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I’m sorry addicts but I’ve not be covering the new event as my mum-in-law passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday. I will however put up an addicts area post where I’ll push your comments in order you can try help each other with advice. You’ll find it by clicking HERE.

Russian Tigger

Event News – Mini Season Pass

Hi fellow addicts

I’d appreciate any players sharing their thoughts on the Mini Season Pass in the comments here. Thanks. 

Event News – Bathtub Cleveland

Hi fellow addicts

Getting few questions about Bathtub Cleveland. Initially he showed as a character to be released during this event, appearing in the Candy Killer Collection #3.

But alas he seems to have met a grisly end as he’s now disappeared from the collection, so I’m now not expecting him to appear in this event.

Event News – Crashing Glitch

Hi fellow addicts

Please contact support if you’ve got this issue as well.


We’ve hit 800 characters in the game!!!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Just thought I’d point out that if we ignore the duplicate of Johnny in our games, Wild Bear Wild West is the 800th full character to be released. Well that’s unless I can’t count, which is a possibility.

So let’s assume I’m right and raise a glass to 8 years of gaming, 8 years of blogging and now 800 characters. Here’s hoping there’s lots more to come.

Event News – Season Pass Issues

Hi fellow addicts

Currently any currency you earn, Pearls, is not tallying in the Season Pass, I’ve reported this, so hopefully see a fix soon. 


Questline Glitch – Girls Night Donna

Hi fellow addicts

Now Fixed

Part 1 of Girls Night Donna’s Questline is glitched as she currently doesn’t have the task “Order Shots” – I’ve reported this.

Current Game News – Community Leaderboard

Hi addicts!!,

Some of you, the chosen few, might see a new community leaderboard feature in your game. Unfortunately I can’t tell you any more as I’m not seeing the feature as yet. But for those who do have it, please feel free share information with other players in the comments.

Event News – VIP character Dave Campbell drops Sand

Hi fellow addicts

Just incase you miss it, wanted make you aware of the premium Sand drop for Dave Campbell.

Event News – Herbert & Tom Tucker now drop Rocks

Hi fellow addicts

Just incase you miss it, wanted make you aware of the new freemium Rock drops for Herbert & Tom Tucker.  Be aware you may need to be in Phase 2 to see these.