Quest for Stuff Events

Kingdom of the Full Moon– May/June 2014
Quahog Comic-Con– July/August/September 2014
Ghostbuster Halloween– October/November 2014
American Dad– November/December 2014
Christmas– December 2014
Valentine’s Day– February 2015
Star Trek Event– March/April/May 2015
Mobsters Event– June/July 2015
PeterPalooza– August/September 2015

For Weekend Events check out our Walkthrough Page

event characters


33 responses to “Quest for Stuff Events

  1. I’m only playing the game for a few weeks now and found this site by accident…
    Of course it’s in my favourites now 🙂

    I’m surprised to see there hasn’t been a Star Wars event yet?
    Those episodes are epic!


  2. What is the next event when will it start


  3. Anyone else having problem with project in booth. I’ve got first 3 items but next one is still locked


  4. When does anyone think Halloween will start? I’m waiting patiently!! I hate when there is nothing to da! It’s so boring!! I’m very inpatient when it comes to this stuff!! I hope it start tomorrow?? Tha would be Awesome!!😘❤️


  5. When is Halloween goo a start? I’m waiting patiently!! There’s nothing to do. I hate this!!


  6. Any chance Tinyco can replay previous events, perhaps with an option to accept/reject for players already done. Only been playing a couple of months so missed all but the fire fighter and gangster events.


  7. Game will not load and they are failing reply to my emails this seems to happen every time there is an event


  8. Buying Characters

    The premium characters are very expensive. You spend all of your time getting your clams up then when you want a character you really desire to have you can’t buy them because it puts a really big dip in your clam count. Why do the premium characters cost so much? They need to bring the prices down.


    • How do you think they pay for the copyrights of those Premium Characters? Someone has to keep the game going and pay the legal fees they cost. 😉

      Outside that, express your “Clam cost” concerns to TinyCo. Message them from your game. 🙂

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  9. it would be easier to purchase premium items if I knew they would be helpfull in future events. having an character or building that may or may not be helpfull in an random future event sucks. why cant i get an extra rare chance for every premium character or building to drop an item along with the always drops on event buildings?

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  10. i want a chance to get Jesus! i was in an area of no internet for a week during that time… 😦


  11. how get stolen petroleum then?


  12. Any news on 2015 events, i need to make sure im ready as still new to QFS and spent past month concentrating on miracle


  13. i have a question when does the quest for stuff will reappear like kingdom of the full moon or halloween quest or quahog comic con


    • That is all completely up to TinyCo to bring items back. All we can say is to make suggestions through your game of what YOU want to see again. They may not answer back on suggestions, but they do look at them all.


  14. Is the quest for the blimp over or is it not finished yet?


  15. i finished the quest for hiding roger and got the turd. Now I don’t got any missions left. It won’t give me any new missions/quest. Is anyone else having this problem ????


    • A few are reporting it. A few things that may cause it is if you have too many tasks unfinished in your task menu, there is no room for more. So you have to clear some out to make room for additional ones. You can try to send you characters on random short tasks to see if that triggers it. If none apply, report it.


  16. You may want to add the Quest for the Blimp /Plutonium on this page


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