Peter’s Prehistoric Park Main Questline: Fossil Fueled & Week 1 Challenge


Once upon a time, TinyCo tested out their new Family Guy Game in a BETA version. At that time it had some cool looking Dinosaur Park Movie Themed items. However, once the game went live to all Players… the Dino Park was no more. But fear not, it looks like a bit over 2 years later the Dinosaur Park Theme is now live in our games once again in the form of an Event.

With the New Event of course comes a Main Questline that will take you through each Phase of the Event. For Phase One, that Questline is Fossil Fueled.

Peter's Prehistoric Park Promo Image

Let’s take a look at Fossil Fueled and all you will encounter along the way. 

For the overall rundown of Phase One, go to the post HERE


Fossil Fueled Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Check out Dino Park: Visit the Event Hub: Tap on “GO” or tap on the Dino Icon in the lower right corner to go to the Main Event Hub. 

Completed Task Rewards: 2 & 2 Reptile DNA


Fossil Fueled Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Use Reptile DNA to Hatch a Crestosaurus Egg: Requires 1 Reptile DNA per Egg
Clear 3 Crestosauruses
: Once released from Egg (3 at a time) just tap on them to clear them
Have Peter Read “Dinosaurs for Dummies”: 1m, Earns $5 & 1xp

Completed Task Rewards: 2 Claws & 1 Amber

***Walk the Dinosaur Triggers (Dino Tamer Peter Questline)***


Fossil Fueled Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Get 2 More Amber: Lois Teach Piano OR Peter Clean Up After Dinosaurs OR Mort Sell Tacky Dinosaur Tooth Necklaces OR Joe Ride a Raptor OR Chris hang Out at the Hatchery OR Amber Mine 
Refine Amber to Make 2 Reptile DNA
: Requires 1 Amber and 1hr each
Build the Bamboo Love Shack: Cost 35 Claws, 4hrs Build Time

Completed Task Rewards: 3 Claws

***Triassic Yard triggers (Side Questline)***


Fossil Fueled Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Examine the Velociraptor Egg: Tapping on “GO” will take you to Event Area to unlock the Nest with the Velociraptor Egg in it. Requires 10 Claws to unlock. 
Get 2 Blue Amber
: Lois Shoplift OR Mort Walk on Dinosaur Eggshells OR Chris Incubate Dinosaur OR Bruce Gossip About Dinosaurs OR Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets OR Blue Amber Mine

Completed Task Rewards: 3 Claws

***Raptor Strategy triggers (Velociraptor Side Questline)***


Fossil Fueled Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Refine Blue Amber to Make 3 Raptor DNA: Requires 1 Blue Amber and 30min each
Have Peter Hatch a Plan: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp
Research the Crestosaurus Pen
: Tap on “GO” to be taken to the Welcome Center and see cost of Plans for each location. Cost 18 Claws & 2 Raptor DNA to unlock Blueprints

Completed Task Rewards: 3 Claws


Fossil Fueled Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Build the Crestosaurus PenCost 18 Claws & 2 Raptor DNA to unlock Blueprints in Welcome Center, then will show in Shopping Cart for $500 to place
Refine Blue Amber to Make 10 Raptor DNA
: Requires 1 Blue Amber and 30min each

Completed Task Rewards: 5 Claws


Fossil Fueled Pt. 7
Quagmire Starts

Have Velociraptor Grow Up Fast: Requires Velociraptor Unlocked, 2hrs, Earns $30
Have Lois Wish For an Empty Nest: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Build the Raptor Training Pen
: Cost 116 Claws (This is where you will train and level up your Raptor. More details coming in another post)

Completed Task Rewards: 5 Claws

***Research Park Attractions triggers (Side Questline for Event Welcome Center Items)***


Fossil Fueled Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Have Quagmire Scramble Eggs: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Get 2 Pieces of Raptor Food: Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash OR Quagmire Google “Erotic Dinosaurs” OR Bonnie Go to Ladies Night OR Dinomeat Smokehouse OR Dino Lab OR Clear Crestosaurus
Train Your Raptor
: Requires the Raptor Training Pen, Use Velocirapotor and Peter, Requires 3 Pieces of Raptor Food & 5hrs 30mins to complete (More info in another Post)

