Servers Down, Scheduled Maintenance

Hey there Clammers!!

There will be a brief span of time this evening that TinyCo will be running maintenance on their Servers. This will be taking place at approximately 7PM Pacific.


What does this mean for you? The app will not be accessible during the time it starts until it ends. So you will see error messages when attempting to enter the game until the Server Update is complete.

What about Phase 5? It is still planned for release tonight too. I am not 100% if it will happen just before or after the Server Update, but I will still provide the information as quickly as I can when I am able to access the New Phase as well.

So this is just more a heads up in case you are not in the game to see the message prior to the Update hitting. Hang in there, it shouldn’t take too long.


14 responses to “Servers Down, Scheduled Maintenance

  1. My game has been freezing within like 20-30 seconds of me opening it up. Haven’t been able to play in almost a week. Anyone else having this problem.


  2. I haven’t been able to play for over a day😢. I kept getting popups telling me to update..had to uninstall and redownload so my kindle would let me. Now since I got on logged back in and it was ok for about 5mins I collected some stuff did one zombie shooting thing and then it kicked me. All day I tried and it loaded then I tap to do something and am kicked again.. Is this because of the server maintenance or a glitch I need help with?? 😐 help!!


    • I noted in main live phase 5 post, Amazon is dragging feet on updating to the latest version. This may be causing issues. Make sure you send a report to TinyCo about it. Also check to see what version you see on the Amazon Market and when it shows last updated

      The server update only took like 5 or 10 mins. It was a quick one.


  3. Phase 5 just showed up for me and …. CLOWNS !!!
    i am seriously considering sitting this week out … i despise Clowns .. and Clown Herbert ?!! No thank you !!!!
    not interested in the Candyman as well …


  4. It seems like some sort of update came out, allowing the questline from week 4 to complete…but there’s nothing going on for the week 5 questline yet. I’ve got 37 brains saved up, though, so whenever it drops I should be in a good position to get started strong on the last week.


    • It is not live yet. The “complete” usual finishes just prior to the new phase allowing you to complete the Questline. So just work away at getting Brains ready before it launches. I am assuming they’ll wait til the Server update is done first.


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