Double Trouble!!! The Committee Official Glitch

Hi fellow addicts

Don’t worry you’ve not taken a puck to the head, there really is some winter games gremlins at play and many of you have gone from having no Committee Official, (bad), to having 2 Committee Officials, (less bad, more funny). Yes fixing the missing Official glitch has caused him to multiply. I guess it’s true what they say, bribe one official and another will be along soon. But worry not as 2 Committee Officials isn’t a bad things and due to fact removing one could potentially see players attack streaks lost we think it’s best just leave it as is for now. So if you’ve 2 Officials wandering, don’t fear them, make them welcome by bribing them to the max. You need only contact TinyCo if you still see no Committee Official or if doing the double is causing you a game issue. If I hear anything more I’ll update you then.

UPDATE – Okay and then there were 3, yes you start handing out bribes and more and more Officials keep coming. Thankfully it’s not causing game issues so just go with it.

22 responses to “Double Trouble!!! The Committee Official Glitch

  1. Haha, I now have 3 Committee Officials!

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  2. LOL, now I have three officials wander around and I could only hit one this morning 1X…we don’t need more officials, TinyCo, we need the tasks and buildings to actually DROP items…one day left in the event, and not a single snowball drop from Jerome, Chris or Quagmire this morning…geez…


  3. I have 3 committee officials. Today a new one arrived. I think the word that they’re being taken good care of in Quagoh has spread and now they’re all coming to my town for cash and cruise trips. This bribing thing got out of control 😛


  4. Heh I now have 3 officials. I’ll probably need them as getting sequins is brutally hard


  5. Have now got 3 officials walking round my game.


  6. I now have a third official running around. Not complaining, though. Hopefully with three officials I can get the rest of the sequins I need. I have everything else for figure skater Lois, but the sequins are taking me a while due to the high amount of materials needed.


  7. I now have 3 officials


  8. I have 3 Committee Officials in my game lol


  9. I have 3 now!


  10. i have 3 on the go


  11. Charlloy Telesford

    Yes I did and still nothing


  12. Charlloy Telesford

    I still don’t have committee officials going on 2 days now


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