Kung Pow Quahog 101: Boss Battle – Golden Dragon

Hey there Dragon trainers!

With Phase 3 of the Kung Pow Quahog event underway, you might feel there’s something breathing fire down your necks. And you would be right, as there’s a new Boss  to battle as the Golden Dragon has descended upon us, and I’m here to help you appease him.

The arrival of this new Boss isn’t a surprise as it was hinted at during Chinese New Year, but he’s going to be tough to appease at the higher levels as you need a variety of resources to give as offerings. But appeasing him at 1X – 3X should be achievable quite quickly freemium. I’ve already managed this and don’t yet have all the buildings that drop offerings, so that’s a positive, but on the downside if you want to appease at anything above this well you’re going to need to delay attacking while you build resources, unlock  Billy Banks or have all the drop buildings.

So put on your fire-proof breaches and follow me as I show the Golden Dragon us Addicts needn’t fear him as we take a look to see exactly how to appease him and of course what he will be dropping during this event.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


The Golden Dragon has already been hovering menacingly above our sidewalks, but his timer will be activated when you reach Pt. 1 of the main Questline, The Most Mojo in the Dojo. At this point you will trigger the side Questline Golden Opportunity and tapping on GO will bring you up the Golden Dragon’s information box.



There are currently two freemium character costumes and one freemium character that can collect the required offerings, Gold, Incense and Fortune Cookie, these are Dojo Peter, Samurai Quagmire and Billy Banks and there’s 3 buildings in the temple that will also help with drops, these are the Kung Fu Zoo, the Pounded Car Lot and the Splashy Koi Pond.  You will also be rewarded with 1 of each offering during battle rounds with Kung Pow Chicken. You’ll find a full breakdown of where to get offerings later in this post.

The amounts of offerings needed will be the same in every players game, but the offering used at a particular level may differ. Many players report success in these battles by stocking up on a bunch of the resources before attacking, I’ve personally done this but this strategy usually depends on the slumber time, which in my game was just a little over 5 hours. But as I said hitting the 4X and 5X will be very difficult at first but 1X,  2X and 3X will be very possible as the drops are always. Thank you TinyCo.

The rewards are less generous than some recent Boss Battles, so it’s going take a lot of effort to get all those Red Envelopes needed to unlock the Golden Dragon character. But you’ve got until the end of the event so don’t panic.


The amounts you will need to defeat him at levels 1X through to 5X are as follows:


Battle Resource Attack Level
2 Gold OR 2 Incense OR 2 Fortune Cookies 1X
4 Gold OR 4 Incense OR 4 Fortune Cookies 2X
7 Gold OR 7 Incense OR 7 Fortune Cookies 3X
11 Gold OR 11 Incense OR 11 Fortune Cookies 4x
16 Gold OR 16 Incense OR 16 Fortune Cookies 5X

But remember you only have 28 hours to defeat the Golden Dragon up to 5X and in my opinion freemium players just can’t collect enough stuff to get anywhere near there this early in the phase. But just keep giving offerings at the levels you can OR stockpile and delay offering until you’re ready.


The goodies he drops  are three-fold, there’s Chopsticks for buying items in the store, Workout Tapes for unlocking Billy Blanks and Red Envelopes to unlock the Golden Dragon character.

What you will get at each level is as follows, but bear in mind if you no longer need an item it obviously won’t drop.


Rewards Attack Level
6 Chopsticks, 1 Workout Tape, 1 Red Envelope 1X
7 Chopsticks, 2 Workout Tape, 2 Red Envelope 2X
8 Chopsticks, 3 Workout Tape, 4 Red Envelope 3X
9 Chopsticks, 4 Workout Tape, 6 Red Envelope 4X
10 Chopsticks, 5 Workout Tape, 8 Red Envelope 5X

You will need 15 Workout Tapes to help unlock Billy Banks and 75 Red Envelopes to unlock the Golden Dragon character.


Now how do we get those offerings. Well it’s all down to character drops and premium purchases.


Dojo Peter Dig For Gold (5hrs)
Samurai Quagmire Date Gold Diggers (5hrs)
Billy Blanks Build Fitness Empire (5hrs)
Kung Fu Zoo (5hrs)
Buy Gold Packs in Shopping Cart (Premium)
Kung Pow Chicken Round Reward


Dojo Peter Cover Up Smells (4hrs)
Samurai Quagmire Buy Erotic Incense (4hrs)
Billy Blanks Meditate (4hrs)
Pounded Car Lot (4hrs)
Buy Gold Packs in Shopping Cart (Premium)
Kung Pow Chicken Round Reward


Dojo Peter Order Chinese (3hrs)
Samurai Quagmire Rewrite Fortune Cookies (3hrs)
Billy Blanks Check His Fortune (3hrs)
Splashy Koi Pond (3hrs)
Buy Gold Packs in Shopping Cart (Premium)
Kung Pow Chicken Round Reward


The battle modus operandi is similar to that of previous boss battles, click the Golden Dragon when he is awake and you will get the offerings screen. It will tell you 1: What item and how many of them you need to offer him at that level, 2: The rewards for appeasing him at that level, and 3: How much time you have left before he disappears.

