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App Store Update AND Downed Server

Hello There Questers!

A few things going on with the game right now…

First up…an update has hit the app store.  I know for a fact this is on Android, but I can’t verify on iOS…so iOS users help us out and let me know if you got a little update in your store today.  Update: Thanks to our awesome readers…there is currently no iOS update.  So this is an Android only update.  So be sure to check out your app store and download the newest version:

2014-04-16 22.29.07

This is a glitch fix, as they’re still working out all of the bugs in the games.  However, the social aspect is STILL disabled…

2014-04-15 20.27.17 (1)

Second thing…it appears the servers are down right now.  Give it a little bit of time if you’re having issues getting on and try again shortly.  It’s possible they’re running tests on the servers for future glitch fixes 🙂

2014-04-16 23.15.57

UPDATE Looks like the servers are back up! 🙂

UPDATE 8:45pm EST: Looks like they’re back down again.  I think it’ll be a little bit of up and down tonight.  So if you have issues getting in just sit tight and try again in 10 min 🙂

UPDATE 9:30pm EST: Ok servers are still doing a little up and down movement on us, BUT we were able to confirm that 1hr tasks for the following characters are now 1m tasks (earn the 1m rate of $5).  This eliminates the 1hr task for these characters, so you’ll no longer have a 1hr option in the task box:
Quagmire’s 30m “raid panties” task is now 1m…he still has a 1hr task.

Herbert and Jerome have not been changed…but that could change.  We’ll keep you updated as we know more.

This adjustment is great, it’ll help you earn more money quicker!  I will update the How to Earn Money Faster post to reflect these changes!

Character Overview: Glenn Quagmire

Hey There Clammers!

With the introduction of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff there’s a whole cast of characters to unlock in your rebuild effort of Quahog!  These overview posts are designed to give you a quick breakdown of the characters, how you unlock them & their tasks so you can play FGG more efficiently!

Of course there will be those players who don’t want to know the details of unlocking the characters so for that reason we’ll post all of the details below the fold.  So if you don’t like to know what’s going on before you play don’t click read more…CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD

Next up in our character overview is Glenn Quagmire.  Quagmire is the 4th character unlocked in FG:TQFS and has an interesting way to unlock him (something about something in a bottle.. 😉 ).  So let’s break down Quagmire and his tasks…..giggity

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