Local Celebrity Mystery Box!!!

There’s a new Mystery Box in our games and it’s jam-packed with returning Characters & Costumes. Addicts let me introduce the Local Celebrity Mystery Box.Not going to deny it, this is my kind of Mystery Box,  packed full of characters, costumes and no materials. For 200 Clams per try you’ve the chance to win a returning character or costume. The 200 Clams is an ouch, but I’m not going complain too much as it’s a good Box.

Be aware it’s a limited time Mystery Box, you’ll see the Icon with the timer counting down in the bottom right of your screen. Clicking on it will take you to the box in your Store.

And here’s the full list of characters and costumes in the box. Remember you’ll only see characters/costumes you don’t have so you might not see everything listed here.

Figure Skater Lois (Costume)
Starbright Express Peter (Costume)
Hades (Full Character)
Italian Plumber Chris (Costume)
Poodle Stewie (Full Character)
Blackbeard (Full Character)
Moustache P.I. Joe (Costume)
Charmise (Full Character)
Ganesha (Full Character)
Jim Kaplan (Full Character)
Tiger Brian (Costume)
George W. Bush (Full Character)
The Black Knight (Full Character)
Bertram (Full Character)
Patches (Full Character)

I’ve personally picked up 3 characters I didn’t have so I’m happy. But what about everyone else? Anyone else tried their luck? Let us know by completing the poll and telling us what you won in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

7 responses to “Local Celebrity Mystery Box!!!

  1. Just like the current event, I fell behind and didn’t get these characters/skins. 200 clams is a lot and I can’t afford to buy any 😦 Would be really cool to be able to use the 5+ million coins I have though to buy the box 🙂


  2. This looks like a decent box but the price is too expensive. They seem to forget old content is basically useless; these are pixels not Star Wars action figures. In the past some similar boxes have been around 75-150 clams which is just about reasonable to pick something up as a curiosity but 200 clams is way overpriced in my opinion.

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  3. Just 2 available for me, but at least they were full characters and I had the clams so I got them both: Blackbeard and Ganesha.


  4. I chose not to try it because of the outfits. I have plenty of outfits for the main characters already. With a new character you get the quest line and a goal of reaching their max XP.

    So it’s a pass for me.


  5. I would get this if it didn’t have costumes in it.


  6. These must all be relatively old as I have all of them, except for Starbright Express Peter. I remember that he was the prize in the leaderboards a few years ago. I thought that I needed Bertram as well (as I remember him being another prize – in the Star Trek event leaderboards). Looking through my characters though, I already have him.
    Not going to get the Peter costume though – not for 200 clams anyway. That is too much for an old costume that will most probably never get used.

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  7. i’d be happy with
    George W. Bush
    The Black Knight
    but there are no guarantees
    so i’ll pass
    i’ll save my clams from now until the end of the year

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