New Feature – Alternate Quahogs is coming to IOS….

The guys at Jam City have confirmed the new feature is now being tested on some games on IOS, if every hung goes good most players should see the new feature on Android & IOS in the next week or so.

You’ll only have access if The Learn About Alternate Quahog Questline drops in your game, if it doesn’t then you’re not in the test batch of games and you’ll need wait a little longer for the feature,  even if you see the Alternate Quahog Portal.

For more information click HERE!!!


2 responses to “New Feature – Alternate Quahogs is coming to IOS….

  1. I was able to purchase the portal on my IOS, but I didn’t get the “globe” icon to appear to send me anywhere. All the portal does when you click on it is show you the 24 hour timer to get 2 coins and 30 xp


    • RussianTigger

      That’s because the feature isn’t in your game yet, you’ll know it is when you get the Learn Abput Alternate Quahog Questline, hopefully drop sometime in next week.


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