The Winter Summer Reunion – Quest For Supremacy

Yes, as announced earlier, the team battle has begun.  A fierce but sweet war is now raging between Team Marshmallow & Team Candy, and there’s no sitting on the sidelines for you, you need to pick your team and play your part. Welcome to The Quest For Supremacy.

How Do I Take Part?

Firstly you need to have reached Week 3 and have triggered Part 1 of the K-Pop Idol Questline.

Whilst taking part is easy, winning is another thing as that depends on you picking the right team.  And when the battle screen pops up in your game you’ll choose between Team Marshmallow or Team Candy. I can’t tell you who to pick, but I’ll say the scores are close and each team has been in front more than once.

So you’ll see the screen below, simply pick your side, literally and hit confirm and that’s it you’ve joined a team. But be aware once you pick a team you can’t later jump ship and change sides, you’re Team Marshmallow or Team Candy to the bitter-sweet end.

How Do I Help my team?

It’s easy just keep clearing Paparazzi. That’s it, simple as can be.

When does the battle end?

Sunday May 5th at 9PM PST. You’ll see a countdown timer on the tracker screen.

What’s the prizes?

The winning team will get the Bad Boy Peter costume and some clams.

And the gallant losers will get some consolation clams.


Just hit the tracker button at the bottom of screen. It looks like this.

This will bring you the current standings for the teams, and will also In the middle show your contribution to the team, if it’s 0, stop slacking immediately, your team needs you.

Please note as the screen says these update every 15 minutes. So it will change frequently.

What is the Diehard fanbase questline?

It’s basically a side Questline that will progress as you clear Paparazzi. And there’s a few Clams rewarded for completing parts and if you complete the Questline, you’ll automatically get a Bad Boy Peter.

There you have it, the basics of second battle of  The Quest For Supremacy, so pick your team and may the best Marshmallow, or Candy, win.

Russian Tigger

27 responses to “The Winter Summer Reunion – Quest For Supremacy

  1. Had the game open when the event ended. A few seconds before time was up, Team Candy was up by about 2000, but they said Team Marshmallow won again. Really curious what the final numbers were.

    Not sure how much value Bad Boy Peter actually is. Since it’s a costume, not a character, using him means not using K-pop Peter to get drops for Bad Boy Joe.


    • RussianTigger

      When it ends there’s still the final 15 minutes play to be added, hence differential. But final numbers would be nice to see.


  2. The lollipop guild has made a valiant come back for the candy lovers as team Stay Puft has the slightest of edges with just 9 hours remaining. Even though I’ve already gotten BBP through the side quest line, I’m still blasting paparazzi for my fellow mellows.


  3. Part 7 and 8 requirements are only 100 each, on the screens you see 300 and 500 but below these numbers you see 100 counters. I have beaten both and they were only 100.


  4. Do you have any details on how many stages are in the Diehard Fanbase questline? Or how many paparazzi would need cleared?


  5. Team Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for the win!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I chose Team Marshmallow again. But damn, I really hate this new aspect. Just offer the skin for 50 clams and I’ll buy it, without having to bother with the grind


  7. I don’t remember the requirements for the first 2 parts of the Diehard Fanbase but Part 3 is clear 25 paparazzi, Part 4 is clear 50 paparazzi and Part 5 is clear 100 paparazzi. I’ll keep you updated if you want? Just waiting for paparazzi to spawn.


  8. game won’t even open now. crashes if you try.


  9. Let’s all go LEFT! Team Candy!


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