Quahog Heat 101: Casino Rooms

Hey there Addicts, fancy a bit of snooping?

It’s time to play a game of cops and robbers on a host of investigations to see who you can catch. Hopefully there won’t be any nasty surprises and just lots of Card Sharks and Kingpin Consuela to boot.

In this post, I will be going over the Basics of the Casino area, the Rooms, and the various Rewards.

For more information on the Main Event, go to the Event Page HERE


In order to gain access to all the Casino Rooms in the Event Area you need to be in Phase 2 and at Pt. 1 of the main Questline Let’s Play Some Cards.


There will be 3 Rooms available to you.  You’ll find more info on each room later in the post.

The rooms are: 1: Blackjack Parlour; 2: Lounge and 3: Casino Floor


In order to send your characters on Investigations to the various Rooms, you will need to earn Police Tape.  Here is where you can get it.

 Police Tape (Rare): Get from Mort Repurpose Crime Tape OR Chris Investigate Scary Woods OR Jerome Enjoy The Lost and Found OR Erik Estrada Snack On Chips OR Discount Detective Agency OR Purchase from Store


image image Lifeguard Lois image MacGyver

There are 5 characters, 4 are freemium and 1 is premium.

They are: Miami Cop Peter, Erik Estrada, Lifeguard Lois, Aerobics Bonnie and MacGyver (premium). Different characters can go on Investigations to different rooms, more on that later.


Each Room has a different Cost and can use different Characters that will be used to go on the Investigation and gain Rewards. However they all take the same time to complete, 1 hour and 30 minutes. You send the character/s off, and then wait the 1 hour and 30 minutes to see what they find.  While they are gone, the Characters cannot be used for anything else as they are essentially on a “Task” and vice versa. Each Room has a Guarantee to give you at least 3 Donuts for the Investigation. You will find full details on how investigations work in the Phase 1 Investigation post HERE. Casino investigations follow the same process just with different characters, costs and rewards and I’ll talk about those below.

So let’s get to the important stuff and let’s take a look at the individual Rooms.


BlackJack Parlour
Cost of Investigation – 2 Police Tape
Who you can send on Investigation – Erik Estrada and/or MacGyver
Time of Investigation – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chance Payout:
3 Donuts (Always)
Card Sharks (Chance)
Kingpin Consuela (Chance)


The Lounge
Cost of Investigation – 5 Police Tape
Who you can send on Investigation – Miami Cop Peter and/or Aerobics Bonnie
Time of Investigation – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chance Payout:
3 Donuts (Always)
6 Robbers (Chance)
Kingpin Consuela (Chance)


The Casino Floor
Cost of Investigation – 3 Police Tape
Who you can send on Investigation – Miami Cop Peter or/and Lifeguard Lois
Time of Investigation – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chance Payout:
3 Donuts (Always)
6 Robbers (Chance)
2 Card Sharks (Chance)
1 Handcuff (Chance) – only if you’re working on unlocking Erik Estrada
Kingpin Consuela (Chance)

There you have the Basics of the Casino Room Investigations and all they can offer you in Phase 2 of the Event.

What do you think of the Casino? Have you tried your luck at it yet? What results did you get from what combos?

~ Russian Tigger

17 responses to “Quahog Heat 101: Casino Rooms

  1. Here’s a tip for those looking for specific items. If you don’t get what you want, DON’T hit the “rad” button. Instead force close the game and reload it. This will reset the payouts and you can repeat it until you get the items that you need. I noticed this when my game crashed after getting 6 robbers, I loaded it again only received donuts. I just wish I had known about this sooner since I had no luck with handcuffs and missed out on Estrada.


  2. Has anyone managed to get Robbers from either room this phase?


  3. You have missed out the chance of getting handcuffs at the casino floor if you still need them for Erik, although I think it is impossible to get them with only one character.


  4. Sent Peter to Casino Floor investigation, this is now the fourth in a row after three straight with only donuts and got the most ironic summation of this event, when I touched Peter he muttered “ah, the hell with this!”


  5. I have yet to find consuela or a shark on a single investigation yet even wasting precious tape by sending Peter to the 5 tape room in hopes that would release her but nope still no consuela. Have yet to do a single badge exchange this entire phase yet due to such poor drops for tape still stalling investigations and then even when you can investigate absolutely nothing but donuts every single time!
    Haven’t found a single fish for exchange yet and of course must have fish to get badges so completely stalled now this phase! Definitely worst event ever in terms of progress in my opinion and I’ve played since day one. I’ve spent over 40 bucks of actual money during the get free tape special on clams to get tape and previously in the last phase to get the quagmire costume to help progress, and I just feel entirely ripped off because it hasn’t helped me progress at all. In fact quagmire is completely useless now in phase 2, which is new for character costumes in events, usually they are at least useful during the entire event, he cost 200 plus clams least they could do is give him a police tape task! If I’m paying real money I shouldn’t be feeling so frustrated at All, I should be feeling like I’m ahead of the pack not way behind! Anyhow I didn’t mean to turn this into a what the deuce post but it’s hard not to these days with this event! Not much positive to say here! I do thank you addicts for all your help and time you put into your site. Without you I wouldn’t even know how to play this game most of the time they have made it so complicated!


    • Sorry you’ve hit a brick wall in the event, it has Ben a lot harder than it had to be. I bought Chopper Cop Quagmire also, but found he does have a use in Phase 2 in attacking Kingpin Consuela, so if you ever find her you’ll find he’s handy especially if she’s at a string heart level. Apart from that it’s just case of feeding back your thoughts to TinyCo, only they can change things to help players out, sadly not saw them act yet, but hopefully something will come


  6. Maybe this is a WTD, but I would argue that Erik Estrada turned out to be so difficult to unlock as a freemium player that he might as well be considered premium.

    And because Aerobics Bonnie appears to be Phase 2’s “stretch” goal. I’m going to guess that means that she is also primarily geared at premium players (or freemium players that decide to focus on her instead of Phase 3).

    The sad truth is that a lot of freemium players will enter Phase 2 with Miami Cop Peter as the only character they can send to the Casino.


    • Erik was too hard to unlock. I agree, and without him Phase 2 will be tougher, there’s no doubt about that. But bizarrely I’ve got the freakin hard Aerobics Bonnie but I’m nowhere near getting the freemium Lifeguard Lois. O it’s hard know how things will go, if you get Kingpin Consuela a few times like I have she gives great drops for exchanges, but if you want to progress you need Card Sharks and Robbers, which I’m not getting.


      • i haven’t even start week 2, and Erik Estrada will be gone in less than 2 hours now, so bye bye for me easy week 2, look like i’ll try not to drown in the hardness of going thru the awful or abysmal poor drop of either tape or something else that will be in this week thing to get


  7. I currently have McGiver attacking Consuela. Can I send Peter to start concurrently attacking her 30 minutes later and get credit for 2 attacks in just over 2 hours? I’m not sure I understood the previous tip about now clearing the first character too soon. Could you explain that again? Is there any advantage to attacking Consuela 2 at the same time versus staggering the attacks a few minutes apart? I don’t need to wait for the first character’s attack to be over before I send a second character to attack her, do I? I’m confused.


    • No you can send as many characters as you have at same time to attack her to do the damage you need. I need 3 just now so I have Miami Cop Peter and Chopper Cop Quagmire both attacking her just now, combined they do 3 damage. I set them both to attack her at same time.


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