New Event Teaser!!!

There’s more than a hint of what’s coming to a Quahog near you soon in the latest game update hitting our app stores. If you want to know more continue reading, if you don’t then move on to the next post until you update your App.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!!!


Best get your time machines charged up as the Honey, I Blew Up The Bugs Event Is Coming event is coming to our games soon!

Now there’s no word on an exact time when the event will go live, obviously we will see it sometime after the current event ends later today, 7th November at 3PM PST.  But as of now I can see the update only on IOS, (App Version 1.78.0), but don’t panic if you’re not seeing it as it will cone to the other app stores soon. But if you’re not seeing it and want to know more here’s a sneak peek at the App Store info:

“After being bullied, Stewie decides to shrink his enemies. When his shrink machine backfires, Stewie accidentally blows himself up to giant size along with other vermin and insects. Can Giant Stewie triumph over the giant pests before the town of Quahog is crushed by the infestation? Play our Honey, I Blew Up The Bugs event to find out! 

So if you peaked, what do you think of the upcoming event? Let us know in the comments. And please keep your comments on the current event for the end of event post which will be up later!!!

~ Russian Tigger

26 responses to “New Event Teaser!!!

  1. On the New event, is that a clam pack? 14 clams a day for 280. Only 13 days in the event? The nets only 180 clams. Is my math wrong?


  2. Is this the event in place of a Thanksgiving-themed event? Or is this a small one (like Quagmire had) as a buffer? Haven’t seen the update yet.


  3. Is anyone else having trouble getting on the game? I haven’t been able to play it since mid-day. It loads for a while as normal and then goes back to my tablets home screen. I’m in the UK playing on Android.


  4. Rachel Lenore Pierce

    My game keeps logging out. DId you think it is the update’s fault?


  5. Game is crashing so bad after this update, can’t even get in .


  6. Been long overdue for Stewie to be involved in an event.
    A core character that is under utilised in my opinion – unless its time travel themed or TC try to sell us a premium skin for him!


  7. I saw both of these movies at the cinemas when they were first released. Honey I Shrunk The Kids (in 1989) and Honey I Blew Up The Kid (in 1992). Seems like only yesterday and not almost 30 years ago.

    One of the best things about seeing “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” was that there was an extra cartoon before the movie. It was a Roger Rabbit cartoon (“Tummy Trouble”). I had gone to the movies to see “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” the previous year (1988) and was (am) a HUGE fan of the movie. I did not know at the time that there was going to be an extra cartoon (let alone a ROGER RABBIT cartoon) before the movie, so when it came on…😮🤩😍


  8. Hi all, after install the new update the game stop working and in the facebook page the rest of the players are going crazy eheheh


  9. RT, there’s approx. 13hrs left until the halloween event ends for good.

    Do you think Tinyco are going to release the 2 event area buildings (i.e. the Haunted Mansion & the Antique Abominations) to be purchasable using either silver bullets or monster masks before the end of the event?

    Could you message them asap about this please cause I’d love to be able to purchase them for my town? Also I’ve currently got 2990 bullets and 250 masks with nothing to spend them on… >_>


  10. Anybody else on iOS get kicked out after new update 1.78.0? After game loads I get kicked out. I deleted game after numerous tries then game started back at level 1? I’m on level 96! Thankfully able to log back in.


  11. new update same issues


  12. I have an Android, and when I signed in my game it told me to update…so it is for Android users now, as well


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