am disappointed with TinyCo’s response, because I do not cheat, and wouldn’t even know how. I do not have the time to play the game as much as I would like, let alone find the time to cheat. I am really disappointed that I am being accused of cheating. It’s a horrible slur, but there doesn’t seem to be any form of redress…

    I guess I will just miss out on the leaderboard prize as well now, even though judging by previous leaderboards, I have only gotten the lowest tier prize anyway.


    • So I got the “banned player” message during the star trek phase 2 event, and I challenged them on it, since like you, I not only haven’t cheated, I don’t even know how one would. Their response gave me some idea of the flawed algorithm that they are using.

      They stated that I had x clams worth of characters (don’t remember the exact number now) but had not spent that many clams, and because of that I had been banned for cheating. Now, I haven’t bought any clams from them, but I’ve gotten a ton of clams from watching videos, and have spent a lot of those. Still, I know I haven’t spent x clams on characters even including those free clams. This leads me to believe that their system is counting the purchase price of characters that could previously have been won from events (such as Cleveland, who had been free in the first event, and later offered for I think 300 clams, was being counted as “300 clams worth of characters” on my account) in their total. Seeing as I’ve played a lot and won most of what is feasible for a freemium player to win in the events, and a lot of these prize characters were later available for purchase, that would explain this disparity in clam-spending vs what I have.

      Which also means it is a truly terrible algorithm that they’re using to determine “cheaters” if it flags people who have been legitimately playing the game for a long time as cheaters. And unless you give them a serious cash infusion, they will never actually look into it (which they stated they would look closer, but they never did). The game can be fun, but their customer service folks and those who design their “anti-cheat” measures are awful, awful people.


    • Rob, I too am a victim of the cheating slur. I have never cheated. At least you got a response telling you what they are thinking. I am a freemium player, and was not given my leaderboard prize after Startrek event #2. I have written to them in game over 25 times, yet not one response from them as to why I didnt get my prize, no indication of anything I did wrong. I never got any response – I was totally ignored.

      Then with this event, the leader board says I am blocked. This is ridiculous. I put the time to play and enjoy the game, working hard to get as far as I can, and then no matter how I contacted TinyCo I was ignored. They never told me why I didnt get my prize, the first I heard about cheating is when I was blocked now.

      It isn’t that the prize is so important, but the fact that you are accused, tried, and hung, without being told what I was accused of, and then ignored as I try to contact them really is what gets under my skin. Bunny and Alissa do a great job on this site, I only wish TinyCo would be smarter about how they treat their clients – the players – and not leave things up to third party sites like this one to explain things that they should be addressing. I have always been supportive of them, sending in bugs I located of giving suggestions, both to TinyCo, and on this site. To be paid back this this is just a slap. You can accuse me, but to ignore me when I am innocent … it is insulting. If they at least had a dialog with me about the problem, I wouldn’t me so upset.


      • I completely agree. I don’t cheat, haven’t cheated, would never cheat, couldn’t even enjoy the game if I cheated – what would be the point?

        They banned me for buying lots of pod plants during the Star Trek 2 event. Why wouldn’t anyone do that, it got me a good position on the leaderboard and there was nothing else to spend the huge surplus of event currency on anyway. Their cheat detection system is stupid, broken and one of the reasons they’ve ensured I’ll never spend a penny on this game.

        They withheld my prizes and still haven’t provided a single response to any of my messages about the wrongful ban.


  33. Daniel Rodriguez

    Has anyone gotten the rollocop questline for joe? Anyone have any info on it?


  34. To add insult to injury… The friggin’ Minatours have not dropped a single fleece. 6 times I’ve cleared them and all I get are rush points and ambrosia.


  35. Is there a definitive list of characters to use during this event? I just found that Herbert has a task that I wasn’t aware of. Is there anyone I should take out of storage or Tan Lines that I can use for items?


    • Adam West has a 12hr task that earns ambrosia, and another one that comes to mind is Herbert who has a 4hr ambrosia earning task, also Rollo Cop Joe has an 8hr task that always earns Dog Collars for Tri-Bri. If I find any others I’ll let you know.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shawn Heidingsfelder

        If you see a random character that has one task to earn ambrosia, it probably means there will be a quest line phase down the road that will require that task. I’ve just encountered that with several characters, some, like Lois, that has more than one task. It’s available early, but once the quest line needs it, the task goes off the list. It would be hard to make a definitive list when tasks come and go depending on where you are in the quest lines.


  36. It would be great if Hades, zues, or anybody else that tinyco decides to put into the university store, as you get enough items the claim count goes down. Why would you want to spend 1800 gold claims and still use your 25 golden apples and golden fleeces you have.?!


    • I did ask TinyCo why the clam price doesn’t reduce for Zeus like it does for everything else. The reply I got was ‘thanks for your feedback, I am not one of the game developers so cannot answer this one but I will make sure that the developers are made aware of this’… hmmm…


      • Because the it wouldn’t be Hard. 🙂


      • I asked them the same thing and they came back with that they weren’t subsidizing premium characters during events anymore so their price won’t go down no matter how many of the cost items you get


  37. also, I want to get Hades, but I’m mainly worried I wont get enough Ambrosia… what is the best medthod for getting them as far as crafting


    • That’s the spot I’m in. I have the apples and fleece done, but I’m only somewhere between 1500-2000 Ambrosia.


    • I bought the medium fountain and still am only half way. 4500 to go 4.5 days. Gon be close. Good luck! To


    • I am pretty sure I will get my required apples and fleece. But yes, like you, I am around 1,500 on ambrosia. Best payout rate is clearing minotaurs, which yield 30 per beast. This means we need to clear about ~ 220 minotaurs in 4-5 days. Given that we need to also craft soul offering…. no chance at all to meet 8,000 ambrosia for Hades. I am excluding those items we need for the main quest line too.

      At least for now, I am happy I got Zeus. His dialogue is funny, and able to generate lightning scrolls (2 for every 6 hours). Just not a complete set… hope the rest of the characters would be easier but need more feedback to TinyCo!


      • This blows. Figure I have to do 56 minotaurs a day and that’s impossible because you can’t craft that many in 24 hours. So it’s gonna be impossible to get 8000 ambrosia. I can’t believe they made the return on offerings so low. 8000 is way too high a number. They only wanted $1000 for Zeaus, Hades should’ve been like 5,000 tops.

        Liked by 1 person

  38. Out of the last 8 minotaurs I destroyed, I only got 1 golden fleece… is that normal???


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