Where the Hell….? Monkey Kong

Barrels falling, all around us, Monkey Kong’s rolling,  having fun, ’tis the season of love and….., oh sorry there I go again, mind wandering off in any old direction. A bit like Monkey Kong on his scaffolding. Why do I keep going back to Monkey Kong, well apart from the fact thats he’s too big to ignore, he’s only gone and barged into Quahog as part of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night.

Now all my fellow gaming geeks probably recognise Monkey Kong from his arcade game alter ego, Donkey Kong, but just where have we seen him in Family Guy before? Well he’s made one appearance to date in a parody of his Nintendo alter ego Donkey Kong.

So join me on a journey as we stroll through his appearance in Family Guy.

Encyclopedia Griffin – Season 13, Episode 11

Believe it or not, Chris has a new girlfriend, nice huh? Well, no, not really as he’s only gone and built her himself from items he’s pilfered from the neighbourhood.

It’s not long before his shocked parents find out about Heather, and this leads Peter to comment that Hearher is weirder than the secret level in Donkey Kong. We are then treated to a fun scene where we get to view the secret level and briefly, very briefly in fact,  get to see Mario’s latest love interest.

Donkey Kong snatches Mario’s girl and as Mario pursues him disaster strikes. She’s killed!!! Guess it really is Game Over for her eh?

You’d expect Mario to be mad, but instead he helps Donkey Kong hide her body in a barrel which they then roll into the ocean.

All that’s left for them is to arrange an alibi. They decide to say they were at the movies, and it’s quite funny as Donkey Kong shows more concern about lying about seeing a movie than the fact he’s killed Mario’s girl.

Alibi agreed they wander off chatting, and Mario asks Donkey Kong if he’s related to King Kong. Donkey Kong replies no, and that Kong is just a common name in the ape world.



So just a short appearance and as I say in Family Guy they don’t appear as the actual characters, but parodies of Donkey Kong, Mario etc.  In our games it’s the parody version we get, but now he comes with a name Monkey Kong.

Do you remember this episodes? Or have you never seen it? Do you now plan to watch It? And did any of you play Donkey Kong in the arcades?

~ Russian Tigger

22 responses to “Where the Hell….? Monkey Kong

  1. I didn’t collect enough to get Monkey Kong. Do you guys have any idea when he will be back?


    • No, he may come back in a mystery box in future or something, but to be honest we don’t know if or when he may make a return to the game.


  2. Woot woot! I unlocked Monkey Kong today… with 2 days and 20 hours to spare 🙂 I’m really surprised people had trouble with neckties, as I cleared those very quickly. Bongos were the biggest hold up for me, and they were the only thing I’ve been collecting for the past 2 days.
    On another note, Pixel Pills aren’t dropping at all… I’m still at 0. I finally got enough power pellets to get the theatre, so hopefully 2 buildings will at least give me *something*. I’m averaging 1 pellet every 1-2 days *sigh*


  3. 5 days not a single neck tie!!!! WTD!!!!! Beyond pissed 😦


  4. Bunny- Kinda off topic but I don’t how else to get a hold of you. Am I the only one that noticed Barbara Pewterschmidt is free now (in the shopping car/store/whatever it’s called)? Christmas gift from Tiny Co.?


    • Early Christmas from TinyCo perhaps or a sign she’s going to used in upcoming content. Not seeing it in my game as already got her.


    • WHAT?!?! UGH! I worked my butt off to get all those stewie dollars to get her and they just give her away now?!? I know it’s a nice thing for some but others(like the ones who worked so hard,i e me!) It’s kinda a slap in the face😣wonder if I should try to get anything now….maybe they’ll just give it away in a few months(big eye roll of defeat😞)


      • They rarely do it, usually only if the character is going be needed in the event, like with Cleveland. Look at us who bought Conseula for clams, a lot of clams then saw her given for free. It Happens, It’s Christmas, It’s TinyCo, lol. But as I say it’s rare, it’s usually more likely characters that were previously free are brought back for clams in mystery boxes and such. Don’t you be stressing that bump over Barbara, maybe they are making space in Tan Lines for someone else – who knows.


    • Thank you! I never would have seen it!


  5. Monkey King looks like Meg’s Evil Monkey.


  6. im still mad at TinyCo for changing the tie building requirement and me missing out on him bcz i could’ve gotten it earlier and possibly gotten the required ties !!! but im also mad at myself for placing him and not checking here first and he was timed 😦


  7. Monkey Kong timer is expired, but bongos keep dropping in the gift plaza? I waited to open the green barrels until he expired to avoid the bongos, why are they still an option?


  8. One of my favourite clips from family guy the end discussion is the best part


  9. Funny, that episode was just on last night in my neck o th woods


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