Topping Up Our Tan Lines – Who’s Next?!!! Round 2 Results & Round 3 Poll

Hi there again fellow sun worshippers!!!

So the votes are counted and the results are in from Round 3 of our quest to find out who we’d like to see as the next new character released in Tan Lines for us to buy with Stewie Bucks. Thanks to every addict that took the time to vote in Round 2, and we look forward to seeing what your votes are in the Round 3 poll.


And now on with the results you’ve been waiting for, read on to find out who’s been knocked out of the running. You will see there there was hardly anything separating some of the winners from losers.  I just hope none of them are your favourite, my personal favourite fell by the wayside so I’m completely impartial now, lol


Character Percentage of Votes
Carol Pewterschmidt-West 47.2%
Muriel Goldman 52.8%


Character Percentage of Votes
Mickey McFinnigan 50.1% 
Susie Swanson  49.9%


Character Percentage of Votes
Biscuit 30%
Principal Shepherd 70%


Character Percentage of Votes
Pasqual 29.2%
Horace 70.8%


Character Percentage of Votes
Brenda Quagmire 39.7%
Frank Sinatra Jr 60.3%


Character Percentage of Votes
Vern 47.9%
Stella 52.1%

So there you can see our 6 winners who are going through to Round 3.


Remember this is just a bit of fun, I’ve not applied my masters in mathematics to this, instead I just picked a selection of mostly reoccurring characters and pitted them against each other. Now we’re in Round 3 the list has been cut from 24 to 6.

So here’s how it will go in Round 3, you choose your favourite in each section numbered 1 to 3. Then in the final round the winner of Sections 1, 2 and 3 will be pitched against each other to see who is the most wanted character, and then we try to sweet talk TinyCo into putting him or her into Tan Lines as our next top trade for Stewie Bucks. Bunny! Come out, come out, wherever you are.

But please remember this is primarily just for our amusement, we can’t guarantee TinyCo will do what we ask, but it sure won’t stop of us from having a little fun along the way will it. So let’s get on with Round 3. Let the voting begin.

And for those who can’t see the poll, or who have had issues with the post poll jumping to the comments when trying to select answers, here’s the link to the Google version where this issue doesn’t occur. Thanks to regular reader  sasquatch71089 for sharing that tip.

Thanks in advance for taking part and we’ll bring you the results and the final round next week.

~ Russian Tigger

22 responses to “Topping Up Our Tan Lines – Who’s Next?!!! Round 2 Results & Round 3 Poll

  1. I’ve been hoping for Mickey to show up for a St. Patrick’s Day event for two years.


  2. Maybe Frank Sinatra Jr should really go in the Lazarus Portal also, since he passed away in real life in March 2016.


  3. I really dislike Frank Sinatra Jr. I find all the episodes he’s in boring. My not liking episodes about Brian doesn’t help either. I’m voting anyone who opposes him XD


  4. Mickey is my bet for sure, I loved the episode with “his drunken irish dad”… Besides Muriel is dead and should go in the portal…


  5. I got him! He is in my game! 😄
    Today was the day. After many.. MANY months, Evil Monkey joined my game today! I have been collecting from Tan Lines every day since it first arrived in my game and this is the first prize I have claimed. I thought it would take another day or two at least. Today however, I got 4 blue Stewie bucks (which was all I needed) all at once. Welcome back to Quahog Evil Monkey! 🎉👍


  6. Who was Horace ? And Stella ? Don’t remember them


  7. What happens next round? There will be 3 winners. Is there going to be a wild card round with the top vote losers? (You take the one character from each round that had the highest percent but still lost)


    • The 3 winners from this round will compete against each other in a winner takes all final round, and will be rated as 1st, 2nd and 3rd by the amount of votes they get each.


  8. I’m surprised Muriel Goldman made it so far. She may be better suited to enter through Lazarus portal rather than in Tan Lines. Didn’t she die? The portal keeps hinting at a new character.


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