Riverfail and other fails

Just wanted to put up a post to clarify a few things about the event and issues.

Firstly the overview post is delayed as I’ve failed to get it posted due to issues in both my games, but fear not as I have managed to get the main Questline pulled and up on the site.

Secondly you may be confused, thinking you’ve already got Zac Sawyer, so why do you need to buy him again, well that’s because you’ve got the old Zac Sawyer costume for Stewie, whereas the Zac Sawyer for this event is a full character.

Thirdly as many of you are aware there’s a lot of glitches, and as I said above I’m impacted by these as well. The biggest of the current issues all seem linked to E-Stewieland, so if you’ve not unlocked it yet, please don’t as you might end up with a whole lot of trouble. If you have unlocked it and have issues please report it on the glitch post and of course to game support. You’ll find the glitch post HERE.

Ill hopefully get the overview post up tomorrow, until then enjoy the teen spirit in the latest event.

8 responses to “Riverfail and other fails

  1. I heard we were getting a send all option for gold medals,any news on this?


  2. what a jyp.
    it’s little things like that which frustrate players. (i dont have zac but its still annoying)

    like the last event where 50s peter hits the aliens to clear them yet the 50s peter character is unused, and all the xmas events where santa, jesus/black jesus and every other xmas themed costume and character can’t contribute.


  3. Mine still crashes half the time when I use Consuela to vacuum up the building coins.


  4. They really need to have a Start Over with this event.


  5. By “glitches”, are you referring to “Oh no, you’ve lost connection” as soon as you try to open the app? Because that’s what I’ve got going on!


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