Completed Task Rewards: 3 Claws

****Clever Girl Triggers (Clam Side Questline for Leveling up Raptor)****


Fossil Fueled Pt. 9
Chris Starts

Get the Raptor to Level 3: This will vary on YOUR Payouts in the Raptor Training Pen, In my game it required 5xp Total to get to Level 2 (3 Training) & 15xp Total (5 Training total) to get my Velociraptor to Level 3 
Have Quagmire Dig Dinosaurs: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp
Build Prehistoric Plant Place
: Requires 128 Claws & 3 Raptor DNA to unlock Blueprints in Welcome Center, then will be in Shopping Cart for $1000 & 12hr Build Time

Completed Task Rewards: 3 Claws


Fossil Fueled Pt. 10
Chris Starts

Have Velociraptor Take a Lunch Break: (Requires Raptor to be on Level 4- 8 Trainings in my game and 25xp Total), 5hrs, Earns $60
Check Back Next Week: Wait for Phase 2 to Launch Thursday



REMEMBER: These are OPTIONAL. They will take time, be challenging, and most likely cost you Clams in order to succeed through all 4 Challenges. Decide whether it will be worth it to you to take them on before proceeding.

After unlocking the Velociraptor, this triggered for me as it will be needed for a Task in the Challenge.

A Piece of History 
Peter Starts

Check out the Prize: Tapping on “GO” will take you to the Event Hub to see the Prizes
Clear 90 Crestosauruses: These seemed to spawn about 1 every 15-30 mins (Still testing). Requires 1 Reptile DNA Each per Egg. 3 Crestosauruses per Egg will appear, so you will need to clear 30 Eggs
Make 11 Raptor DNA: Requires 1 Blue Amber and 30min each
Have Your Raptor Be A Clever Girl: 8hrs, Earns $80

***I am still waiting for all my Eggs to spawn in order to complete this Challenge. Will update with info when I do. ***


There you have it, the Main Questline taking you to Week/Phase 2 and the overall look at the Events first of 4 Weekly Challenges.

Where are you in the Questline? Are you going to try out the Challenges? Any tips for fellow Players struggling through either? Let us know.


33 responses to “Peter’s Prehistoric Park Main Questline: Fossil Fueled & Week 1 Challenge

  1. I’m looking for the 2nd week questline and can’t seem to find it. Can anyone help me out with a link to it. Than you.


  2. What do I need to do to Build Prehistoric Plant Place? I am on this challenge and I have done everything else. I click on the Welcome center and nothing happens. It does not bring up the blue prints like it used to and there is nothing in my store to build.


  3. Build Prehistoric Plant Place: this is all I need to do and everything I chose to do this action, it sends me to the welcome center but doesn’t give me the choice to do anything. Can’t even find the blueprint in my store


  4. does anyone have any info on the Pterodactyl theme park ride for the 2nd challenge? Where can I find it, its not with the other blueprints to craft……


  5. My main questline fossil fueled disappeared after completing part 9. And i have met requirements. Partv10 not triggered and neither is phase 2 triggered for me. What gives?


  6. I missed the prize for week one challenge due to clearing the eggs and getting no dinosaurs. Happen to anyone? Already sent message to tiny co. 😦


    • Yeah I need the last 6… 3 eggs two of them didn’t hatch any dinosaur.. Had to close and reopen an then use my last Dna which worked just fine, and use some clams on speeding the last one as I had only 20min left to complete


  7. Strangevisitor7

    Thanks for all your helpful posts. Just wondering what triggers week two. I’ve completed the main quest line through part 10 but don’t see any updates for week two. Are there any other requirements to move on? Thanks


  8. Any mention of when week 2 will start? I’m used to delays on the events just curious if its a give it a little time delay or a check back in the morning delay?


  9. It’s good that we don’t need Dino Peter to advance to week two. Thanks for posting the quest line, I’m on part 9, just started building the plant place. Was hoping not to need Dino Peter yet, still have no brochures, and no leashes, but, it looks like there’s no rush.


  10. Should I wait to unlock the Velociraptor before I get the claws needed to unlock both the Velociraptor and Dino Peter (and still the Asteroid Prevention Center)?


    • wildthornberry88

      Imo, no, because you need to train the Velociraptor to get items for Dino Peter. Of course it’s up to you in which order you proceed.


  11. It rare, but sometimes Eggs will hatch 6 Crestosauruses and I’m not talking about the mini-Crestosauruses glitch. So far its happened to me twice. This always seems to be the practice with TinyCo’s game design when it comes to tapping/releasing things.

