Valentine’s Day 2015

Love is in the air Clammers!  Here is where you can get all the info Family Guy Addicts puts out about the Valentine’s Day Event!

Romancing the Clam

Event Ends February 26th, 2015

Valentine’s Day Is Live! (Part 1)
Phase 2 is Live!
Phase 3 is Live!

Event Ending Today! (2/26…3pm PST)

Basics of Gameplay/What the Heck Is Going on?
Love Me or Hate Me, Affection Meter Basics
Addicts Question Corner: Strategy, Love/Hate Prizes, Arnold & More
Valentine Earning Tasks Part 1
How to Date
Dating Results: Cafe
Dating Restuls: Thoroughfare (Premium)
Valentine’s Day Clarifications: Perfume Sprayers, Cheryl, Date Hints and More
Valentine’s 101: Date Material Drops
Valentine’s 101: Casaroja Movie Theater Date Results
Valentine’s 101: Changes to Dates at Coffee & Park
Romancing The Clam Verifications
Arnold’s Tank

Affection Prize Breakdown:
Phase 1: Quagmire & Peter Prizes
Prize 3: Joe’s Choice
Prize 4: Lois
Prizes Revealed

Mystery Boxes
Cupid Brian Box
Cherub Stewie Box
Handmade Valentine Box

Prize Breakdowns:
Date Prizes
New Prizes

Phase 1 (Beautiful Peter & More)
Ida Davis
Phase 2 (Glenda, Cheryl & More)
Phase 3 (Cupid and More)
Hot Meg

Affection Meter Glitch

Do I Want That?

Where the Hell?
Valentine’s Edition

Addicts Fun
Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine Area

13 responses to “Valentine’s Day 2015

  1. Timezone says PST. I’m in CST. Shouldn’t I have more time on the clock? It won’t be 3pm PST for another two hours my time. Is anyone else seeing this?


  2. Well, I guess there’s nothing after Hot Meg as my 500+ hearts haven’t moved the affection meter. I just hope there’s some extended down time before the next event so I can blow up and rearrange my horribly mangled Quahog.


  3. what time does the valentines event end?


  4. Is anyone else having a problem with the game. I use to get kicked off or force close a few time but now after the update for android my game crashes about 20 to 30 seconds after playing. Then I lose out on the heart from clearing couples and after about 3 minutes of this I get frustrated. I can’t play and missing out on trying to collect hearts for the prizes. Can Some One PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! I spend money on the game buying clamp to get the extras and I’m at the point where I might stop playing not by choice just because I get kicked off way too many times


  5. Is there a place to discuss the coffee date hints for this event? I need help in deciphering this next one I’m on.


  6. valentines day hasnt come to my quahog! how come?


  7. Shouldn’t it say Valentines 2015 not 2014?
    So ready for the next update.


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