Game & Event News

Few things to cover here…

Android Update Loop – This should be fixed.

IOS & Android Freezing – This also should be fixed, if your game still freezes please leave it open and after 5 minutes or so the issue should resolve.

IOS Update – This wasn’t the cause of the freezing, it’s happening on previous versions so there’s no harm in updating now.

And finally, yes the latest event is a rerun of Pizza Day, there is NO new content in either the event play or Season Pass, both give a chance to pick up things you’ve missed and complete old FaceSpace Sets. The main prize in the VIP  season pass is Witch Neil, who was also available previously. So some of us have a week off whilst others get to gather some old stuff. You’ll find links to the event overview and main Questline HERE.



3 responses to “Game & Event News

  1. It won’t let me get past part 3 where you place Pepperoni Peter’s Place. Weird how it let me place all the other buildings, but this isn’t available to choose. And I can’t find it in my stored buildings.


  2. As to the mini VIP pass giving out Witch Neil, I am sorta stupid and purchased this before realizing it was a reply event. I asked support and was informed that if the player already has Witch Neil, they will receive 100 clams upon claiming Witch Neil from pass.


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