Fast Times At Griffin High – How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Yes, finally they’re in, the poll results from the Fast Times At Griffin High Event that many of you will be keen to see.

Firstly I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone who voted, seriously big thanks to all my fellow addicts who take the time to respond to these polls, without your interaction it just wouldn’t be possible to have posts like this, or to show TinyCo what we are thinking and would like to see in our games going forward. So thanks for taking that minute out of your day to be part of this community.


Fast Times At Griffin High Event Fun Factor Rating:

The three words used most to describe the Fast Times At Griffin High event: 
Success. Amusing. Hard.

Most popular new character or costume released during the Fast Times At Griffin High Event:
Ferris Bueller

And now here’s the ins and outs of what we spent, who we unlocked and everything in between.

Which of the following freemium characters/character costumes did you unlock? (Please note the timed character IS not included here, I will ask about HIM separately later in the poll)


Character/Costume Percentage
Cool Kid Peter 99%
Cher Horowitz 98%
Jock Joe 97%
Dionne Davenport 86%
Chemically Castrated Chris 25%
Michael Pulaski 54%
Cameron Frye 58%

Which of the following premium characters/character costumes did you purchase?


Character/Costume Percentage
Ferris Bueller 33%
Tai Frasier 06%
Greaser Quagmire 08%
Schoolgirl Lois 11%
Zac Sawyer 03%
Principal Shepherd 11%
None 63%

Did you manage to unlock FOGELL MCLOVIN  before hIS timer ran out?


Character/Costume Percentage
Yes I unlocked her totally freemium 37%
Yes I unlocked her but I had to spend clams 28%
No I didn’t unlock her 35%



Answer Percentage
Hades 09%
Athena 09%
Neptune 06%
Chronos 06%
None 89%

Did you try any of the clam mystery boxes?

Answer Percentage
Yes, I tried the 2 School 4 Cool Mystery Box 10%
Yes, I tried the Gym Class Mystery Box 08%
Yes, I tried the Griffin High Wait List Mystery Box 10%
No, I didn’t try either Mystery Box 80%

Did you purchase any clam packs during the event?

Answer Percentage
Yes 17%
No 83%

Whicy of the Weekly Challenges did you complete?

Answer Percentage
Week 1 79%
Week 2 80%
Week 3 63%
Week 4 57%
None 11%

Did you like having a character as the grand prize for completing all Weekly Challenges during this event?

Answer Percentage
Yes 78%
No 13%
Don’t Know 09%

Did you find the Addict Site’s post helpful during this event?


Character/Costume Percentage
Yes 82%
No 03%
Don’t Know 15%

Did you have to raise a support issue with TinyCo during the event?

Answer Percentage
Yes 12%
No 88%

If you RAISED A SUPPORT TICKET WITH TinyCo during the event, did you find them helpful?

Answer Percentage
Yes 33%
No 67%

There you have it fellow addicts, please feel free to share your thoughts on any or all the results in the comments. And if you still feeling the need to vent, there’s a What the Deuce post waiting for you HERE.

~ Russian Tigger

4 responses to “Fast Times At Griffin High – How Did You Do? Poll Results

  1. I was in an excellent position to get Cameron Frye before the event was over, but after I completed the fourth weekly challenge and earned Michael Pulaski, the game crashed, and I couldn’t log in for 36 hours–four hours after the event ended. I contacted support, and after a few attempts to add him to my game, they finally got me Pulaski, but I was screwed out of Cameron. I was halfway there, and had plenty of clams to use to speed up tasks and collect stuff, if needed.


  2. I enjoyed this event, particularly the Clueless characters. Thanks for sharing the results!


  3. It’s too bad they were so late adding voice to Ferris Bueller otherwise I’d have spent clams on him.

    I did buy Principal Shepherd mostly because he’s an actual Family Guy character (which is so rare now in this game)! Kinda surprised the percentage for him is so low!


  4. Apparently Fogell McLovin is a she haha (e.g. “Yes I unlocked HER totally freemium”)


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