Update Alert – Consuela’s Vaccum Fix Is Here!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s an update in the Apple App Store (Ver 2.3.7) and Google Playstore (Ver 2.3.3) Be aware downloading it won’t show any major game changes, it’s more about bug fixes and I’m pleased to say it’s fixed the issues using Consuela’s Vaccum in my games. Please note we might not all see the update available immediately, they are sometimes staggered.

It also gives us a new game icon, and loading screen. It’s a shame we’re not seeing these at the start of events.

35 responses to “Update Alert – Consuela’s Vaccum Fix Is Here!!!

  1. This update isn’t working properly. I updated form ver 2.2.2 and perhaps people doesn’t have issue with vacuum cleaner now, but general performance has dropped, especially task related. Getting characters out of QHS building takes forever. Same thing with a little rushing – I wanted to level up Jolly Leprechaun a bit, but in both cases frequency of in-game action is aroung or even lower than 1 per second. I’ll probably try to downgrade back to 2.2.2 via an apk file.


  2. Both my phone and PC (android emulator) still showing 2.3.2, Maybe they’re releasing it in waves to see if there’s any problems.


  3. Is the update available for everyone as mine isn’t yet


  4. Is it available to everyone yet as the update isn’t available for me.


  5. Cherry Bakewell

    Aww, yet another late late splash screen. I do feel sorry for their artists because of their work not being seen for anywhere near as long as it should be.


  6. Great, a new loading screen and vacuum fix, but the games crashes every two seconds now. Just made it worse.


  7. They’ve fixed Consuela’s vacuum, but they’ve broken Facebook!


  8. Is this an automatic update RT?


  9. Not showing in Playstore yet for me. Weird.


  10. Whew, a good fix, I have an 8MB phone and the last update made the game lag and glitch – it’s back to normal now…


  11. I delayed updating to avoid the problems with vacuum etc so I was excited to hear there is finally a fix and a new update available. So I clicked to allow updates, I’m on iOS. But now the loading screen is for Valentine’s Day and apparently I’ve just updated and the wrong version loaded?? When I went back to store there are no updates listed. Guess it’s my fault for not looking closer. Now what can I do?


  12. I was all excited to see this, unfortunately for me it still doesn’t fix my disconnect issues. But for the brief moment I was in the vacuum worked as intended.


  13. Chris Browning

    Still unable to play. It keeps losing connection and hasn’t worked since the last update. Was able to get a message to support through the game and they said it’s a known problem. I miss playing…


  14. I just checked apple, and no update yet for me. I can’t wait. I’m still stuck on the Valentine’s Day screen with the vacuum problem. Everything has become really slow to play.


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