Navy Quagmire & Gold Digger Island Walkthrough

Hello There Questers!

One of the cool features of the Quest for Stuff is the ability to unlock additional costumes for some characters.  These costumes are not only hilarious to look at but they provide an entirely different set of tasks for the character, as well as unlocking their own questlines…filled with hilarious dialogue!

One costume you’ll earn on your Quest for Stuff is Navy Quagmire, a sailor costume for Quagmire.  Somewhere during your Pirate’s Cove quests the Gold Digger Island & quest to unlock Navy Quagmire will pop up for you!  So let’s take you through the steps to unlock this Seaman costume for Quahog’s biggest player!  Giggity!


Gold Digger Island Pt. 1
Quagmire starts

Build the Yacht Club- $2,500, Build time 16hrs
Completed Task Earns $250, 170xp

Gold Digger Island Pt. 2
Quagmire starts

Craft Navy Quagmire – Collect stuff to unlock Navy Quagmire.
Costume Unlock Requires:    
5 Poncy Hats- Earned by: Seamus Sing Shanties OR Yacht Club
5 Pawtucket Ales– Earned by: Peter Drink at the Clam OR Get it from the Drunken Clam
5 Pinups- Earned by: Joe Beer Skeet Shooting OR Seamus Practice Cartwheels
 5 Fancy Pants- Earned by: Bruce Pass Out Flyers OR Connie Take Selfies  OR Get it from Madeleine’s Boutique

Completed Task Earns $250, 170xp

Gold Digger Island Pt. 3
Quagmire starts

Help Quagmire Hunt for Mermaids– 8hrs, Earns $80, 50xp
Completed Task Earns $250, 170xp

Gold Digger Island Pt. 4
Quagmire Starts

Clean the Cannon with Quagmire- 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp
Completed Task Earns $250, 170xp

Gold Digger Island Pt. 5
Quagmire starts

Help Quagmire Gather Seaman– 16hrs, Earns $115, 75xp
Completed Task Earns $250, 170xp

Gold Digger Island Pt. 6
Quagmire starts

Place Gold Digger Island- $7500
Completed Task Earns $375, 255xp

And there you have it my friends!  The complete 6 part quick walkthrough for Navy Quagmire!  What do YOU think of Glenn’s new outfit?  Have you unlocked it yet?  If you have what are your thoughts on the dialogue for this quest?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


19 responses to “Navy Quagmire & Gold Digger Island Walkthrough

  1. Ive looked all through store(decorations, buildings, characters, etc.) Still cant find it to buy it. Also cant find it in my inventory….. please help


  2. I can’t find gold digger island!!!


  3. I am stuck says to build gold digger island How
    I can’t find it any where to buy it …
    So what do i need or do to get it
    if someone can help me ..


  4. i think it’s been changed since this was written. I’m trying to unlock navy quagmire currently and the only option it’s giving me to get the ponci hats is from the lobster shanty. It also hasn’t said anything about Connie nor have I had an opportunity to get her yet. I haven’t seen the Pirates cove mission or the next one that was mentioned either. I wish I could find more up to date info since I started playing so late. I was trying to decide if it was worth buying the lobster shanty but it seems I’ll have to.


  5. I won a gold digger island from the Stewie party but when i placed the island Quagmires guest is not complete. Can anyone tell me why??


  6. Wishing I could buy water property to put gold digger island and boats in the water.


  7. Francois du Fromage

    Am I the only one who thinks not being able to put the island in the water is a bit wierd? Best I could do is 70% land, 20% beach, 10% water.


  8. Hi. Gold digger island cost me $7,500 not $750. Was that a typo up there or has there been massive inflation since you wrote the walk through? Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂


  9. I got through this all the way to Part 6 but when it goes to place the Gold Digger Island, there is no island in my choices available. Is there something I need to do first?


  10. thelittleprince

    Thanks for the walkthrough. I love the variety of costumes in this game. Still collecting stuff to complete the Navy Quagmire outfit which requires me to complete Long John Peter outfit as well to clear the pirates. It will probably take me a few more days to do that without using clams. But I’m in no rush. I’m enjoying the game and look forward to getting the Gold Digger Island at the end. I’ll use up some of my clams to buy the treasure chest which will look good with it. I’m glad the Pirate Ship only cost coins and not clams. Wish the water goes further out though.


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