Family Guy Quest for THIS Stuff

NEW ASSET -- The Quest for Stuff Key Art So the name of the game is Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, what stuff might you be after?  Here’s a list of the stuff (materials) you’re required to collect in the game to unlock more stuff!

This list is based on the BETA testing done on the game, so it will be a complete work in progress.  You’ll see that not every item has an “Earned By” yet and that’s because this is the list from testing and not everything has been earned (or been needed just yet) but as soon as we uncover just how it’s earned we’ll update this list.

Click on the links below to find out more about the stuff & how it’s earned:

Guaranteed Stuff
Earned (if needed) every time you complete the listed action.  Includes: Vaseline, Burger, Fireworks, Tissues & Panties

Common Stuff 
Stuff that’s easy to earn but not guaranteed every time.  Includes: Fish, Dirty Socks, Mustache comb, Antacids, Blueprints, Oregano, Hot Dogs, Baby Powder, Coupons, Sparkles, Butt Scratcher, Feather, Balloons, Coffee, Baseball Bat, Fire, Varnish, lemon Salute, Mustache Cream, Pawtucket Ale, Leather, Gloves, Metal Detector & Adrenaline.

Uncommon Stuff
Stuff that’s a little harder to earn.  Includes: Windux, Hey Cat Keychain, Dry Martini, Fabric Scraps, Handcuffs, Sword, Fuzzy Slippers, Toad, Bone, Boots, Mirror, Apron, Wood,  Tattoo Ink, CD, Vicogin, Hairspray, Pin Ups, Exotic Extract, Sugar Packet, Hawaiian Shirt, Glass of Wine, Nightstick & Sombrero.

Rare Stuff
Stuff that’s even harder to earn.  Includes: Jewels, Carrots, Exorbitant Hat, Blue Glass, Robe, Ship in a Bottle, Guns, Subpoenas, First Editions, Lipstick, Heavy Metal, Pair of Skechies, Flower, Bag O’ Collagen, PB&J Sandwich, Dulcet Tones, Gerbil, Treasure Map, Meat Chunks, Satchel, Pink Champagne, Golden Pants, Banana Peel, Popsicle & Fancy Pants.

Extra Rare Stuff
Stuff that’s really hard to get.  Includes:  Eyeshadow, Poncy Hat, Maracas, Plutonium, Headband, Soap, Leather Gloves  & Gift Basket. 

Epic Stuff
Stuff that extremely difficult to earn.  Includes: Eyeball, Whip, Temporal Distortion,  Silver Scroll& Seashells.  


128 responses to “Family Guy Quest for THIS Stuff

  1. “Trisha “Tasmania”” 💀💀💀bro


  2. Hello!
    I’m trying to retrieve the eye ball through Peter and Dr. Hartman to clear anime Peter….I have come short for several days.

    Am I missing something here?



  3. has anyone had trouble getting adam west or tom tucker? i have 3 kittens for adam west and one moustache cream for tom tucker left. instead of extra rare… it should be epic. gosh


    • Those are District Characters. Meant to take time. You’ll run into it for each District. No worries. Districts are here to stay. No time limits.


  4. With the update I got this morning… any building that produces a mask, numchucks, etc, instead of the normal golden check mark, it shows a golden gift box. I kinda like it 🙂


  5. Extra rare? Why would you make the eyeball so extra rare? I need peter to do other things than the shoopty all day and night and still not get the eyeball. In the last 2month’s Ive spent $175 on this game and Im sure the people who are getting my money do not care about my eyeball. Just an eyeball. Loosen up the wallet on the eyeballs. Ive loosened up my bank account.


    • Welcome to the life of Family Guy. The Headbands, Eyeballs, Plutonium, etc. Each District seems to have that one item that made us pull our hair out. Lol. Eyeballs, like I told a few others… I was ready to pop out my own eyeball to get one. Lol. 😉


    • I trying to the eyeballs & rings too in the game


  6. I’ve been trying three weeks for the last eyeball still no luck


  7. GinaMarie Lockamy

    I have been trying for 4 – 5 days STRAIGHT with Dr Hartman & Peter to get that last eyeball… without it, no Trisha Tasmania….. what the dice?


  8. I can’t get plutonium for Stewie, the gloves (or whatever it’s called) for falconer Peter, banana peeps for pbj time Brian or maracas for pbj time Brian


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