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Road to Bollywood – Review & How Did You Do? Poll

It was one of those hip shaking, belly busting, blink and you’ll miss it events. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how you got on in the Road to Bollywood Event. So addicts was it Bollywood or Bust in your games, are you sitting feeling blessed by the Gods or sat wondering why Ganesha has forsaken you in this mini event.

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Quahog’s Not So Silent Night – How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Yes, finally they’re in, the poll results many of you were keen to see.

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2016 Events Review – Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Believe it or not it’s over a week since we all celebrated New Year with one of my polls, lol. But now the results are in, I guess I’d better share them with you all you nice peeps.

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Death At The Drive-In Poll RESULTS: Where are You? (Phase 3)

Hey there I Scream -ers!!

Yesterday I wanted to do a Poll to get a better feel for where everyone was at in the game before Phase 4 hits our games later this Evening (AFTER 3PM Pacific, usually between 6-9PM). This will help us all get an idea of where we may be in our own Game Play compared to others as well as some thoughts on the Event aspects.

Killer Stewie

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Death At The Drive-In Poll: Where are You?

SIDE NOTE: I answered this a few times already, but wanted to put it here too. Ghost Face and Patrick hit games by mistake last night. Those that bought them will have a patch come along that will remove them and refund your clams per TinyCo.


Hey there Screaming Mimmies!!

Just a quick bounce by to get an idea of where YOU are in the game so you can get an idea and compare with other Players just how far you have gotten in the released 3 Phases. I will put up the results later.

Killer Stewie

Take a peek at the Poll link below and let us know your thoughts and answers.

Poll is now closed! 

Just in case the Link above does not work.


If you need MORE info on the Event, go HERE