    As for the Weekly Quest I have 6/11 Blue Amber with 1 in Queue. I was lucky that I unlocked it before I released all the Blue Amber I had in Queue giving me a big head start. Right now I’m working on unlocking the Velociraptor and have most of my characters getting Yellow Amber, which Claws are all I need. I just hope it’s task doesn’t need the Training Center because I don’t think I’ll make enough Claws to unlock, build and complete the task before time is up. How long does it take to build and do the task?

    I might have to use what Claws I have now to build the Training Center and then do the Velociraptor last.


    • The Raptor has to be on Level 4 for the final Task… so Training Center will be needed… however I am discussing with them Players progression. I am hoping they may change the task. We will see tomorrow.


  12. Nice to see your byline. Welcome back. Hope you’re feeling better. Just had another nice glitch. Cleared an egg. Got the 3 dinos and 15 claws. But I also got about 20 of those smaller dinos that just go away into the upper right hand corner. I’m guessing that we will need those in the next phase of training, like the sides of ribs.

    It would be nice if you can hang with us for a while. We miss you.


    • The lil Dinos crack me up. No reason for them that I can see. Still looking into it. 🙂

      Awww I miss you guys too. Trying to gain strength slowly as Alissa will be going away for a break in a few days and I will be on both sites holding down the fort. Lol.


  13. Still have 400 claws and haven’t unlocked dino Peter or the raptor because I stupidly went for sone of the buildings first. 😦


  14. Russian Tigger

    Worked through the Questline with no issues, working on the weekly challenge and picking up the last Gooey Fossils to unlock Dino Trainer Peter. Pretty straight forward event so far.


    • You must be a big spender, the challenge is mathematically impossible without spending clams. The Blue Amber is an 8 hour task (plus refining time) and you need 11 of them, that’s 88 hours right there (3.6 days!) nevermind enough regular amber to clear 90 dinosaurs. Past even challenges were just that, challenging, this time, it’s not a challenge, it’s literally impossible.


      • It is a Challenge and IS for Premium Players. Big spending not needed, just wise purchases. It is why I tell basic players to skip the Challenges. They will always be for Premium Players, so if you do not want to spend Clams… pass on them. Honestly. 🙂

        For me I had Blue Amber stored up as I didn’t just spend it all the moment I got it. So it was just a quick 30 mins each to create them. No problem. Same with regular Amber, had some stored up and DNA made… just a matter of waiting on 30 eggs to spawn… which are dropping pretty fast in my game. I cleared 30 Crestosauruses in less than a day. 10 eggs a day is pretty easy to get. 🙂


      • It’s not necessarily 88 hours because there’s multiple characters that drop them.

        Liked by 2 people

      • There are more than one character to get blue Amber and it is a three day challenge.

        Not impossible even for freemium.


        • Blue Amber: Lois Shoplift OR Mort Walk on Dinosaur Eggshells OR Chris Incubate Dinosaur OR Bruce Gossip About Dinosaurs OR Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets OR Blue Amber Mine

          Amber: Lois Teach Piano OR Peter Clean Up After Dinosaurs OR Mort Sell Tacky Dinosaur Tooth Necklaces OR Joe Ride a Raptor OR Chris hang Out at the Hatchery OR Amber Mine


          • It’s also worth noting that the Week 1 Challenge is pretty much “unlock the Raptor in 3 days”

            90 Dinos should get you ~450 claws
            11 Raptor DNA

            Which is 100 claws short of the required amount to unlock him, plus an 8 hour task when unlocked.


        • You’re also assuming a 100% drop rate, PLUS the tons of claws needed to unlock the Raptor if you haven’t yet (like I haven’t) and all the regular amber you need for the 90 dinosaurs. Unfortunately, the Blue Amber is yet again another “uncommon” which basically turns into “extra rare” lately for these events.

          I also don’t see why challenges are for PREMIUM players only, if that’s the case then they should say so. If I had known it was coming up, I would have saved my blue ambers rather than using them up to build the blueprints, the timing really didn’t work out for me on this one.


      • Russian Tigger

        Not spent a single clam, yes getting the blue Amber takes 8 hours but you are forgetting more than one character can get them so you don’t need more than 3 days to get these. All tasks are doable for me freemium, I wouldn’t spend clams to do these as the prizes are only decorations. If I complete it I just see it as a lucky bonus.


      • Not entirely impossible. You missed the multiple sources for each amber in your math. Currently playing freemium and with a little over 24 hrs left I have completed the raptor task, checked out the prize, taken out 80 or so of the 90 dinos and have 8 of 11 blue amber with 1 in que. Should be doable within the time limit and without spending a single clam.


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