Wreck The Halls Mystery Box Glitch

Just wanted to put up a post about a reoccuring glitch in the game that’s showed up again for me in the latest Mystery Box. The main prize in this box should be Mystery Gift Quagmire, but for some reason although he showed up as one of the actual prizes, when I won him I wasn’t awarded him and he’s completely missing from my game. I also don’t see Matches in my mystery box. Support know about this and they are still trying to see why this is happening to random players with the mystery boxes.

So as I say don’t waste Clams on the mystery box if you don’t see Mystery Gift Quagmire when you click on the prizes tab. And if you do see him and win him but aren’t awarded him please contact support. I’ll update you when I know more.

5 responses to “Wreck The Halls Mystery Box Glitch

  1. Do you have more news about this glitch, RT?


  2. I guess I’m lucky this time. I got Quagmire on my first try and he is working properly.


  3. I got the Kool-Aid man as We’re-sorry-about-Consuela’s-vacuum gift. I already had the Kool-Aid man. 😐


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