Athena & Hades Are Back! Back Again!!!

Attention Addicts!!! It’s time to get down on your knees as the Gods of past are back.

Why? Well it’s all Greek to me but TinyCo felt whilst we’re hanging out at Griffin High we might as well learn something about Classic Greece. So they’ve sent   Athena and Hades back to Quahog.

Both are characters first added during the Greek Life event in 2016, but after a break they’re back to rule over again, and Athena is a bargain at a cut price of 125 Clams.

Unfortunately we don’t seem to have a Profile  for Athena so you’ll need make you own mind up on her. But here’s one for Hades.

Hades Profile

What do you think of Athena and Hades? Do you plan to get either of them  this time round If you’ve got them, what do you think of their tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!

~Russian Tigger




4 responses to “Athena & Hades Are Back! Back Again!!!

  1. i had almost 300 clams so when i saw those two i grabbed them at once
    im glad i made that decision because the second combo that dropped was Neptune and Cronos and both are Meh to me … Athena and Hades were the coolest in the Frat Boys Event !!!


  2. Are these characters voiced?


  3. Hades & Athena for only 125 clams each? Get in! ( makes the current “Greaser Quagmire” costume for 210 clams look overpriced. Even the current mystery box for 150 clams a pop seems pretty poor for just a CHANCE of winning an outfit )
    Even if your lacking on clams at the moment, buy some clams whilst the special effect charity event is on and treat yourself to 2 full characters! Everybody wins!


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