Game News – Missing Characters/Costumes Issues

Hi fellow addicts

If you’ve characters/costumes disappearing since the latest update of QHS please contact support. 


4 responses to “Game News – Missing Characters/Costumes Issues

  1. Noticing missing characters/costumes is kind of an impossible mission. I have been playing since the game began. Thanks for the warning though. Will this be an ongoing fix by Jam City?
    But here is something that has happened to my game. 3 characters ( Giant Easter Bunny, Kid Meg, and Fairy Tale Bruce) dropped from Max Level to Level 5. I found this had happened when I moved these characters fron Tan Lines to the Quahog Historical Society.


    • Yeah it’s more obvious if you’ve almost everything, then you start see Ranks incomplete again so know you’ve lost a character or codtume. I lost a lot first time round.

      There was a thing with losing Max Level as well. I’ll note it to support.


    • Thanks for this tip. I just noticed that my “polar bear Cleveland” has disappeared and it is no longer showing I earned the clams for it.


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