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Phase 1

Phase Overview Post
Main Questline – Sweets Ahoy
Side Questline – Candy Pirate Peter
Side Questline – Citrus Stewie
Side Questline – Marshmallow Chris
FaceSpace Sets
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now
Tips For Phase 2

23 responses to “FGQFS Current Event Menu Page

  1. Happy New Year RT. Thanks for all your work in keping up with the glitches and current quest statuses.

    Do you know if there is going to be a party 2? My timeline says there is still 10 days to go, but I completed all of Part 1 and the questline just disappeared. Usually there is something that tells you to stay tuned for part 2.



  2. For the space camp event, I finished the 2 pages of event buildings phase one. Now is showing the same buildings to craft all over again. doesn’t it suppose to be different buildings??


  3. After years of playing and WEEKS of crashing and NO response from Tiny I’ve decided to delete it. For the LIFE of me I don’t understand why they would roll out 4 NEW world’s when I can’t play in ONE longer than 5 minutes. Pfft.


    • Don’t know if this info is too late for you, but I was having the same problem. No reponse at all from tech support. Then I happned to notice that under one of the headings on my email account, on my phone, is labeled Social, and unde that is where alll of my reponses from tech were appearing =- nopt on my main email. Don’t know why, or how to change it.

      But, if you have a Social heading as well, I wo uld suggest you check it out to see if your reponses are going there. It may not help anyway, if they can’t give you advice, but at least you w ould know if they tried to respond.

      For me, once I found that, I started to responde back to their emails and got my problem fixed pretty quickly – problem was lagging was increasing and making the game almost impossible to play. They cleared out my cache files and all is well.


  4. Any info on phase 4 dropping?


  5. Why is Fairy Tale Lois the only unlocked option for fighting the bumblebees in phase 3??? I have Peter, Stewie & Brian, yet Lois is the only one able to fight the bees. Quagmire is a locked option but I need to defeat the bees to unlock him. This makes no sense.


  6. When I load my game it just says you have unlocked the fly I hit ok then the game crashes is this a glitch ? I can’t contact tiny co on my game because it crashes please help
    Thank you


    • RussianTigger

      Hi, other players have this issue. One said they fixed it by turns no their device off then on again. If that doesn’t help and you’ve saved your game to an account you can try deleting and reinstalling, then logging back into your saved game. If that doesn’t work game support will need help you out, you can email them


  7. Kerry Landrieu

    Has anybody gotten lucky horseshoes? I have completed the task in the lucky horseshoe bar and the over the rainbow bar multiple times and I still don’t have any. According to my game it is suppose top drop them always for these two bars and the lucky horseshoe statue.


    • You don’t get them from completing investigations, you get them from defeating the green Gummy Bear if you find him during an investigation


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