Once you have gathered the required offerings, in the example below it is 2 Gold, the give offerings button will appear. Simply tap it and collect your rewards.

You have 28hrs to appease the Golden Dragon to the highest level before the Golden Dragon will go for a “Nap” (cool down).


During the Golden Dragons’s nap time you will see him asleep like in the picture above, if you tap on him it will bring you up the awaken box, this is where you can speed up his return with clams, and if you use this option he will return at the level you were appeasing at before his nap. The image below is from my game and shows it would cost 110 clams to bring him back at Level 4X. It will cost different amounts of clams depending what Level he was on when he went into his nap. I never use this clam option personally but obviously that decision is yours to make in your game.


If you don’t use clams to awaken  the Golden Dragon  from his nap he will come back at Level 1x.

Golden Dragon woke from his nap just a little over 5 hours in my game.

And there you have it the all the info about the Golden Dragon and his drops. How are you getting on appeasing the fire-breathing winged menace? Are you winning the battle or will you be needing hosed down  before the next round? Got any battle strategies to share with your fellow addicts? And are you enjoying the event so far? Tell us in the comments as you know we lone hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger

19 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog 101: Boss Battle – Golden Dragon

  1. The golden dragon is not taking incense for me.
    He keeps alternating between the other two!


  2. been waiting all day so far 4 him to wake


  3. Will the chance to get the golden dragon go away when the next phase goes live? I need about 46 more envelopes and I don’t want to complete the main quest line and find out that I can’t get the dragon.


    • I’m presuming he will stay for the remainder of the event, but that’s just my opinion. I’ll try get clarification of it from TinyCo though.


  4. Russ love the site. Helped me big with the Oz event,sine I wanted all the characters. I want all all karate kid crew this time. Jonny is pushing me put I might make it.

    I wondered if there were any stats yet for the Kun pow chicken round drops yet. Would help with what golden dragon tasks to approach.


  5. Really would like to gather as many items as possible to clear all 5 levels at once as that would drop all the workout tape necessary for Billy, but without knowing the order of the items required, I’d need to collect 40 of each to be assured of clearing all at once…that’s probably not to happen as that would take a lot of time…but getting 24 of each to insure clearing through 4X is actually possible – I’m more than halfway there, so one more cycle and I should be there…I’ve always been one to hit as soon as possible, so this approach has been hard as I don’t always have patience with this game, LOL!


    • Lol, I’ve hit him up to 3X yesterday and just now just got him up to 4X, so I’ve 20/75 Red Envelopes, think it’s looking good with this Boss.


    • If you look at the ratio of the number of red envelopes you get to the number of materials needed for each particular level, you’ll notice that it’s 1:2 although for 3x and 4x the ratio is slightly better (but not a lot).

      In other words: it makes little to no sense to stockpile materials and miss out on hitting the dragon at lower levels because the payout you get at lower levels is just as good as the payout at higher levels.

      So I hit him whenever I have enough materials, irrespective of level.


  6. Hi does anyone know what the average cool down is please mines been 10hrs now 😦


  7. I really wish that when these types of bosses are in cooldown, that TinyCo would at least let us see our inventory of current offering items. That way I can plan my gatherings effectively. For example with this boss, if I have 4 incense, 2 fortune, and 1 gold, I may want to invest in getting more gold, followed by more fortune cookies. However, I am essentially blind while dragon is sleeping and I always have too many balls in the air to keep a paper inventory (write it down when I have the chance) 😣😣


    • Yes, we continually asked for this and it appeared in one event then unfortunately disappeared for the more recent events.


  8. Chose to play this quest freemium and I am regretting it now. Missing out on some awesome characters and skins. Going to be tough to get the golden dragon but who knows, the drops seem to have improved and you deserve a lot of credit for giving us this forum. Thanks Tigger, Bunny and all you fellow addicts


    • It’s tough going freemium, I did phase 1 and now this phase 3 freemium, much harder than phase 2 where I bought Tai-Jitsu Lois, but hey challenge keeps me out of mischief. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.


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