Where The Hell…? Valentine’s Edition

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?

Fire Hazard BedGlenda VajmireHolderdowner 5000

In this post, I will be covering the Origin of a lot of the Valentine’s items. Why are they in our game? Where did they show up in the Family Guy Series? Let’s take a look at the TV Episodes to find out.

Season 11, Episode 12: Valentine’s Day in Quahog
This episode starts out with the feel you are going into a movie for the show, complete with soundtrack. Lol.

We start out with Lois telling Peter she wants to spend ALL Valentine’s Day in bed. As the two talk it over, Peter tells Lois if he needs help he will just fantasize about “that Victorian Stripper”. Cut scene to the Lady of Ill Repute.Lady of Ill Repute

Stewie takes his Time Machine back to the 60’s and kisses a girl he fell in love with… until he found out he just kissed… HIS MOTHER! Meg sets off on a date with someone she met online.

Later on we see Quagmire trying to get rid of last nights date. After getting her out the door, he notices she left her Hair Straightener (to Quagmire it’s an electric Tampon Warmer). Looks like the one in our game we had to collect. Lol. He touches it and is electrocuted. When he awakes, he notices in the mirror he is NOT himself. A woman in fact. (Glenda Vajmire.)Glenda Vajmire and Hair Straightener

He tries to walk through the house but is captured by the Holderdowner 5000 and… well… held down.Holderdowner 5000

He leaves the house and drives down Spooner Street trying to shake this off and get himself together, but he is pulled over by Joe. When asked for his Driver’s License, the name appears as Glenda Vajmire. Joe continues to hit on him which starts to really upset him.

As the episode continues on, we are back in the room with Lois and Peter. Seems Peter got book from Quagmire and decided to make the room a lil more romantic. Like candles all over, creating a Fire Hazard Bed.Fire Hazard Bed

Meg finds out her date was just in it to get her kidney, but holds him to his promise to spend ALL Valentine’s Day with her. They go out to eat, take a walk in the Park, and even get their pictures drawn at a Caricature Tent.Caricature

Stewie meanwhile is trying to help Brian find the root of his Love issues and has assembled ALL of his girlfriends from the past into the living room. Like Jillian, Ida, and even Cheryl Tiegs.Cheryl Tiegs

Brian doesn’t take to this very well and starts insulting everyone including Stewie, who tells the girls to “GET HIM!” As he is being chased down the street, we can see Kool-Aid and his parents waiting at the Coffee Shop to meet his girlfriend.Kool-Aid Man Kool-Aid Man Girlfriend

Further along in the episode, we see Herbert’s Grand Niece trying to win over the affection of Chris. Herbert helps her with Chris and pays him back… by taking him to the Bumper Cars.Bumper Cars


And there you have it. An episode with lots of lil goodies that dropped into our game a lot of new items with Valentine’s. What did you think of the episode? Are YOU now singing the songs from the beginning too? What do you think of the new items? How close are you to getting Cheryl? What do you think of the prizes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Til Next Time



31 responses to “Where The Hell…? Valentine’s Edition

  1. Are they going to add any more land expansion I have no more room for any of the new prizes


  2. Just a thought – players are all from different time zones around the world. It would be easier for all, if Family Guy used a count down timer as well e.g. 2hrs 6 mins to Valentines part 3. 😉


  3. Not to sure how to post a new question…so I hope this works….
    The phase three event was supposed to start today…I have all my quests completed thus far…but phase three hasn’t started for me. Are any of you having this problem…or has the phase not started yet today?


  4. 3pm PST is 11pm in the UK, and it’s now 9pm here, so….
    All my characters have finished any tasks they were doing and are suitably parked in the inventory
    There Is no-one roaming around and fingers are quickly clicking buildings n collecting cash & Valentines
    Roll-on 3pm / 9pm and phase 3, arooga 🙂


  5. i wasn’t sure where to ask this, so i’ll ask here. when you hit the event tab, under next episode it shows cupid & hot meg & says requires completing the beautiful people part 13. well, the beautiful people questline was last week & if i remember right, there were only 11 (i think) parts, so does that mean that the beautiful people questline is gonna start back up for week 3?


