The Quests That Earn You STUFF

Brian Joe Quagmire Peter

Confused about what’s going on in the game?  Feeling like you’re going to crash and burn?  Wish you had a way to guide you through what to do next?  Have no fear, that’s where we come in!

Consider our Walkthroughs your road-maps for The Quest for Stuff!  They’ll guide you through the ups and downs, bumps and dips along the way..they’ll even tell you what you’ll earn!

Well what are you waiting for?  Get your walkthrough on already!

Districts 1 & 2: Game Intro to Unlocking Shopping District

District 3: The Shopping District to Unlocking the School District

District 4: The School District to Unlocking Pirate’s Cove

District 5: Pirate’s Cove to Unlocking the Civic Center

District 6: The Civic Center

District 7: Asiantown

District 8: The Entertainment District

District 9: Downtown District
Precious Metals
Blimp-Tom,Tom Tucker-Vinny, Mayor West

District 10: Pawtucket Brewery

Costume Quests:

iOS Exclusive: Golden Suit Peter

Speedo Quagmire

Hooker Peter

Navy Quagmire

Rambo Lois

Cop Joe

Goth Chris

Midlife Crisis Lois

Anime Peter

Falconer Peter

PB & J Brian

Jailhouse Meg

Chumba Wumba Stewie

Premium Quests:


Buzz Killington

Jake Turner

Brain Damaged Horse


Limited-Time Quests:

 Kingdom of the Full Moon


4th of July

(Includes Patrick Stewart, Ron, Felicia, Stan, George, Superhero Peter, Lois, Quagmire & Chris, and more)

Stripper Bonnie

Sexy Stewie

Kool-Aid Man

(includes Ghostbuster Skins, Sexy Witch Connie, Slutty Cat Meg, Pink Brian, Duck Stewie, Dianne, Francis, Mr. Weed, Freddy, Jason & more)

American Dad
(Includes Stan, Steve, Hayley, Francine & Roger)

Forklift Peter

Fat Lois

Intimate Apparel Peter

Bitch Brian, Bitch Stewie

(Includes Santa, Jasper, Babs, Jesus, John, KISS, Sexy Santa Lois, Hanukkah Mort, Jingle Joe, Puppy Brian, Angel Bruce & More)

New Year’s
(Auld Lang Syne, New Year, New Lies)


Tuxedo Brian

Steroid Stewie

Phineas and Barnaby


137 responses to “The Quests That Earn You STUFF

  1. Any news on a District 11 Walkthrough ? 🙂


    • The Graveyard? Which walkthrough? There’s several on the site.


      • Ah – I kinda expected same type of walkthroughs on all districts – but I did find the guides, really would be easier with one assembled District 11 walkthrough though, would you agree ? 🙂


        • As they released it in stages.. we posted it as it was available 😉


          • Soooo.. now that you have all material from different stages, would a new complete District 11-all-in-one-sweet-place perhaps be in the making? Please say yes or I’ll make Santa do hard time instead of watching Peter and the Sidecar Falcon hehe 🙂


            • I’m in process of making pages similar to my event pages to link the posts in… but no… the actual posts will stay as is. Too much time and work to go back and redo them all. 😉


  2. xmas2_district0 in FGExpansionMapData I am getting this error and I can’t log in and I was in the process of getting Vinny within 3 days to win the prize this game logs me it all the time to


  3. Just a minor correction that’s a forehead slapper. Jake Tucker, not Jake Turner. =)


  4. Can you help me to get building skins? I never see the green arrow on building icon?


  5. The link to PB&J Brian doesn’t work and links to District 8’s quest line walk through instead. Just so you know, because I was wondering why it is so difficult to get PB&J Brian’s items 😉


  6. I have to know is district 9 going to ever unlock? I’m on level 35 and everything that can be done and unlocked is.


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