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Event News – Game On Part 1

Hi fellow addicts

If you’re scratching your head as to why you can’t complete Part 1 of the main questline it’s because TinyCo changed the task from Tennis Quagmire to Quagmire.

Originally it showed as this:

But then it was changed to this:

So if you’re stuck, make sure you put Quagmire on the task.

Blogging Issues

Hey addicts

Just a quick post to apologise that some of the final week of Quahog Games wasn’t covered on the site, mainly the side questlines, which I’ll get up once I can. I’m afraid the game crashing made playing impossible, and it’s combined with some WordPress issues on my bare with me until I can get things pulled for E-Sports.


Current Game Issues – Alternate Quahogs Update



Current Game Issues – Crashing continues

Hi fellow addicts

I’m afraid the crashing continues for me and this is making pulling the phase information a pain, but I’m trying.



Current Game Issues – Crashing

Hi fellow addicts

I’m afraid despite my hopes it was fixed the crashing continues. I’ve contacted support again but would ask anyone else having the issue does the same.



Current Game Issues

Hi fellow addicts

Few issues at the moment:

  • Amazon players stuck in an update loop
  • IOS players experiencing game crashing


Event News – VIP Season Pass is glitched

Hi fellow addicts

Please contact support if you’ve purchased the VIP Season Pass and can’t collect your prizes.There’s an issue which they are aware of so they will be looking out for any support requests on this.

Event News – Fighter Peter’s Material Drops Are Fixed

Hi fellow addicts

Just to let you know Fighter Peter’s material drops have been fixed. Here’s the proper requirements.

25 Boxing Gloves (Common): Get from Gymnastic Stewie , Human Rupert, Consuela, Boxing Ring
11 Treadmill (Uncommon): Get from Stewie, Carter, Quahig Gymnastucs Club
8 Hot Dog (Uncommon): Get from Jerome, Peter, Mort
20 Captain’s Hat (Common): Get from clearing Legally Blind Referee

Event News – Fighter Peter’s Material Drops Are Wrong

Hi fellow addicts

It looks like Fighter Peter’s material drops are wrong, the items are right but the numbers aren’t. I’ve reported this so hopefully see a fix soon. 


Game News – Extra Medals For Go For Gold

Hi fellow addicts

Some players but not all will see a way to get extra medals for a limited time. Below is what I see in my main game, but you might see different or you may see nothing as it’s in testing at this time.