Fast Times at Griffin High Quick Drop: 24 HR TIMED OFFER!!

Hey there Gerbils!!

I just had a Pop Up drop in my Game that was triggered by Peter. So I am hopping on here real quick to give you a heads up on it.

Peter popped up with a ! in the game. Tapping on him triggered a 24hr Timed Offer.


Rodent Eradication
Peter Starts

Create 10 Hamster Traps in 24 hours to get 4 extra Hamster Traps for FREE!: Requires 1 Radioactive Cheese each and 1hr Create Time each




Side Note: Remember you do have a CAPACITY in your Griffin High Gym, so try to use up enough items to leave room for the 4 more.


So if you got a bit of Cheese hanging around, need some extra Hamster Traps, this may be the offer for you. Remember this offer is completely optional.

Will you be taking advantage of this offer? Will it help you in the Event? Tips for others wanting to give this a try? Let us know.


8 responses to “Fast Times at Griffin High Quick Drop: 24 HR TIMED OFFER!!

  1. i got it but i didn’t repair McLovin yet


  2. I did it. Helps with McLovin.


  3. A similar offer for rat tails would be useful. But then again you still need capacity in your queue for these which is silly if you’re trying to be smart with producing!


  4. This seems like a trick,not a treat! I need rat tails. Not traps! This would have been helpful….last week.


  5. That’s probably the worst offer I’ve seen in my life. How about giving us some Glasses or Alcohol for McLovin? I need more Hamster Traps like I need a hole in the head


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