Special Event Characters

Here are the breakdowns of all the characters released during TQFS Events….Events are listed in order from oldest to newest…

Kingdom of the Full Moon:
King Butt

Stewie’s Tea Party:
Stewie Tea Party
Human Rupert

Quahog Comic-Con:
Photo Jul 24, 1 50 58 AM
Patrick Stewart
Ron Perlman
Felicia Day
Stan Lee
George Takei
Bryan Cranston
Nathan Fillion

Endless Summer:
2014-09-26 05.55.35
Kool-Aid Man

Halloween 2014:
New Halloween
Mr. Weed
Francis Griffin

Attack of the Clones:
Bitch Brian & Stewie
Bitch Stewie
Bitch Brian

Christmas 2014:
Splash Screen Christmas Quahog 2014
Babs Pewterschmidt
John McClane

New Year’s:
New Years 2015

Workout Event:
2015-01-21 20.23.08

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28 responses to “Special Event Characters

  1. Where’s the rest?


  2. I’ve got nearly ever character and costume! Love Star Bright Express Peter! Comes with roller derby skating rink and awesome quest line! I’ve also set up my Kiss Stage next to the current concert area. I requested Tinyco they add glow sticks for Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons actions which are premium characters…AND THEY DID!


  3. Do you think we will get another shot at the horror movie guys around Halloween? I hate that I didnt get this game until may of this year. I missed so much.


  4. I start at the endless summer. And now I finally have enough resources for Cleveland. Is he coming back? Or how do I get him?


  5. I want seven of nine to come back I ran out of money and just got paid and missed her. Was so upset she was my fave character.


  6. I know that they occasionally bring back characters, but have they brought back costumes?


  7. Just wondering if we will get another chance to get these event costumes and characters as i started abit late playing this game and didnt get chance to take part in the comic con event will we get another chance this year?


  8. You missed the American Dad event in this list? And Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian


  9. Thanks for making this list 🙂 I got the game the day it was released and was seeing if I missed any characters


  10. I can’t seem to remember which Premium Event characters has returned in the past. I know Human Rupert and King Butt has returned. Has Bryan Cranston or Nathan Fillion made a return? I’m asking because I don’t have enough clams for Paul Stanley at this moment and I am trying to make an educated guess on how likely he is to return in the future. Thank you very much. 🙂


  11. I started playing during Comic Con so I missed King Butt & Stewie’s Tea Party. I really want Cleveland! Does anyone know if they will repeat this event? I have no where near 400 clams for him lol.


  12. I feel like they should have Human Rupert be available since he is need to win 100 clams. All the other characters are available…


  13. The only one I miss is King Butt as I didnt start to play until after the Kingdom… Eventually he might be back…


  14. Michael Beaudoin

    So I brewed connie’s outfit and not sure where to find it for her mission..shows its locked when I pull up the cauldron


  15. I didn’t get human Rupert, when is he going to be avaluable again?


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