Glitches, Issues & Other Pains in the Rear Week 2

Hey there Time Travellers!

Scooting in for a moment to try to highlight a few Week 2 issues in the game at this time. So if you’re having a problem take a peek below to see if I’ve covered it, and if there’s anything else you’re seeing just tell me about it in the comments.


I’m seeing quite a lot of  players saying that Week 2 hasn’t triggered. So firstly make sure you completed the week 1 Questline, The Good Ol Days. This finished at Part 7 and required you placing the 1950’s Drunken Clam and unlocking 50’s Lois and having her complete a task. If you’ve not completed these that will be why you don’t see Week 2. If you did and still no Week 2 then I’m afraid you’ve got the glitch.

TinyCo are aware of it, and there’s an Android update out, App Version 1.76.1. If you’re an Android player ensure you’ve updated then try again.

Also it’s Peter that triggers Week 2, so if you still see nothing new, try putting him on his quickest task to see if this kick starts things. No guarantees but it has worked in the past.

And then if still no Week 2 please let us know in the comments what platform and device you play on  and please message TinyCo.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION UPDATE – As Peter triggers Week 2 I think he’s the issue, and fellow player and commenter Jason has shared his workaround, its worth trying. Basically pull Jerome out of storage and put him on the “Do Ethnic Hand Shake” task, it’s a joint task with Peter and will hopefully pull him back to your current Quahog and trigger Week 2. 


Some players are reporting that these aren’t clearing. From the information I’ve gathered from players this seems to be caused by an issue with the targeting circle, you either can’t see it or get it to move. Be aware I do get few seconds delay before the circle appears but I don’t have issues after that like other players are reporting.  I’m hoping the Android update may help with this but if not, or you’re experiencing it on other platforms two of our regular commenters have shared their current workarounds.

Thanks Derek Flint. – “If you click in the middle of 60s Quahog and move the whole area upwards, the circle will come down – be forced down. Hard to describe, hope that makes sense. You, know, the way you can move the play area around to look at different areas of it”.

Thanks Lynnchee – “I find that zooming all the way in so that your road (or mods) are in the top left corner of the screen (where the green target circle shows up) works best. That brings the mods to the circle. Once a mod is lit up purple, fire away”.


I’ve had this happen a couple of times but thankfully the majority have counted. I have reported it to TinyCo.


You MUST be in 1960’s Quahog. Then click on your shopping cart, you’ll see the exchange there.

You’re looking for this.

Just tap on it to complete the exchange. Be aware if you don’t have enough Bread you’ll get a pop up telling you.


The main game Icon now shows how much Scratch you have, not Bread. To find out how much Bread you have go to the Bread for Scratch exchange in your 1960’s Shopping Cart and click on the “i”.

You’ll see how much Bread you’ve got in the screen that opens


If you’re stuck getting 50’s Lois because you can’t get Rollers, these are a Rare item but if you’ve been on top of drops and still have 0 or haven’t had any drop in days please message TinyCo. This especially goes for those who still have 0 Rollers.


I’ve spent a lot of Clams pulling information for the site and I’ve not completed Week 1 yet, so don’t worry. You can still work on Week 1, in fact it’s crucial even if you don’t want the prize as you will want the Bread to exchange for Scratch. To get to your Week 1 tasks simply tap on the green arrow in the current weeks list.

I’VE GOT 2 50’s PETERS & 2 50’s LOIS!

I covered this last week but some of you are just getting to unlocking them, and  you might think you’re seeing double as there does indeed seem to be 2 50’s Peter’s and 2 50’s Lois, I think this is due to an unlock version being available in both times. TinyCo are aware of this and Out out a fix but some of us still have 2, basically just put one on task and the other  one in Tan Lines.

Hope this helps clear up some of your ongoing issues!!! Please comment if you’ve any other problems or advice for players.

~ Russian Tigger

14 responses to “Glitches, Issues & Other Pains in the Rear Week 2

  1. Hi everyone. I don’t know if it’s only my game but I haven’t been getting any clams from the TV during this whole event. Is it just me or it has happened to other players?. I’d appreciate your feedback.


  2. Trying to collect from 3 different decades in week 2 is a pain.


  3. the drop rates for Bruce are terrible. Peter drops better than him


  4. Just finished The Good Ol Days, and it took Peter finishing a task with Cleveland (finally bought him) to pop up only in 60s Quahog and trigger week 2. So ime it was Peter that triggered mine. Hope that helps.


  5. Figured out why week 2 isn’t triggering. You say it’s Peter that triggers it…I can’t find him. I’m 99% sure he’s not in a task right now, and when I go into Al Harringtons, he won’t select unlike any other character


  6. I had the issue of the records bot counting for the achievement task (pt 1), but they did count when I used them to clear the mods, so I could claim the rewards all the same. Try checking all tasks on the list when clearing mods just in case the same happens in your game.
    About clearing the mods, in my game the records and their purple area appear on a random spot with some lag. The far away spot is always the same. I can move it, but if you can’t maybe you could try placing a few road patches where your records appear to force the mods walk towards the target area.


    • Hi, again. Just posting this to help others not to panic. My icon counting scratch money is stuck or shows very little progress (as if I made 0 or 1 scratch per ‘game check’), but this seems to be a visual glitch. Scratch is counting well. I have to enter Pop’s Appliances to see how much I really have. Right now I have 78 but the icon shows 41. So, don’t panic if you see your number doesn’t change 🙂
      Also, my record target area doesn’t always appear on the same spot, that had been a coincidence. It always apppears just outside the area I can see on my screen, so probably the zoom trick suggested is the best solution for clearing mods if you can’t move the circle.


  7. I couldn’t find the original post but someone was saying that they couldn’t find Mort – they put him to task and he disappeared. I had that same problem, once you click on the portal, you must scroll down to see all the tasks, it only shows you the top three.


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