Character Overview: Glenn Quagmire

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With the introduction of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff there’s a whole cast of characters to unlock in your rebuild effort of Quahog!  These overview posts are designed to give you a quick breakdown of the characters, how you unlock them & their tasks so you can play FGG more efficiently!

Of course there will be those players who don’t want to know the details of unlocking the characters so for that reason we’ll post all of the details below the fold.  So if you don’t like to know what’s going on before you play don’t click read more…CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD

Next up in our character overview is Glenn Quagmire.  Quagmire is the 4th character unlocked in FG:TQFS and has an interesting way to unlock him (something about something in a bottle.. 😉 ).  So let’s break down Quagmire and his tasks…..giggity

Character: Quagmire
4th, After quest prompt from Peter
Voiced?: Yes
Building: Quagmire’s House, $50, 1 m
Required to Unlock: 1 Buttscratcher, 1 Tissues, 1 panties, 1 petroleum jelly
 Speedo Quagmire, Bathrobe Quagmire, Navy Quagmire



Task Length Earns Requires Character Level
Raid Panties 1m $5, 3xp Griffin House 1
Mix Drinks 1hr $20, 10xp n/a 1
Giggity Strut 2hrs $30, 20xp n/a 1
Let the Gerbil Loose 4hrs $50, 30xp n/a 3
Have Nap Time 6hrs $165, 115xp Peter 2
Enjoy Carrots 8hrs $80, 50xp n/a 6
Play Mace Tag 10hrs $225, 150xp Joe 1
Rage Against Authority 10hrs $225, 150xp Goth Chris 7
Drink at the clam 12hrs $100, 65xp Drunken Clam 2
Bail Out Hookers 16hrs $115, 75xp Police Department 8
Watch NetChix 20hrs $135, 90xp n/a 10
Alter Police Records 24hrs $150, 100xp Police Department 4

Speedo Quagmire

Quagmire Level 3
Required to Unlock:
 6 Fabric Scraps, 6 Petroleum Jelly, 6 Eye shadow, 6 Gerbils
Time to Create: 1hr 30s

Task Length Earns
Host a Genital Jamboree 6hrs $65, 45xp
Do a Special Dance 12hrs $100, 65xp
Perform Magic Tricks 24hrs $150, 100xp

Bathrobe Quagmire:

Unlocks: Quagmire Level 5
Required To Unlock:
6 baby powder, 6 Fuzzy Slippers, 6 Jewels, 6 Carrots
Time to Create: 2hrs, 30m

Task Length Earns
Eat Sexy Cereal 1hr $20, 12xp
Start the Flash Frensy 4hrs $50, 30xp
Check on Korean Women 8hrs $80, 50xp
Watch NetChix 12hrs $100, 65xp
Polish Holderdowner 5000 24hrs $150, 100xp

Navy Quagmire:

Unlocks: Quagmire Level 7
Required to Unlock:
5 Poncy Hats, 5 Pawtucket Ales, 5 Pinups, 5 Fancy Pants
Time to Create:
3hrs, 30m

Task Length Earns
Get Lei’d 15m $5, 4xp
Do a Jaunty Jig 1hr $20, 12xp
Clean the Cannon 4hrs $50, 30xp
Hunt for Mermaids 8hrs $80, 50xp
Gather Seamen 16hrs $115, 75xp

Limited Time Costumes

The Multiplier
Quagmire Multiplier
Event: Comic Con 2014
Required to Unlock:

Task Length Earns Visual
Multiply 1hr $20, 12xp Y
Come up with Catchphrases 2hrs $50, 30xp N
Come Up with Secret Handshake 2hrs $30, 20xp N
Train in Combat-a-Trois 8hrs $80, 50xp N
Have Threesome with Self 12hrs $100, 65xp N
Google “Crime Alerts” 24hrs $150, 100xp N

Ghostbuster Quagmire
Ghostbuster Quagmire
Event: Halloween 2014
Required to Unlock:

Task Length Earns Visual
Break in the Bunk Beds 1hr $20, 12xp N
Experiment with Sexy Ghosts 2hrs $30, 20xp N
Cross Streams 4hrs $80, 50xp Y with GB Peter
Look for Lady Ghosts 8hrs $80, 50xp N
Bust a Library Ghost 12hrs $100, 65xp N
Bust a Gluttonous Ghost 18hrs $120, 82xp N

So there you have it, the break down of Glenn Quagmire and his many personalities in FGTQFS! What do YOU think of Quagmire’s costumes?  How about the tasks?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

9 responses to “Character Overview: Glenn Quagmire

  1. Hey I’m a level 22 and my quagmire is a higher level than my peter quagmire a level 13 and peters only a 12 should I be worried quagmires only probaly so high is because he had so many requests or I used him so much to get clevands blow up giraffe please respond or email me at


    • Your characters can all be at various levels. Each character has it’s own level advancement, so no need to worry at all. In my game Lois is maxed out and peter is no where near maxed out. Each character does not have to be at the same level, some will level up faster than others.


  2. I just got a new quest line for Quagmire a couple of hours ago. It’s called Quagmire’s Old Lady. Part 1 is “Update Dating Profile at Quagmire’s House.” It’s a 20 hour task that pays $80, 50xp, 32 butts.


  3. “Hello 911? It’s Quagmire. Yeah, Yeah – It’s stuck in a window this time.”

    Who else but Quaaaaagmire? 🙂


  4. Still happy as a clam about the costume feature 🙂


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