Alternate Quahogs: Feedback Page

Hey there

I wanted to put up a place for suggestions and feedback on Alternate Quahogs.

For the main details on Alternate Quahogs go HERE.

But as I said this is a page where you can feel free to leave your comments. I will be passing all this information on to support to help correct areas of concern and overall improve the new feature.

Remember to try be helpful and be detailed with your suggestions and feedback.  Don’t just say fix something, explain any issues and make suggestions for improvement. And don’t forget  to just give general feedback about what you like or don’t like.

There you go, a place to voice your thoughts on Alternate Quahogs. But most importantly just try to have fun! 🙂

~ Russian Tigger


14 responses to “Alternate Quahogs: Feedback Page

  1. Unplayable since this feature was added. I wish I could delete it. Crashes constantly


  2. Aragorn Hansard

    Has anyone else had a bunch of past quests/missions get triggered? My characters in historical society are triggering a bunch.


  3. I have played this game for years. Love all the new events. Actually purchased clams monthly.
    But this new features with new lands has made my system run to slow. It should have never been added. With so much glitchs and crashes I very disappointed. Not sure if I’ll continue. Very sad to add new lands.


  4. I wish there was a way to opt out but at the first chance, I’ll ditch the Quakea building and never go to these areas. I ditched the “going for gold” feature as setting 300+ people off on the same task was annoying.


  5. Be careful when purchasing land in alternate Quahog. In Winterland, I clicked on the new land directly behind the shack. The price is 100 clams, which I didn’t notice, and there was no warning pop asking if I am sure I want to spend the clams. 100 hard earned clams evaporated. At least I have room for the Ikea-esque store. Aw well!


  6. All the characters having new tasks for the new materials makes it VERY hard to send your old useless characters to Quahog Historical Society. Before you could just click and swipe the first task, but now it could be the first, second, or third task based on the character. Very annoying.


    • Note: if you put QUAKEA in inventory, the tasks disappear. Of course, now you have to locate it in inventory if you ever want to bring it back out. Usually I chose a task that requires that building to find it – that isn’t an option here, so it’ll take a while to dig through every single building in inventory.


  7. I think that so far the feature is good. It gives many thing many players have been asking for, like more land or some use for Stewie bucks. There’s also a good variety of options to get the land, since you can use coins, materials, clams or Stewie bucks, so everyone can approach it the way they want. It also looks like it’s up to each player to decide how many characters to devote to this feature and how fast to progress, so I think it’s a feature to enjoy at one’s own pace if you’re interested in the land (and you can completely ignore it if you’re not) 🙂
    So far I haven’t had any glitches or problems; everything seems to be working fine.

    The only thing I don’t like is the fact that the moving decorations are automatically transfered to the new towns when you ‘move’ and sometimes they stay in the new town without returning to the ‘original’0 one. I have them as decorations in a particualr area and would like them to stay there.


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