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Road To Bollywood – Characters & Buildings That Drop Stuff

Hey there Shimmy Shakers!!!

Road to Bollywood is now live in our games and many characters and buildings have tasks to help us earn even more stuff! So keep reading to learn what’s dropping down the chimney this week.


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Best of 2016 Character Questline – Jim Kaplan

Hey there!!!

Is there anything I can do for you? Well apart from bring your the Jim Kaplan Questline. Don’t worry it won’t cost you a thing, you can trust me, just look at my cheesy grin.

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Best of 2016 Event Character Profile: Jim Kaplan

Calling all con artists!!

The master of all con men has finally come to our Quahog’s, yeah it’s the guy who’s more about scams than clams, it’s Jim Kaplan.

Let’s take a look at what Jim Kaplan can do in our silly li’l games.
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Character Profile: Little Red Riding Hood Stewie

Who’s not afraid of the big bad wolf?

Little Red Riding Hood Stewie sure isn’t and lucky for us he’s back, making another appearance as a freemium unlockable character costume in our games, and hopefully many of you who who missed getting this fun version of Little Red in your Quahog’s first time around, will grab it this time.

Let’s take a look at what Little Red Riding Hood Stewie can do in our silly lil games.
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2016 Events Review – Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Believe it or not it’s over a week since we all celebrated New Year with one of my polls, lol. But now the results are in, I guess I’d better share them with you all you nice peeps.

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Character Profile: Ollie Williams

Calling all news hounds!!

It’s raining men, ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, just like most things on Quahog 5 News, lol. But there is a man with an umbrella, and it is raining outside as Ollie Williams is the latest comeback character to hit our games.

Let’s take a look at what Ollie Williams can do in our silly lil games.
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Character Profile: Giant Chicken

Calling all chickens!!

Chicken’s back! Back again! Yes, Giant Chicken is making his third appearance as a freemium unlockable character in our games, and hopefully many of you who had your feathers in a flap because you missed out on him previously will finally get the greatest chicken EVER in your games.

Let’s take a look at what Giant Chicken can do in our silly lil games.
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Best Of 2016 Main Questline: The Best and the Rest of 2016

I want some Cotton Candy, that is all.

The New Best of 2016 Event is in our games and with it some previous Event Characters, Buildings, and crazy?

With the New Event comes, of course, the New Main Questline that will direct us along til the next Phase of the Event. For Phase 1, the Main Questline is The Best and the Rest of 2016


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The Best of 2016 101: Dart Game/Balloon Pop Booth

Hey there Carnival Geeks!

It’s time to pop all those holiday balloons so grab yourself some darts and let’s get to it.

With the Best of 2016 mini event just launching and options to earn Materials for the Event… I wanted to go over one of the new elements added to the game, Dart Game – Balloon Pop!

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Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Character Questlines – Onesie Mayor West

Hey there Onesie wearers!!

It looks like our Mayor is as tired as the rest of us as he’s put on his Onesie in order to have a little rest and relaxation. Yes Onesie Mayor West has decreed we all chill out,or was that just wishful thinking on my behalf.

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