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A Very Griffin Holo-Ween 101: ZOMBIES!! Strongman & Clown

NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo NOT THE CLOWNS!!! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

It is really feeling very Walking Dead around here with this Event. LOVE IT!! BRING ON THE ZOMBIES!!!

In this post I will be going over the third batch of “Bad Guys” from Phase 4 of A Very Griffin Holo-ween Event. Clown & Strongman Zombies.

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A Very Griffin Holo-ween: Achievement Tasks Fifth Wave


Phase 5 is in our silly lil games and with it the 5th Wave of New Achievements Tasks has also been dropped into our game. These Tasks will help you to gain materials and progress along during the Event.

Let’s take a look at the Achievement Tasks for the Fifth Wave of A Very Griffin Holo-ween Event, and see what all you will encounter along the way.

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Go With Love…

Hey there Clammers!

It is with broken heart I am writing this, but I wanted to get it out there fully. Hang in there as this is gonna have some details to it.

End of 2015, as you have seen, I fell very ill. The extent of which I have not been very vocal as I like to protect my personal privacy from cruel Trolls. But, the time has come. So here goes.

I had a very bad reaction to what was supposed to be a shot to protect me. My body was allergic to something inside and, well, it shut me down fast. It started spreading over my entire body shutting things down that I kind of needed. A few days prior to Christmas, I was told I may not last much longer. This was heartbreaking. How was I going to tell my family? My kids? (Yes, I have kids… another reason I am so protective and also why I started blogging). By some pure act of… I don’t know… I was able to fight off the infection, struggle to gain back some control of most of my body, and was able to continue on… but… I’ll never be the same. Ever. Every day is a fight.

Fast forward to 2015- current. Every day is a struggle for me. Some days good, others awful. There is so much going on inside of me wrong… I am grateful for every breath I take and every new day I wake to be with my Family.

Which brings me to now. Friday I was with someone I cared for who was given some grave news. He did not take it well. I knew he was struggling and hurting. We spoke. I tried to comfort him. Keep his hopes up. He lives not far from me so I offered game/movie/whatever fun night or next day. Anything to cheer him up. He did not take up the offer, but said we would catch up later. Saturday I worried about him, he wasn’t responding at all… and I apologize as this is very very very hard to write… let’s just say that I can’t shake an image out of my head of something horrific… and he is now passed on…by his own hand so to speak.

I have struggled and struggled to keep going. I never wanted to give up giving to others or to this site. But, this is the 3rd Suicide this year of someone close to me… and mentally and emotionally… with all the hatred, pain, heartache, and cruelty going on in my world and towards me… I just can’t do this anymore.

I apologize in advance to all of you that have come to rely on me, my posts, my help, etc to get you through the game. Your love, compassion, support, and even anger at the game has gotten me through so many awful days. I don’t think you realize just how much this very blog has kept me “alive” over the past few years. So… THANK YOU!!

I will allow the final few posts I put together to go up on the site, but they will be my last. I have a family in my life that needs me right now. Funeral Saturday. 3 Kids without their Daddy that now have to figure out how to survive going forward. My focus needs to be on my health, my family, and whatever potential future with what lil time I have left.

I love you all, appreciate you all, and hope you have a beautiful life. A full life. A loving and giving life. Know I will miss you all dearly. Thanks for everything!



I wanted to give a quick shout out to TinyCo, the team there, those that communicated with me day and night and weekends, those that were there to help me & Players after hours, to listen to my concerns, to give me the opportunity to show their game via their Players eyes… and make changes to reflect those discussions. There are truly some hard working individuals there behind the scenes that may not get noticed. You know who you are. THANK YOU!!


I’d love to reply to each and every one of you. I’ve been trying. Your words have touched me deeply. Brought humbling tears. I appreciate you all so much. ❤

I am going to now go silent now as the time is drawing nearer to Saturday’s Funeral. I find things more difficult and my emotions uncontrollable.

If you’d like, you’re all welcome to follow me on my personal page. I will try to update and check in there. Otherwise. Thank you all. ❤❤❤

A Very Griffin Holo-ween Main Questline Phase 4: 28 Tweaks Later

Here a Sheet, there a Sheet, every where is Boo Sheet!!

Phase 5 is live in our silly lil games and with it the Next Main Questline has been introduced that will walk us through this portion of the A Very Griffin Holo-Ween Event.

Let’s jump into 28 Tweaks Later and see where it takes us.

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A Very Quahog Holo-ween Wave 5 is LIVE!!

Hang in there with me… my game keeps freezing on me and it’s taking a bit to pull the stats.

Phase 5 of a A Very Quahog Holo-ween! has dropped into our silly lil games. With it we will see more Scary Creatures, Characters, and Zombies. Are you ready for another week of Battles?



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Servers Down, Scheduled Maintenance

Hey there Clammers!!

There will be a brief span of time this evening that TinyCo will be running maintenance on their Servers. This will be taking place at approximately 7PM Pacific.


What does this mean for you? The app will not be accessible during the time it starts until it ends. So you will see error messages when attempting to enter the game until the Server Update is complete.

What about Phase 5? It is still planned for release tonight too. I am not 100% if it will happen just before or after the Server Update, but I will still provide the information as quickly as I can when I am able to access the New Phase as well.

So this is just more a heads up in case you are not in the game to see the message prior to the Update hitting. Hang in there, it shouldn’t take too long.


A Very Griffin Holo-ween Character Profile & Questline: Steve Bellows

Do NOT drop the soap in the showers!!

Phase 4 of A Very Griffin Holo-Ween Event has dropped into our games and with it brought a Character straight from the Family Guy TV Series. A Prisoner to go along with our Zombie Prison/Hospital/Apocalypse scene. I give you the convict Steve Bellows.

Let’s take a look at what it would take to unlock him into your Quahog.

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Trick or Treat… Smell My Feet… and some big floppy feet they are.

Today is Halloween here in the USA. I absolutely LOVE Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the Haunted Houses. It is such a fun time of year. Though I won’t be celebrating it the way I have enjoyed in the past, that still won’t stop me from enjoying the kids faces as I dump candy in their buckets.

So just for funsies… I want to know if this is a “Holiday” you get behind and celebrate. Do you go all crazy wild with decorations? Do some mass planning on costumes (single or groups)? Select specific candies to hand out? Go adult trick or treating? Got pics? I would love to see it all. Feel free to share below if you are so inclined to.


A Very Griffin Holo-ween Character Profile & Questline: Jack the Ripper Quagmire

One Day Men will look back and saw I gave birth to the twentieth Giggity!

Phase 4 of A Very Griffin Holo-Ween Event has dropped into our games a Crazy Killer from the streets of London, Jack the Ripper Quagmire aka Quagmire the Ripper.

Let’s take a look at what it would take to unlock him into your Quahog.

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A Very Griffin Holo-ween 101: Lost Hope Hospital (Phase 1-4)

Better put on your Hospital Masks and Orange Suits… there’s Contamination ahead!!

A Very Griffin Holo-ween has placed several Buildings in our Event Area that will offer up items to help us along in the Event.

During this post, I will be going into the details of the Lost Hope Hospital (Phase 1-4) and all you will encounter on the way.

As this is a combination post… hang in there as this will be a long one. Lots of information provided below.

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