Wild Winter Event Returns…..

Okay, the new event, is actually an old event from last year, and I’m not sure what’s going on with it as I completed this event in my 2 main games, yet in 1 I’ve got to unlock the costumes again, but in my other game they are still there unlocked and no need to unlock.

I’m asking support what’s going on, and I’ll report back when I can. But it seems a deliberate move to rerun as they say in the event pop up “All your favourites are back!”

If you will be playing along you’ll find all the Wild Winter phase 1 event posts HERE!!! Please note there may be some changes from the original event, such as Penguin Brian drops Snowflake Socks.


20 responses to “Wild Winter Event Returns…..

  1. So I missed out on Winter Meg in the original event. I’m assuming I should complete the questlines to be able to earn her this time around, probably in the third week? Thanks


  2. I didnt get the last character before. Winter Meg. I try again this time 🙂


  3. Saw an update in iOS today. Any info on the upcoming “Season Pass feature”?


  4. In my game, Woody and Green Witch doesn’t drop event currency.
    The one character that is not mentioned that drops Crystals is Penguin Brian


  5. Did you have to buy winter Peter? I think that’s unreasonable to buy a 270 clam costume for Peter. He’s a main character.


    • Yes Winter Peter costs 270 Clams, that’s the standard prize of late, no matter who the costume is for but I agree with it being a repeated event they could reduced clam cost


  6. fgquestforstuff

    So it’s pretty much just Quagmire doing anything? The game is getting a bit boring and too freemium, looks like the only way to get anything is by spending clams.
    The app on my iPad crashes constantly, I don’t know why, I’ve reinstalled it and still doing it. I’ve emailed support once but the problem persists. Such a shame, I used to love this game. 😔


  7. Do we have returning events often?


    • No, a complete rerun of an event hasn’t been done, we’ve had partial re-runs with some new content such as Star Trek event but this looks like 3 weeks off for most players


      • Thanks. I haven’t been playing since it came out, but a few years and hadn’t seen one yet. I wonder if the Cornwood rerun in Futurama has made them think they can afford a few easier events if they do some reruns.


        • To be honest I’m not sure if it’s a filler as there’s an issue with whatever event was planned. Wild Winter was the first event of 2020, so it’s not even that long ago we played it. Hopefully get some info soon but the pop up makes it seem it’s deliberate rerun, the question is why?

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          • As you noted, maybe due to COVID, staffing issues. A mix of things.


            • Yeah, players have been saying stop the events and fix the glitches, hopefully this time will be spent sorting some things.


          • I can’t help but wonder myself why the repeat? Have we perhaps seen the end of the road for this game? (I hope not!) Or are they just giving themselves some breathing room to hopefully fix some of the long-standing issues? Or maybe, as noted above, it’s as simple as there was some game-breaking issue with the new event. I wouldn’t personally be surprised if this game is being phased out, I’m actually surprised it’s survived this long.

            On another note, if we’re going to be given repeat events, there’s no reason for premium costumes to still cost 270 clams, seems a lot for something I clearly didn’t want the first time around. Just my personal feeling, though.


            • I honestly think it’s just to get bit time to fix some issues, I’ve had no word that the game is taking a longer hiatus than this event repeating. I don’t think you need worry as they are also preparing a new feature. Maybe the down time will see a more stable game going forward, but I know lot long turners would liked something to do, even just 1 new character to unlock.


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