  6. I got the bumper cars and at first I was a little mad that the “glitch fix” was sprung on me. I opened the game and went to the PDA couples like I had been doing, and I would have much rather had the hate prize, the building that would be earning me hv’s right now. But after the event the building is probably going to be pretty much useless. The bumper cars on the other hand is a really nice animated decoration and will fit in to my little amusement park nicely.


  7. Discord the dragon

    Crap! Now I want herbert’s grand niece into the game.


  8. Really it took over 3 hrs to moderate a comment,glad I didn’t need a question answered


    • Remember…we’re not TinyCo. This isn’t our full time job. We both have full time jobs, lives and families that require our attention. So sometimes it takes a while to get through comments. Plus…we sleep. Patience is sometimes asked of and required.. 🙂



      • Idk what this guy is complaining about. Alissa and Bunny are awesome, this the game can be frustrating at times and there were times I would have been lost without help from the addicts. And three hours is nothing, TC can take days and days sometimes.


        • Some people get so used to everything instant and at their fingertips, they tend to forget the normal respect and courtesy for others along with patience. We do all we can to run this site and our other ones on top of our full time jobs. Those full time jobs allow us to keep these sites running as that is what pays for a lot of what we do for our readers.

          People just need to realize in a world of instant… slow down. Enjoy life. Don’t bash others due to they take time to do it right. Kindness goes a long way. 😉


          • You guys do an excellent job and don’t get paid. It’s only a game and people should realise that you all have your own life to get on with. ignore ungrateful people’s comment and keep up the good work.


  9. Lady moonshine is in the episode and then thier were fewer where Diane kills everyone (spoilers)


  10. I thought getting Cheryl was going to be very hard/long to get because we have to first get Glenda and complete part 10 which took a long time. However after finally getting Cheryl and repairing her bench, it took a little over 1 day. I’m patiently waiting for the next phase as I complete the last 2 quests for Cheryl. Can’t wait for Cupid and Hot Meg!!


  11. Watched this episode twice in the last week, it’s a great one.


  12. If you go by the heart timer and assuming they will give you 7 days to finish the whole event then we could be looking at update in about 6 hours x


  13. I was pretty sure most of the items we were seeing were from this episode. I think if you watch the episode in its entirety you may get more clues about what will happen next.
    I enjoyed the ‘switched’ take on Quagmire. Glad it didn’t change him, though. He’s Quagmire and I like him GIGGITY and all.


  14. Is it going to attempt to fix the freezing and crashing issues? My game is almost unplayable and they dont respond at all to messages! Well i should not say at all they reply and ask what i was doing when it occures then the stop responding!


    • All we can suggest is the hints I try to combat the memory drain in the game.

      Liked by 1 person

    • The best way to stop the jittering/graphics glitches is to ignore the Sprayers. They are what is causing all the problems. Don’t send your characters to remove them unless you have to do it to unlock Cheryl Tiegs. When Arnold, Glenda or Ida try to remove them you can’t move the screen to where they are when the task is completed because of all the jittering it causes. It was a pain in the *** to get Glenda and Arnold out of the task and I’m never doing it again.


  15. Where is the new update? I’ve looked on FB and Twitter but can’t find anything about why the update hasn’t happened yet….


    • Because it usually doesn’t happen until much later in the day. They take the WHOLE day to release it. Last week it didn’t hit until around 9pm EST


      • Ahh, but you forget! They pre-released Joe on Tuesday because of the meter glitch. They had no reason to rush the release on Thursday. I bet they release by 3pm EST


        • Hmm…I think I highly doubt 3pm EST. Possibly 3pm PST, but not EST. They typically release content between 3pm PST and 9pm PST, at least when it’s a ton of content. They released Joe because of the meter glitch, to ensure all was working fine before they released new content. I honestly don’t expect to see the final stage of V-day until later tonight. But we shall see… 🙂


          • Waiting with clam-baited breath, too.
            I don’t know why I said EST when I know it is never before PST. Maybe it’s the Alberta aversion to mentioning the abbreviation. PST means Provincial Sales Tax and we all say ‘taxes?? We don’t need no stinkin’ taxes!’ LOL


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