Family Guy: Quest for Stuff is broken up into districts.  As you progress through the game and level up you’ll unlock more districts (more districts means more characters, buildings and decorations!).  Here’s a look at the various districts and the characters unlocked with the initial release of FGQFS!


Luxury Resort Tan Lines Unlock Screen

Tan Lines District: Luxury Island Resort **BETA TESTING ONLY** LIVE

Everyone in Quahog has worked so hard rebuilding the city, it’s time to reward them for everything they’ve done! Let the citizens of Quahog relax at the brand new luxury resort, Tan Lines!

Unlocked Characters: Evil Monkey

***This District is linked to drop right around District 8***


Graveyard District 11

District 11: The Graveyard

The freaks come out at night, and Quahog is about to get even freakier. The Graveyard is here and with it comes access to the Lazarus Portal! Finish “A State of Pure Inebriation Pt. 6” and head over.

Unlocked Characters: Madame Claude, Loretta Brown, Paddy Tanniger, New Brian



District 10: Pawtucket Brewery 

Welcome to the Pawtucket Brewery!  Build your favorite items from the Brewery for Quahog!

Unlocked Characters: Pawtucket Pat
Costumes: Chumba Wumba Stewie


District 9

District 9: Downtown

The heart of Quahog is its downtown.  City Hall is here, and you know what that means.  That’s right, a flagpole!  Also, Mayor West.  Finish what you’re working on an head on over!

Unlocked Characters: Tom Tucker, Mayor West
Costumes: Jailhouse Meg



District 9 Continuation: Fine Arts

The arts are the frosting on the cake of life. Olivia Fuller is here, as is the Quahog School of Performing Arts. You know what that means, a school full of special snowflakes! Head on over for some good old drama and maybe some time travel!

Unlocked Characters: Olivia Fuller



2014-07-12 04.04.19
District 8: Entertainment District

The entertainment district boasts Quahog Cinema, Bob’s Funland Amusement Park, and cotton candy-induced tummy aches.  Finish what you’re working on and head on over!

Unlocked Characters: Stewie, Carter
Costumes: Falconer Peter, PB&J Brian


District 7

District 7: Asian Town

Welcome to Quahog’s world famous Asiantown!  Enjoy an arcade, an Asian-themed restaurant, and broad stereotypes.  Finish what you’re working on and head on over!

Unlocked characters: Tricia, Connie
Costumes: Mid-life Crisis Lois, Anime Peter


2014-04-08 01.56.19District 6: Civic Center

Quahog’s charming Civic Center contains the Library, the City Hall, and of course, rampant bulls, thanks to taxpayers like you. Finish what you’re working on and head on over!

Unlocked characters: Brian, Dr Hartman


2014-04-10 22.09.08District 5: Pirate’s Cove

Yar! Here there be pirates, sea-monsters, scallywags, and some really, really tight pants for Quagmire. Excited? Ye should be! Finish what you’re working on and head on over!

Unlocked characters: Meg, Seamus


Screenshot_2014-04-03-00-19-19District 4: School District

The school district is home to multiple schools including James Woods Regional High. Now with less arson! Finish what you’re working on and head on over!

Unlocked characters: Joe, Herbert


Screenshot_2014-03-27-07-02-38District 3: Shopping Center

The shopping district is full of action, excitement, and bargain deals on redheaded characters. Finish what you’re working on and head on over!

Unlocked characters: Lois, Mort


2014-04-10 12.03.06District 2: Clam Quarter

The Clam Quarter is home to restaurants, and The Drunken Clam: dispensing hangovers since before anyone can remember. Finish what you’re working on and head over!

Unlocked characters: Jerome, Bruce


spooner street

District 1: Spooner Street

Unlocked Characters: Peter, Chris, Bonnie & Quagmire


45 responses to “Districts

  1. Can anyone help me with an issue I’m having? I have the task of rounding up the bulls with Brian, but there are no bulls running loose.
    What else do I need to do?


    • RussianTigger

      You will need to send TinyCo a support request if you’ve got Brian and can’t do this task. Is it the Whole Lotta Bull Questline task you’re trying to clear?


  2. I am on level 11 i cant unlock district 4 help


  3. Hi I am on build a blimp part 2
    I am being asked to tap the blimp construction site but can’t find it
    Help please


  4. I am stuck in distracted 8. I have all of the buildings and characters skins unlocked . The only character I don’t have is Cleveland which I really don’t want to have to buy anything ; if im missing anything obvious can someone please help ? I’m about ready to just delete


    • Are you playing on Windows device? If so, that is as far as the game goes for that Stand Alone Version. Mobile Version and Facebook that we write about here are something completely separate.


  5. Thanks so much Alissa and Bunny for the tip. I had no clue you had the craft all those items. Wish I came here sooner.


  6. I’m finishing up the quest lines for 10 and 11 then it’s Star Trek then on in il have deana by tomorrow😆 YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY 🙍


  7. For Pawtucket Brewery, I’ve earned everything and need no more bottles from my characters but that is all Herbert is earning for me instead of what I need for the Star Trek quest. Is there any talk of getting rid of those items for earning stuff in Pawtucket? Every other time you’ve earned all you need for a character or quest, they go away and you don’t have the option to earn them anymore but for some reason they stayed for Pawtucket and it’s quite annoying..


  8. Where is district 11 on this page


  9. District 10 is here. The. Brewery is here


  10. Can someone tell me if theres going to be a District 10!!! Cause Jilian,Death,and The evil monkey are going to come out But it just shows question marks ????.


  11. Hey Bunny!
    I am maxed out at Level 50.
    Do you know when they are going to raise the levels?
    I’m wasting precious xp here!!


  12. Make a district 10 with Death in the cemetery and Neil in his house


  13. Ummm… How do I move from district one to two? Seems like I’m stuck here forever!


  14. When will District 9 unlock?? I’m on level 41 (almost 42) and have finished all quests….


  15. I see they’ve added districts 8 and 9 and some more space to expand your quahog, I’ve cleared the two areas nearest to district 8 and I’ve finished asian town had it done for a while but still haven’t had the prompt to enter the new district yet, anyone know when that Happens? Do you have to finish the rollerblading peter quest first?


  16. District 8 is out!!!!!!!!


  17. If district 8 doesn’t come real soon I will uninstall the game. Do you know when this will happen?


  18. ugh when do we get district 8??


  19. How do you unlock stewie?


  20. Nevermind!! Just found the walkthroughs!! Derf. Thanks!


  21. How do yo unlock the Civic Center? Just by leveling up to a certain point, or do you have to clear all areas of what’s aready unlocked? Wondering if I should spend all my coins clearing areas before the Cinco de Mayo deal is over. But also want to keep a worker open to build/repair as soon as CC is unlocked… thanks!


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