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Clam Offers Update

Hi fellow addicts

Just a quick heads up that the Clam Offers in the game are now provided by Tapjoy and not Supersonic. I know many of you, including myself, had issues getting your clam rewards from Supersonic and abandoned this as a way to generate free Clams. But now there’s a new provider you may want to dip your toes back in the offers to see if things are any better. I can’t say if things are better or not as I haven’t tried any offers but just wanted give you a heads up about the change. Maybe any players who’ve tried the new offers or have experience with Tapjoy can share their opinions in the comments to help others decide whether to give them a go.

– Russian Tigger


Millenial Man Event Extended One Day – Now ending 9th August @ 3pm PDT –

Hi fellow addicts – looks like we’ve got an unexpected gift from our game overlords.

Yes TinyCo have just confirmed to me that they have heard the anguished cries of IOS players who were locked out their games for a good part of yesterday and are extending the Millenial Event – however it’s just for 24 hours, so you’ve only a bit more time to collect those final things before the event now ends on 9th August @ 3pm PDT.

Please note I’ve pulled the End of Event Poll post due to this extension, you’ll see it again once the event ends.

~ Russian Tigger

App Version 1.74.5 is now available on IOS

Hi fellow addicts

If you’re on IOS and locked out after updating to App Version 1.74.0 then please update your game to App Version 1.74.5 as this will get you back in your games!!!

~ Russian Tigger

Current Glitch!!! App Version 1.74.0

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem gremlins are at work and it’s stopping me, and some of you, from loading our games.  We just get stuck on the loading screen. This seems to be triggered after updating your game to Ver 1.74.0. So don’t update just now!!!

I reported it to TinyCo, and they are working on a fix.  But as I said earlier until then delay updating your game if you want to keep playing.

~ Russian Tigger

What The Deuce Special – Missing Boss Glitch!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem missing bosses in the event area continue to derail some players progress. 

I’ve reported it over and over to TinyCo, and have just done so again. But with the event into its final week I fear a fix may come too late for many of you.

~ Russian Tigger

Current Glitch!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem gremlins are at work and it’s stopping me, and possibly some of you, from starting any new tasks, as when you click on the character icon  to launch the new task you get this error.

I’ve reported it to TinyCo, and here’s hoping it will be sorted soon so that I can bring you the main questline post.

UPDATE: This is now fixed!!! Also thanks to Dpolsrod who shared their workaround with us whilst we waited for the fix.

~ Russian Tigger

Block 88 Glitch!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem another gremlin is at work and it’s stopping us getting into our games at this time. 

I’ve reported it to TinyCo, and here’s hoping we’ll be harvesting our crops again soon.

UPDATE – Now resolved, you can return to your crops!!

~ Russian Tigger

Cleared Land Glitch!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem another gremlin is at work and he’s busy planting trees on the land we’ve already cleared. 

But fear not…..

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Quick Questing & Character Tasks: Queen Victoria Chris – Royal Pain

Greetings Addicts!

Rise and shine cause its Questline time!!!Yes let’s gather round and take a look at all you’ll encounter in Royal Pain Questline.   Continue reading

A Very Griffin Holo-Ween 101: ZOMBIES!! Strongman & Clown

NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo NOT THE CLOWNS!!! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

It is really feeling very Walking Dead around here with this Event. LOVE IT!! BRING ON THE ZOMBIES!!!

In this post I will be going over the third batch of “Bad Guys” from Phase 4 of A Very Griffin Holo-ween Event. Clown & Strongman Zombies.

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