Characters Earned From STUFF

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So what characters from Family Guy are included in the initial release of the Family Guy:The Quest For Stuff game?  What kind of stuff is required to unlock characters?

Here’s a list of the included characters so far:

Click on the character name for tasks, unlock info and more details 

Remember this is just a list of independent characters unlocked for each District.  If you’d like to see the Skins unlocked at each District check out our District Page

District 1:

spooner street

District 2:

2014-04-10 12.03.06

District 3:


District 4:


District 5:

2014-04-10 22.09.08

District 6:

2014-04-08 01.56.19
Dr. Hartman

District 7:

District 7

District 8:

District 8   Stewie

District 9:

District 9Tom Tucker
Mayor West

District 10:

BreweryoverviewPawtucket Pat

Permanent Premium Characters:

premium characters
Jake Tucker
Brain Damaged Horse
Buzz Killington


event characters

Check out our list of Event Characters here.

Find Characters by Name…


57 responses to “Characters Earned From STUFF

  1. Bunny,
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. I think tinyco should add the characters from events in a mystery box.. Maybe not the ones that were premium. But the ones you could unlock.. And allow people to save up clams to buy them! They could be priced 300 clams each.. Maybe even more.. But I think that would be awesome..


  3. I finally saved enough clams for Kool Aid Man and I’m so happy. I love that he has a voice too. But, is anyone else as obsessed as I am that once he says “oh yeah” you are forced to keep tapping on him until he says “oh no” and then laugh and laugh??? Hilarious!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like how they bring old characters back in the boxes. They should have a box like that in each event that allows you to gain someone you missed. The not duplicating prizes helps out a lot. I haven’t missed many characters but there are a few I did and would like a chance to gain them.


  5. The game says there’s 127 characters, but I only count 126 and I have every character. So who’s missing??


  6. Is there a list of buildings that characters actually use? My game continues to crash, and one method they suggest to fix is to store items thag aren’t in use. Although I want all coin generating buildings out I am more focused on buildings that characters use for their tasks.


  7. If I add barmaid Lois to Al but don’t have the clams to actually buy her during the event, will she stay at Al’s so I can buy her later?


    • She is an Event Only Character… so when the Event ends Oct 1st… she’ll go with Event items.

      You don’t “add her”. She’s already there… for the limited time.


  8. What premium character is the best to get and most useful ingame? I have enough for Consuela but got Cleveland months back and feel like he wasn’t worth it. He is rarely involved and never earns items besides coins. I’m also not sold on special event purchase because they often lack value for furute events.


    • The thing with Premiums is you never know. Both Consuela and Cleveland have come back with additional Costumes in Events, so both useful overall since game release… but not on a daily or every Event base. As they are around for a while, maybe keep saving up and see if they benefit you later on or if another better one comes along.


  9. I wish people who missed event had an opportunity to get the characters they missed


  10. I am having trouble getting three red eyes I keep sending Peter and Dr Hartman on tast but they keep coming back empty except for once.


    • Those are very very very rare. Epic. They will take a while. All of us have been there. Just keep sending the Doc over n over… it will take time, but you will get them eventually. 😉


  11. How many costumes have they released? I’m just curious to see what I have missed I think I’m only missing one since the game started. Also what’s the count on the characters that have been released since the start I think I’m only missing one which I’m working on getting now. Thanks for all you do and appreciate your time!!


  12. Is there anyway to get characters that are missed?


  13. Is there a list of the characters that don’t drop items? I need to store some characters. Thanks.


  14. When will this list be updated? I got 52 characters/outfits out of 54 available, I know about jillian , she’s number 53. What’s the 54th? Beautiful and Spanish peter aren’t available yet, that I know, but still one left…anyone got them all?


  15. when does district 10 will be open


  16. Why can’t I click on Brian to see his unlock and details?


  17. Will they put back Human Rupert for clams again? I never got the chance to buy him previously and kind of want to get him now to complete the characters you buy section.


  18. I keep collecting items for a Stewie sailer suit but no option showing of any suit???


  19. You now can buy human rupert you know…


  20. What is the deal with the Spanish Soap Peter and Beautiful Peter skins? Did I start using FGTQFS too late to get them or are they coming in some future quest?


  21. When will this be updated I missed out on king butt and human rupert and would love to know more I wonder if at some point they might offer them for clams


    • I’ll be adding a separate page for Comic-Con specific characters/costumes this week. I’ll also be working on finishing up the remaining characters hopefully before District 9 opens.


  22. I can’t get Cleveland and none of the sites are helping with why. How do you get Cleveland?


    • Cleveland was a limited time character released with the last event (Kingdom of the Full moon). He’s not currently in the game…meaning if you didn’t get him them you can’t get him now. However, TinyCo is working on ways to bring him back in the future…so just requires a little patience and you’ll get him when they re-release him. 🙂


      • I don’t like the fact there’s no way currently to finish The Guys task on the FaceSpace page to get the 10 clams or unlock Sailor Quagmire, because Cleveland isn’t available to give me Captain’s Hats. Yes, I could spend 65 clams to buy the Lobster Shanty, which I did win during Rupert’s Tea Party before I lost my game and have yet to get an email reply back on how to restore those items outside of the generic auto-reply. There should be another way to get the Captain’s Hats.


  23. Consuela… Worth 300 clams? Just she help with any events?


  24. Is there a way to see the list of characters you have in the game? In TSTO – characters that are not ‘busy’ appear in the upper left hand corner. Or you can click on the City Hall to get a list.
    With FG – i’m hunting all over and clicking on characters to see if they’re busy.


  25. This should be updated a lot, was looking at what buildings I exactly need for all my characters, but barely found any.


    • Yea…this is a older post….What do you mean the buildings you will need? Do you mean what buildings produce items to unlock a character?


      • Like every building that is required for tasks, I got a lot of my characters on long tasks at the moment and wanted to place the buildings needed for all of the tasks and can’t check it out at the moment.


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