Space Camp Phase 2 Coming Soon!!!!

Hey there!

Just popping in for a moment to remind you that if you that phase 2 should be starting sometime after 11am PDT on 26th August.


4 responses to “Space Camp Phase 2 Coming Soon!!!!

  1. This game has so much lag it has become unplayable garbage and it’s so frustrating when trying to put characters on their medal quest,it takes forever 😩


  2. game is a mess and for first time in a long time im not enjoying it they rather push new content then fix it


  3. I’m sure they will push it right out despite the massive, widespread issues. If they had an ounce of integrity, they’d delay the next phase until they fix these issues. But they don’t so they won’t.


  4. this sucks, I can’t even play the game


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