5th Anniversary Mini Event is here….. and it’s a quick one….

It’s time to break out the party poppers as the latest event to hit our games,  the 5th Anniversary mini event is here.

I’m seeing the full event on IOS, app version 1.87.0, Android 1.87.0 and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible.

But let me repeat that this is a short one week even so get working on creating Gold Suit Lois & Gold Suit Peter ASAP!!

~ Russian Tigger

11 responses to “5th Anniversary Mini Event is here….. and it’s a quick one….

  1. When I unlocked the mystery box I only had two choices left….Davey Jones or a clam reward. Luckily I got Davey Jones!!! One of the first times I actually have every character available from a mystery box!


  2. so as far as i can tell you cant get golden microphones for Lois unless you buy gold suit Stewie. pssshhhh whatevs


  3. Is it my imagination or is this event a money grab? Do you really have to buy clam packages to advance on the tier thingy? Looks like a pass to me.


    • You only need to use the Tiers if you want Gold Suit Brian. You can get Gold Suit Peter and Gold Suit Lois just playing the event, there’s also some old characters etc available.


  4. So I have sent a ton of characters on quests to get items for Golden suit Peter and Lois, only to find that one of the items can only be got by Golden suit Stewie, who costs something like 249 clams (I never purchase characters for clams unless it is one you can work on and just need to spend 20-30 to finish it off).

    So it’s a premium (or spending saved up clams) event only?


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